Blueland is certainly not a new name when it comes to environment-conscious brands out there. As an environmentally-conscious human being, you certainly do want to cut on your plastic use or anything that might be less eco-friendly. 

Well, Blueland does make it possible for you and for your family members. This company strives to make the planet eco-friendly with its sustainable products. In addition to the company’s effort in making the use of single-use plastic less with each day, the brand also has cleaners, hand, and dish soaps

All the products you find here are certified by Cradle to Cradle which is an anti-cruelty organization having comprehensive certifications and product assessments. 

Blueland products are not only effective for cleaning but also reduce the carbon footprint. This brand makes sure that the cleaning products are toxic-free and easy to use without damaging the skin. 

Cleaners and dish soaps at Blueland however are not disinfectants. So if someone in your house is sick or something, using these cleaners would not really help. 

Blueland bottles are refillable so you don’t have to throw away the bottles but just simply fill them up again with cleaning tablets in them. 

Another reason why it is becoming a household brand is that it is cruelty-free. 

So, Why Does it make you cough?

You’re most likely inhaling the powder particles when you open it. Some batches of Blueland do have issues and can be very dusty, you can email their support to send you a replacement. If you still keep coughing or sneezing, you might want to try wearing a respirator.

Is Blueland Powder Dish Soap Good?

Blueland powder dish wash is another in line with the popular products here. The product comes with this pouch in which you can keep the powder as it absorbs all the moisture. 

It also comes with a silicone dispenser which is said to be eco-friendly and has one open slit from where you can get the powder. The silicone dispenser is useful as it makes it easier to grab a handful of dishwashing powder. 

You can easily apply powder to the dishes with the help of suds. It removes grease pretty easily. When compared to your drugstore dishwashers, it is the perfect and affordable alternative. 

The dishwashing powder is gentle on the skin. It has amazing fragrance-free ingredients and is not drying on the skin at all. The packaging is biodegradable and is zero waste-conscious. The suds with the silicone dispenser is pretty good as it cleans the dishes thoroughly. 

The Blueland products according to CNN are amazing for the planet, your personal space, and for your monthly budget. The hand soaps and dishwasher are a winner for your daily dishes, so no going back to drug store dish soaps. Your everyday cleaning happens quite efficiently and is for a variety of places. 

The only thing that Blueland lacks is the disinfectant property in its products. So if you want to disinfect and clean a place at the same time, you would need to buy something stronger than these cleaners. 

The overall experience of consumers is great and this definitely gives you the opportunity to make eco-friendly choices in order to save the turtles and our planet. 

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