Each year, trillions of plastic waste is accumulated in landfills. The environment is severely impacted by plastics and phone cases are an addition to this waste.

There is still time for the production of eco-friendly smartphones. Until then, several companies are looking for ways to manufacture eco-friendly phone cases to keep the phones safe in an eco–friendly way.

Here is a list of the Top 10 eco-friendly phone case companies.

Number 1. Reboxed

Reboxed is among one of those companies that manufacture phone cases that are sustainable, eco-friendly, simple yet stylish. They are suited for almost all kinds of phones including Iphone and Samsung.

They have a variety of cases made from polymers derived from plants and wheat fibres. The colours of the cases are vibrant which makes them attractive.

They do not use plastic at all and the materials used are fully compostable. Phone cases by Reboxed are slim and smooth that protect phones from any sort of bumps or knocks as they have designs that are long lasting and hard.

In addition, they are compatible with wireless charging and are packed in non- plastic materials.

Website: https://reboxed.co

Number 2. Pela

The company makes environmentally-friendly phone cases. The company is known as the makers of the first phone cases that are fully compostable. They are striving to make sure that the world is plastic-free. The first set mission is to get rid of billions of plastics from landfills in the coming decade.

The cases by Pela are manufactured using materials that are derived from plants and are easily recyclable. They offer an extensive variety of cases that come in multiple colors and styles that are suitable for almost all iPhone and Android models.

Website: https://uk.pelacase.com/

Number 3. Tech21

The best part about the phone cases of Tech21 is that they are eco-friendly as well as aesthetic. They give an artistic look to the phone’s back. They have very beautiful Eco-Art cases and simple styles to choose from.

All phone cases in their product line are made from raw materials that can easily biodegrade and leave behind no microplastics or chemicals. Materials that are compostable are wood filler and cork which creates strong cases as per the standards of Tech21.

Website: https://uk.tech21.com

Number 4. MMORE

There is no real connection between nature and technology but even Tech companies are working to achieve eco-friendly production goals.

Their organic phone cases do not use any machine for production and are plant-based so that they keep their surroundings safe.

The frame of the material which gives cohesion to the case is made up of polyurethane that can be recycled. After the case is fully used, it can be sent back to MMORE through one of their programs that calls for the recycling of products.

To achieve extra sustainability, consumers have the option to purchase their biodegradable phones that are produced using flax.

Website: https://www.mmore.net/

Number 5. Najture

Najture brings unique phone covers that are compostable and can be customised as per the customer’s preference. Personalization can be done with the name or any statement.

These phone covers are made up of materials that are composed. The used cases are easily biodegradable and can be broken down in an industrial composting facility.

Website: Najture

Number 6. Loam & Lore

Loam & Lore is based in the UK that produces eco-friendly phones. The company offers phone cases that are sustainable and antibacterial.

They become very useful in the climate of the UK. They are cruelty-free and biodegradable which includes coating done using zinc and silver that are easily compostable within a span of 15 minutes.

Website: https://loamandlore.com/

Number 7. Eplanita

Eplanita is a company that is all about promoting life -style having zero waste. They offer phone cases that have sleek look and are made up of materials such as wheat straw and TPU that are easily biodegradable and compostable.

Their phone cases are sustainable and work well with long resilience and durability. The shock absorption and anti-drop protection of the cases are due to the presence of TPU used in the production of cases.

Website: https://www.eplanita.com/

Number 8. Ocean75

Ocean75 produces eco-friendly phone cases that are available at reasonable prices. They are manufactured from recycled ocean plastic.

The most common discarded ocean plastic is fishing nets. These are then used by Ocean75 in Scandinavia to make a new material that’s durable, sustainable, and recyclable.

Website: www.ocean75.com

Number 9. CASETiFY

The company produces compostable phone cases that are customized. They use a material that is a combination of bamboo and starches made from natural resources.

It is done to manufacture eco-friendly phone cases that are strong enough to protect the phones against scratches and bumps.

These cases are military-grade 4ft drop proof. After they are completely used, the cases then break down into carbon dioxide, water, and other naturally occurring minerals. They leave no toxins behind.

Website: https://www.casetify.com/en_GB/

Number 10. Wave

They help you get rid of the plastic phone cases and instead bring in stylish covers that are made up of wheat straw which are fully biodegradable. The phone cases have an ultra-thin design to fit in the phone perfectly.

The case has got a matte touch to materials that help in giving a good grip of the phone. The cases are strong and offer 360-degree protection. The cases are also delivered in cardboard packaging that is 100%.

Website: https://www.wavecase.co.uk/

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