If you’re planning to open your retail store, nothing goes better than considering organic and safe products for sale. There are numerous online stores that are famous for their high-quality products and you can be the one too.

If you are looking to sell towels that are 100% organic, soft, and safe, we can help you find the best wholesale towel suppliers that are made of organic material.

Here is a list of five wholesale suppliers from which you can buy your desired products in bulk. Each one of them provides exclusive eco-friendly towels to bring a positive change to the environment. Read on.

1. British Wholesale

British Wholesale is a leading supplier of wholesale products imported and exported worldwide. Their products include home textiles, health care services, and services of the fashion industry.

It is a U.K.-based firm and provides wholesale solutions efficiently. Their products are medically examined, making them the best option for you.

As an expert in supplying organic wholesale products, you can buy eco-friendly towels in bulk from them. You won’t regret purchasing from them.

Website: https://www.britishwholesales.co.uk/towels

Address: Ground Floor Swan Mill No.3, Higher Swan Lane, Bolton, Lancashire, BL3 3BJ

2. Towels – Wholesale.co.uk

With an experience of over 45 years, Towels – Wholesale.co.uk is an online retail store that excels in providing toweling products of the best quality.

Their services are quite convenient, which means you can reach them from anywhere. If you’re planning to consider organic towels for your business, you can buy from this store as many as you can.

They have high-quality towels that differ by brand, color, and size. The company’s products are highly durable which will increase customer trust in your business. Plus, you can stock their eco-friendly towels at affordable prices.

Website: https://www.towels-wholesale.co.uk/

Address: Towels-Wholesale.co.uk, Unit 1 Rizla House, Severn Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Pontypridd, CF37 5SP

3. Bhumi

Bhumi is a wholesale supplier that provides its services in the most innovative ways. They are quite passionate about their work, making them unique from the crowd.

Their partnerships with designers, brands, eco-friendly hotels and resorts help them provide an organic and toxic-free lifestyle.

They offer several programs, including Wholesale, trade, hospitality, and private label. You only need to check their website and select the style and product you are looking for to place your order.

They will review your choices and approximate your selection budget within 24 hours.

If you wish to buy eco-friendly towels from their store, wait no more! All of their items are shipped from their Australia post warehouse in Melbourne.

Website: https://bhumi.com.au/pages/wholesale

Address: COMO Office Tower, Level 19, 644 Chapel Street, South Yarra VIC 3141

4. Bursali Towels – Perfect Softness

Bursali Towels is a wholesale supplier that provides high-quality towels using combed organic cotton. Their specialty is that they listen to the demands of their customers and customize their products accordingly.

As a retail store owner, you can expect them to regulate your order according to your needs. The goal of this store is not only to increase customer demand but also to make it safe for the environment.

Further, their towels are registered GOTs (Global Organic Textile Standard), certifying organic cotton worldwide.

Their towels are available in three to four different colors and sizes. You can check out the images on their website and even enlarge them to see the details for more clarity.

Website: https://www.bursali.co.uk/organic-cotton-towels

Address: Bursali Towels (U.K.) Ltd, Unit 1, Rizla House, Severn Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Pontypridd, Mid. Glamorgan, CF37 5SP

5. Caribbean Natural

Caribbean Natural is a wholesale supplier that Amy Troob founded. A mother nurse worked to keep patients safe from the harmful chemicals and dyes. The company’s mission is to protect their clients from unsafe clothing materials.

Since it was difficult to find high quality and chemical-free linens at affordable prices, ⁸Amy decided to bring Caribbean Natural into existence – a place where people can get organic, safe, and luxurious products.

Their Egyptian, Organic, and Bamboo Towel Collection is completely different from the products of local brands, which is why customers trust them a lot. You can buy them without worrying about the age range.

Website: https://www.caribbeannaturalshop.com/

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