Peppermayo is an Australian apparel brand that deals with high fashion and chic clothing styles for women. Founded by Georgia Wright and Huayi Huang ten years ago, it started off as a small eBay outlet and in a short amount of time became immensely popular among the ladies and gents. 

This brand, over time, was able to make a huge impact on almost 1 million shoppers initially. This fashion outlet is located in Sydney, Australia specializing in brands, fashion, and lifestyle trends. 

Branding plays a big role in delivering the message of any business model. Management obviously understood the assignment and has delivered with visuals, voice, and value. 

These three Vs really sets the brand apart from the competition, what it stands for, and how your fashion life can be made easier every day. 

 What’s It Like At Peppermayo?

Creators at Peppermayo really take the idea of how the brand should be perceived very seriously. When you visit the website you experience trendy, chic, comfortable, and affordable all in one place. 

This precise and concise message rally gives the upside layout of the brand while you’re shopping for some looks. It is fast, sharp, and pointed and gives you a sense of convenient utilization and reliability. 

Peppermayo is the ultimate spot for a convenient shopping experience. The new arrivals at the store include clothing, shoes, jewelry, and now even homeware. With the perfect collection every season, you are bound to find the perfect ensemble for every day.

You get to browse through amazing fashion pieces along with the biggest brands that also have exclusive essentials. 

There are always punch words to describe what a brand stands for. While browsing through the website, you’ll come across words like fire, babe, and on-trend quite often – totally resonating with the target audience of Peppermayo. 

Now, this is what voice entails at Peppermayo. Let’s get on to another V at their disposal and that is – Visual

Now Visuals are something that makes almost all the magic happen for a client. And Oh Boy!!… Peppermayo has got some for everyone! 

You get to see a variety of dresses, tops, bottoms, two-piece sets, swimwear, outerwear, shoes, and some beautiful accessories to pair with any outfit you pick. 

Clothes are available in every size and almost every color you would be seeing on trend these days. Although the portrayal of these fantastic pieces is on very skinny models and obviously they are bronzed goddesses. 

This generates a very alienated concept for normal people out there and is not very inclusive of all body types. 

You would be able to find large and XL sizes in your favorite clothing item but not so much diversity happening with the display. 

Now beside clothes, you would also find accessories like sunglasses, wallets, bags, hair accessories, socks, phone cases, charms, and much more to complete the look. 

You can also stock up on some skincare while you’re at it. You get to face, hair, and body care products of all seasons. 

The brands that you can buy at Peppermayo are Cult Avenue, Abrand, Afend, Cools Club, Lahana Swim, Levi’s, Lee, and some of Peppermayo exclusives too. 

Is Peppermayo Sustainable?

Well in comparison to some fast fashion brands, Peppermayo definitely gets some plus points. 

Peppermayo’s growth over a short amount of time has definitely increased its apparel collection, due to high demand from retailers and consumers. 

With a sudden increase in growth, initially, Peppermayo had to compromise on some of its environmental goals to meet the demand. 

But as of recent, this popular brand has claimed to abide by ethical and environmentally friendly fashion practices. 

As an honest approach, the brand itself has identified flaws within the business model and has decided to get rid of the unfair practices. 

The management of Peppermayo stated in one brand statement that they do understand the importance of social and environmental responsibilities should be their top priority. 

So Is It Ok To Shop At Peppermayo?

Well, it is okay to shop here due to the catch of new arrivals and the amazing collection they have. Changing into a sustainable brand is not an overnight thing and the fact that this brand has started to work towards it, is not a bad start. 

Sustainable materials are difficult to source naturally so they take time and consequently they cost more. Peppermayo’s transformation from an almost unethical fast fashion brand to a sustainable and eco-friendly brand is currently in progress. 

The brand has started off with ethical trade regulations and significant improvements in the supply chain. So we can call it a big and impressive step toward the ultimate green-friendly goal. 

The next step to making this mission going would be to make their apparel, accessories, and homeware from naturally sustainable materials. 

Zero-waste packaging is also something that should not be overlooked at all. 

So in short, the road to becoming a sustainable brand for consumers is there but it’s going to take time.

Peppermayo has started to follow the inspiring footsteps of its counterpart fashion outlets like Princess Polly and Pretty Little Thing in making ethical choices and working towards a better planet. 

But it is to be stated clearly, that regardless of all the progress, they are still not a sustainable brand. They have made changes in the fashion industry by offsetting carbon emissions and working towards more environmentally responsible standards. 

So it may stop a lot of people from shopping here as the long-term plans of Peppermayo are still vague. 

To maintain a positive customer base, the brand has to come up with long-term sustainable goals. The plans of doing so are yet to be announced. 

But since the brand understands and believes in delivering what people want, the work in progress might lead to a bigger and permanent good for all. Till then you can keep track and might still want to visit the Peppermayo website or App to keep track. 

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