You see something cute like a neon sweater or cute beach swimsuit and all of a sudden that’s the only thing you ever wanted.

But then it hits you “Do I really want to shop from here?” since it is fast fashion. 

Cider clothing is actually known to be ultra-fast fashion as it launches its new collections and designs pretty quickly than usual. This happens due to the high scale of production for every season. 

Cider is known to have smart fashion clothing that is trendy, chic, fun, and comfortable. If you have a Y2K aesthetic or just want some party wear, Cider takes it seriously. 

Each piece at Cider is curated carefully and precisely according to references, aesthetics, and what vibe you have in mind. From a cute sweater to a colorful mini dress, you find everything at Cider that inspires you. 

Creative minds at Cider understand that having access to fashion is important for everyone. While shipping your favorite looks to most parts of the world, Cider interacts with its customers via social media. 

Live stream parties where fashion influencers and what’s hot are discussed with the viewers. Cider claims to produce something that consumers are looking for and the production level in real-time. 

This means that this brand produces something that will sell and nothing excessive. There is no sacrifice on quality so that the cost can be covered. So that is the main reason why the brand is so popular and not to mention, affordable. 

Now you can see Cider ads on a lot of platforms like Instagram or TikTok while merely scrolling yours for your page. You see a retro dress on a model and you certainly feel like giving it a try. 

What To Expect?

For first impressions, everyone would get the idea of Cider as some fast drop shipping clothing website that could be a scam too. If you have had a lot of nude pieces in your wardrobe then it is possible you get attracted to so many colors here. 

The first immediate gasp you have is by the quirky tops, romantic lace dresses, vintage corset tops, bell-bottom pants, and honestly it is a whole satisfactory vibe. 

You get to see categorized aesthetics where you can put together your favorite skirt with a matching blouse. Categories like K-Pop, Retro, Y2K, and much more are available. 

As compared to other brands, Cider has a different approach towards picking and curating a wardrobe for you. Cider actually looks into the demographic data that people are looking for and then presents it to you. 

Cider also has plans to interact with the consumers better. This would happen by creating a website that would use dates to recommend clothes you like the best. 

It would work the same way as TikTok has the algorithm trace of what you want to watch. 

The standout point of Cider is certainly the made-to-order concept here. Once you select a clothing item, it is then made at a factory and then drop-shipped at your doorstep. 

It is a cost effective technique and reduces fashion waste. That is the reason why orders placed at Cider take a couple of weeks to deliver. So you can say that this has been crushing it when it comes to fast fashion. 

With these amazing benefits, the obvious and predictable kind of problem is with the size chart here. The size is a bit confusing and frustrating and the way it is displayed too. Like if you want XL it would be the same as 1X and would also be listed separately. 

The one not-so-inclusive thing about this shop is that it does have Plus size clothing. But this is sold separately and the collection only has a fraction of the amazing collection for the rest of the sizes. 

The center focus of this brand is the US market but sadly it is more inclined towards the Thin market.

Another downside of this brand is that it blatantly uses Fat Tax. This means that every plus-size clothing item would be expensive as compared to the rest of the products. 

This idea is the same as the high prices of pink razors because it is a woman-targeted product.

Is Cider The Brand Ethical?

Honestly considering Cider as an ethical brand lies in a gray area. With all these fast fashion brands there are many manufacturers involved. 

This scenario increases the probability of low-quality products, scamming, less environmentally friendly options, and copying designs. 

With different manufacturers for a brand, it is difficult to know about the work conditions in the factories. There was also this news on Instagram, where an artist made the claim that Cider has stolen their designs, so yeah ethical question is a bit tricky to answer. 

Cider works and collaborates with a lot of designers worldwide and to actually tell whether the designs are legit or not is a bit difficult to detect. The made-to-order collection is certainly a breath of fresh air for this brand. 

This brand is much more ethical than Shein or Amazon and one would feel comfortable shopping from here. 

You can really tell an online brand is customer oriented by their customer support. The customer support at Cider is super supportive and responds quickly to your shopping issues.

All you have to do is email the issue to customer support and they get back to you in 24 hours maximum. And if you have been to many online brands, you will see that here customer support is actually effective. 

Is this clothing brand legit? Well if you compare to many other brands, Cider is pretty legit. They take a couple of weeks to deliver the products with minimal packaging and responsive customer support. 

If you are a large or plus size, you would definitely struggle while shopping here. 

Is Cider Same As Shein?

Both brands are fast fashion brands and have almost the same way of operating. Cider, like Shein, would list a huge number of clothing items and would remove them after a certain time if there is a lack of interest from the consumers. 

Cider is a Hong Kong-based brand and is owned by Micheal Wang. This brand has become quite popular due to TikTok as well. The number of followers this brand has is 2.1 million on Instagram. 

These days only a video or a product has to go viral to get people’s attention. Cider went viral because of the cute orange sweater and people went crazy over it. As a digitally native brand, Cider is known as the first-social and fast-fashion brand for the new generation. 

By generating new designs and clothing based on present data, Cider also defines itself as an “Innovator”. 

Is Cider Sustainable?

Like every other fast fashion brand, it is quite easy for you to pick your favorite outfits. But if you are one of the conscious buyers, sustainability in everything is important. 

Cider does not really state any details of its raw material sourcing. Three factors are important to look into when you’re researching a brand i.e animal welfare, eco-friendly, and labor rights. 

There are no significant details present on Cider’s website whether it abides by any of these. This is a clear issue of transparency which is not a good start. 

Even though this brand takes pride in describing itself as a smart fashion brand, every collection launch happens at a lightning speed, and yet there is insufficient info. 

The made-to-order way does give us the idea that Cider avoids waste and doesn’t compromise on quality. But as a consumer, it is your right to know how a product is being manufactured and how it is impacting people, the environment, and wildlife. 

Is Cider A Trustworthy Brand?

After going through so many online clothing brands, in comparison, Cider is a trustworthy brand. We all have shopped from Amazon and many online retailers, we get mixed feelings after that. 

For legitimacy, you can always check out the reviews and they can really help you out. People often post pictures along with their reviews so there is a real-life display of the clothes as well. 

For brands like these, good customer support is of vital importance. Luckily, you face zero issues with the help of Cider’s customer support. If there is any discount code issue, order details, or anything regarding your order you get a response within 24 hours.

You get good and trendy clothes if you are on a budget. Even with affordable prices, you get to put together cute looks for the season and theme-based as well. 

For your next statement dress idea, Cider can definitely help you out. For an expressive and styled experience, each article is curated when it comes to patterns and designs, so not a bad deal in a couple of bucks. You can download the Cider mobile app now and shop with a single convenient tap.  

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