PACT is a clothing brand that has a wide range of collections for men, women, and kids. The reason that makes it popular is the organic cotton sourcing for every outfit & essential. If you are looking for something that is sustainable and fits well in your wardrobe, PACT it is then. 

In Boulder, Colorado 2009 PACT was founded by Jeff Denby and Jason Kibbey. The main sourcing and manufacturing happen in India, which is the biggest source of organic cotton

Now when you think about organic a lot of stereotypes get in the way of you shopping for them. For instance that organic clothing is too expensive, there are not many outlets out there, and you might not get that much variety. 

PACT easily makes all these myths disappear with convenient organic clothes shopping for your daily looks. 

The clothing and the shopping experience i9s known to be comfortable, easy, and affordable. Now that is something we all look for while shopping for the perfect fit. 

This clothing brand believes other than organic food, it is important that individuals wear comfortable and organic clothing as well. Other than spreading awareness of organic clothing, PACT also treats its workers and environment according to Fair Trade Standards. 

This brand endorses the idea of contributing to the environment well and a part of it is the transition to organic living. So you can wear something that you feel good about and look good too. 

The merits of shopping from here are that you get clothes for your entire family so no more shopping from here and there. The clothes are super soft and comfortable. 

They really are a sustainable clothing brand that is affordable too. The material of the clothes is pre-wash and does not shrink after washing. 

The apparels have a tagless waistband and they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs that offer a good fit for every body type. 

According to some internet reviews, the fabric is apparently thin and does not last that long. After a few washes, you might find holes in them even after wearing them too much. 

The best thing about the clothing you would find here is that it is so breathable. We are not just talking about the clothes but also the undergarments are customer favorites around here. 

The cotton fabric does not shrink and has a very subtle stretch to it, so you won’t be worrying about misfits anywhere. You get a wide range of designs and 12 color options in the undergarment section on the website. 

For women at PACT, the clothing variety includes skirts, dresses, sweatshirts, tops, pants, tights, sleepwear, and maternity clothing as well. One of the most popular items women shop for here is leggings and tights. 

The tights and leggings are stretchy and have different patterns, prints, and types like athleisure ones and even skirt types are available. The sculpting stretch of the tights gives you this perfect shapewear that does not wear out after a single jog. 

The maternity clothes are a big catch while browsing PACT. When you are going through the growing process of the human inside you, comfort is the only thing you need. 

The maternity leggings here are comfortable on the belly and give it a good shape as well. 

Is Pact Fast Fashion?

The term fast fashion has some consumer concerns attached to it regarding legitimacy, ethical approach, and good quality. Unlike your daily fast fashion brand PACT addresses all of the concerns and has everything for you. 

This apparel brand is doing its best on its part to prevent anything in the production process that damages the planet. 

Other than organic cotton clothing, they also use solar and wind-powered farm operations, sustainable farming practices, fair shipping policies, and also biodegradable packaging. 

So you can say from all the above-mentioned positives, that PACT is an antithesis of fast fashion

Is It Really Quality Clothing?

According to some reviews on the internet other than the PACT website, the clothes are of high quality indeed. The fabric feels really nice against the skin equally for men, women, and kids. 

If you are looking for quality and affordable sustainable clothing all in one, then PACT is a one-stop shop for all your wardrobe. 

This company has this incredible mission of saving the planet and helping people make ethical apparel choices. There are customers that shop regularly from PACT for themselves and their families. 

So for some trendy clothing outlets, PACT is doing a wonderful job in giving sustainable and eco-friendly apparel options. You can easily shop on the website while being on budget or not and don’t forget about the deals you get from the brand. 

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