Some like digital writing, while others prefer writing in a notebook. If you’re one of them, then this article is for you. We use notebooks almost every day, but have we ever realized if they are good for the environment?

Many eco-conscious people are starting to realize how much of an impact non eco-friendly goods have on the environment. For this reason, they prefer eco-friendly notebooks.

Eco-friendly notebook suppliers use organic, recyclable, and ethically sourced materials to manufacture their goods. In addition, the quality is top-notch and includes customized options as well.

Below we have enlisted the top eco-friendly notebook wholesalers that will surely fulfill your needs.

List of eco-friendly notebook wholesale vendors and suppliers:

  • PrintGlobe
  • Ethix Merch
  • LetterPress PLAY
  • Soul Flower
  • Decomposition
  • Eco Promotional Products, Inc
  • Esquoia
  • The Green Stationery Company 
  • Going Green Solutions 
  • Natural Packaging Industrial Limited 

1.       PrintGlobe

PrintGlobe, founded in Austin, offers a large selection of eco-friendly notebooks made with 100% recycled materials at affordable rates.

Their sustainable notebooks are perfect for school, office, and home use.

Their elegant-looking notebook in different colors and sizes have numerous benefits, like reducing carbon footprint, conservation of natural energy and resources.

Go green with their eco-friendly notebooks!

Contact info:

Tel: (844) 746-0839


Address: 3500 Comsouth Dr Ste 100 Austin, TX, 78744, United States.

2.       Ethix Merch

Based in the USA, Ethix Merch specializes in producing eco-friendly goods, including sustainable notebooks made from post-consumer content.

They offer eco-friendly spiral notebooks with natural printing, lightweight chipboard covers, and sheets from recycled materials.

If you’re looking for sustainably made note-taking materials, Ethix Merch is the one!

Contact info:

Tel: (877) 709-3845

Email: [email protected]


Address: 9 Main St #3c, Sutton, MA 01590, United States.

3.       LetterPress PLAY

Letterpress PLAY manufactures notebooks, toys, clothes and focuses on producing zero waste.

Their hardworking artisans carefully make high-quality notebooks from recycled content.

Moreover, they use eco-friendly packaging, biodegradable paper, natural dyes, and organic cotton.

They offer natural products for your businesses at wholesale rates, so do give them a try!

Contact info:

Tel: 512-551-3630

Email: [email protected]


Address: 2002 South Congress Ave. Austin Texas, 78704, United States.

4.       Soul Flower

Soul Flower, among many other eco-friendly goods, offers sustainably made notebooks with digitally printed covers.

Made from 100% post-consumer content, their notebooks are unique and quite aesthetic.

They are motivated to produce natural products and seek inspiration in the simplicity of everyday life.

Their products support the planet, and you can too, by choosing them as your wholesale supplier!

Contact info:

Tel: 866-294-8074

Email: [email protected]


Address: 692 Mendelssohn Ave N, Golden Valley, MN 55427, Unites States.

5.       Decomposition

Decomposition supplies durable and environmentally friendly notebooks to many bookstores, gift stores, stationery stores, and many institutes.

All their books are kinder to the environment and made in the USA.

If you are interested in buying eco-friendly notebooks in bulk, they have several options for you.

Contact info:

Tel: (732) 752-0800

Email: [email protected]


Address: United States.

6.       Eco Promotional Products, Inc.

A woman-owned company, Eco Promotional Products, Inc. was born to encourage environmental savings and sustainable marketing. 

Their products are green and sustainable, fulfilling all the environmental goals, and sold at affordable rates.

They offer a wide range of eco-friendly notebooks and journals, sold to many institutes, including schools, and colleges. 

Their green notebooks are made from organic materials, such as apple peels, vegan leather, and acid-free materials.

Make responsible purchasing decisions with their USA-made eco-friendly goods.

Contact info:

Tel: 877.326.9467

Email: [email protected]


Address: 664 N Milwaukee Ave # 208, Prospect Heights, IL 60070, United States.

7.       Esquoia

Their notebooks are free of toxic materials and made entirely from recycled content and sustainable materials.

They care for you and your actual home and thus produce reusable notebooks at low prices.

In addition, their notebooks are erasable, meaning you can erase writing with literally everything.

They offer customized notebooks, also eco-friendly, in different designs and colors.

Contact info:

Tel: +370 67070822

Email: [email protected]


Address: Ozo 22 – 23, Vilnius, Lithuania

8.       The Green Stationery Company

This UK-based company manufactures green stationery, and that includes reusable notebooks.

They offer a wide selection of green products with sustainable packaging and ethically sourced materials

In terms of their green notebooks, they are completely eco-friendly, made with recycled papers, and the glue used is non-toxic and completely organic.

You can get high-quality products in bulk from The Green Stationery Company, and help them promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Contact info:

Tel: 01225 480 556

Email: [email protected]


Address: 141 Englishcombe Lane, Bath BA2 2EL, United Kingdom. 

9.       Going Green Solutions

They are dedicated to manufacturing eco-friendly goods that are easily available to everyone, in their homes, and businesses.

They offer high-quality stationery and notebooks made in Australia, printed with organic materials, like vegetable-based ink and 100% carbon neutral.

Their passion for saving the environment and high-quality eco-friendly goods are appreciated by all their consumers.

Contact info:

Tel: 03 9718 0126

Email: [email protected]


Address: 929 Heidelberg-Kinglake Rd, Hurstbridge, Vic, Australia, 3099

10.   Natural Packaging Industrial Limited

Founded in 1998, they are known for manufacturing packaging and printing products.

With their dedicated staff and other professionals, they also offer eco-friendly spiral notebooks, and diaries.

They can be used for school, home, and business use.

They use wood-free paper to produce sustainable notebooks and sell them at wholesale rates.

Contact info:


Address: 17C Pilate, No. 22 Luling Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian 361000

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