Target is a big box departmental store that has its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We all have been to Target and it is certainly a popular store to go to for everyone. It is known to be the eighth largest retail store in the US. 

Starting off back in 1962 as a discount division of Dayton Company of Minneapolis, Target really started to expand in the 1980s. The corporation introduced a number of format stores under the name Target as a brand in 1990. 

Due to its go-to and affordable everyday grocery and retail shop image, it got immensely popular with time. As of the latest Target has 1,926 stores across the United States and got 37th place on Fortune 500 list in 2020 for being the largest United State Corporations by revenue.

Since it is in all 50 states of the US, it is an official daily shopping store for every person. You can find a Target easily in your neighborhood. 

They have 350,000 employees and the aim is to make their customers have fun, be comfortable, and experience surprises while shopping at Target. 

Target is known to be the most beloved brand among people. Target runs on Expect More & Pay Less motto which comes with affordability and quality brands. The quality goods you get at Target come with a lot of ways for you to save money. 

Target issues its customers a Red Card with which they can avail 5% discount every day they shop at the store. Not only that, but the products come with a full guarantee. Target’s return policy is quite amazing which makes it a shopping savior for people. 

If you want to return the item you bought from Target, if it stays in good condition, you can return it within 90 days and get it exchanged or refunded. You need to have a receipt in order to do that since it is a compulsion and the same is the case for opened and damaged goods.

At Target it is made sure that everyone feels safe and gets the easiest shopping experience. Inclusivity is a big part of the culture shared at Target. 

This inclusion provides the workers a fulfilling environment and better engagement opportunities with customers, employees, and all of our suppliers. 

At every Target, the management makes sure to abide by diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). The workforce of this big US retailer shop is also diverse and is given equal opportunities to thrive.

Is Target Ethical?

According to Target’s current plans, it is an ethical retail company as of 2022. 

Target management plans on reducing the use of chemicals in their clothing, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of their factories, and having ethical practices in place for their employees like giving financial security and having an incident reporting system proactively. 

 Is Target Clothing Environmentally Friendly?

Target offers its customers a wide and trendy range of clothing options that are of amazing quality as well. 

Target is focusing on reducing the manufacturing waste that takes place due to the general clothing production i.e fuel, energy, water, and chemical waste. 

To reduce the amount of waste, Target has also collaborated with brands like Levi’s and Nike and have formed Sustainable Apparel Coalition. 

When the harmful chemicals are reduced from the clothing production, it has a positive impact on the workers, impacts the wonderful environment, and is better for the ecosystem. 

Since Target is huge in the US, this thoughtful step has a great impact on clothing and the environment as a whole.  

Target claims that it works with the clothing brands closely as in with the policymakers, supply chain, industry partners, and also the stakeholders in order to keep things eco-friendly in the factories. 

On Target’s website, the retail company has claimed to lessen the use of greenhouse gasses that will happen throughout the entire supply chain. 

Target deals with all kinds of products and that also includes animal-treating products. According to the website, the company follows the industry guidelines and laws that promote animal welfare. 

In addition to that, Target also aims to use cage-free eggs by the year 2025. And also plans to source the pork-based products more ethically. 

This go-to retail company is working towards minimizing the use of plastic bags and has shown significant change in doing so. Target uses cloth-based bags for the products and keeps the usage until they are broken beyond repair.

Target is also collaborating with the world’s biggest recyclers, packaging producers, and retailers to have new ways of using and reusing plastic. 

The need of having sustainable products is taken very seriously at Target. The aim is to provide every sustainable product in the future for a positive and environmentally conscious society. 

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