Keeping your house clean along with the planet should not be made difficult for anyone. You can see a sustainable environment and still have ways of clean living without compromising any essentials. 

Now there are many green-friendly options there that help you with household products. Less use of plastic? You have got some great alternatives. And some of these companies also make you use plastic that can be reused instead of going to waste. 

So Grove and Blueland are definitely making waves right now in the green-friendly household products community. 

They are said to be accessible and budget-friendly for everyone without going against any ethical standards. 

What Is Grove?

Grove is a green-friendly company that deals with household products like toiletries and multi-purpose kitchen cleaning products for everyday use. Grove Co. aims to take the go-green mission very seriously for the long-term effect. 

In order to do that, the products manufactured are plastic-free and do not have harsh chemicals like phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, phosphates, chlorine bleach, and ammonia. 

In 2020, the existing customer base of Grove made 1.93 million plastic waste not enter the landfills. The hand soaps and cleaning concentrates also prevented 994,776 pounds of waste. For a comparatively new brand, that is not a bad start. 

You can also find some multi-purpose glass cleaners, bathroom cleaners, kitchen products, and also dishwashing liquids in amazing fragrances. The one ounce of cleaning concentrates and the spray bottles are sold separately. The main idea here is to reduce waste as you can buy the cleaning solution again or get it refilled. This prevents waste, minimizes shipping costs, and is budget-friendly overall. 

You won’t be finding any synthetic fragrances in the products made by Grove. They do smell amazing because of the organic essential oils like rosemary, orange, white rose, and citron. 

Also, Grove is trying to be more accessible and has launched its products at Target too. Now you have got to love that. 

Are The Products Any Good?

Now the products you see here sound like an eco-friendly solution and get the cleaning job done efficiently. With cleaning products, the best way you can check the efficiency is by using them multiple times during the day. 

The cleaning spray can deal with coffee spills on a quartz surface, glass stains, bathroom sink marks, and almost every surface with spillage or stains. You can add the concentrate to the glass spray bottle, give it a shake, and you’re good for cleaning. 

The cleaning part leaves a subtle scent on the surface and cleans properly. If you spray them on a greasy surface and wipe them with a microfiber towel, you get instant and great cleaning results. 

Choosing good products for your living room is very important as it is literally the face of your house. The essential oils in the cleaners do not leave any marks or residue behind. So if you want to clean your vinyl flooring, Grove cleaners are the best pick. 

According to some reviews, multipurpose cleaner is the all-time favorite product among many consumers. 

The pros of it are great for a cleaner, like;

  • There’s no plastic involved. You get it in a glass bottle with a metal cap lid.
  • Cleans off fingerprints and greasy surfaces quickly. 
  • Scents in it last for a long time and it’s amazing.
  • Two packs of cleaning concentrates can last for months. 

The only drawback here is that you have to buy the cleaning spray bottle separately with the concentrate. 

The spray bottles, concentrate, and detergent cleaning sheets really live up to the cleaning solution and environmentally friendly products. 

What Is Blueland?

The new eco-friendly brand, Blueland aims to give the best household cleaning products along with less waste in landfills. The cleaning system is cost-effective and once you go for it, quite effective actually.

With cleaning products at home, you have to be careful whether they are actually cleaning or just adding to the pile of waste. This brand offers a starter kit that is called The Cleaning Essential. 

You can get your hands on cleaning bottles that are made of acrylic and have different purposes labeled on them. You get bottles for glass and mirrors, multi-surface, and your bathroom. In addition to these, you also get a soap dispenser which is also made of the same acrylic material. 

For cleaning purposes, Blueland offers a unique solution – cleaning tablets. You get three of them i.e one for each bottle and purpose. 

The tablets make 20 ounces of cleaning solution which is honestly a good amount for thorough cleaning. The soap tablet can make up to 9 ounces of solution.

In order to make the cleaning solution, you would need to add water to the bottle and then add the cleaning tablet to it. Within seconds you will see the solution forming and you don’t even need to shake it to get it to start working. 

The products stated above are said to be free of any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds are a hazard to the health of nursing or pregnant people and even children. 

The brand also abides by not adding anything to the products that go against the Environmental Working Group’s restricted list. 

The ingredients used in the cleaners are naturally derived or are natural. So the cleaners you use by Blueland are cruelty-free, pet and children safe, and hypoallergenic. 

Traditionally you will find disinfectant ingredients like chlorine bleach in any cleaning solution. Here at Blueland, the cleaning products steer clear of any chemical ingredients that may be of any harm. 

Are The Products Good?

The cleaners are effective and simple to use. Each one of the tablets are scented but not the glass and mirror cleaning ones. 

The fragrances of the cleaning tablets are not harsh, unlike other cleaners you have been using. The bathroom cleaner effectively removes the tough stains on your sink and bathtub that are usually hard to rub off.

You can always start off with a single product if you are intrigued but just trying for the first time. You get a starter kit in which you have a bottle and a cleaning tablet of your choice. 

Waste reduction is the main goal of Blueland with every purchase you make here. Unlike other brands where you have to buy a cleaning bottle every single time, you don’t have to do it anymore. 

Waste can be reused by refilling the Blueland bottles over and over again. And if you feel like not using it anymore, you can always recycle. Each part of the product is recyclable and the wrapper of the cleaning tablet is biodegradable and compostable as well. 

Which One To Pick?

Now that’s a great question yet for some a rather simple one based on personal preference. Both Grove and Blueland are definitely interested in making the planet safer and breathable to live in. 

Both household brands have zero chemicals in them for instance chlorine bleach. But also chlorine bleach is traditionally used solely or in cleaning products as a disinfectant. 

This clearly indicates that these products would do the cleaning job thoroughly but you should not expect them to disinfect any surfaces. You would have to keep a disinfectant at your disposal for some germ-killing as well. 

Blueland is affordable and has recyclable products with less wastage as the main goal. You can always start with a starter kit and get good sustainable cleaners at an affordable price. 

Grove on the other hand is affordable but has certain limitations when one wants to purchase any product. First of all, if you want free shipping you need to have a VIP membership that is $19 a year. That is the kind of limitation that is rather off-putting than encouraging new buyers. 

$25 worth of products should be bought from the website to get them through casual shipping time. If you want the cleaning products in a certain time, $39 is the cost of “Ship Now” which is 14 dollars more than the price of the original product. 

Most people find this as a not a very budget-friendly thing if a brand is claiming affordability with every ad. 

People do prefer shopping online, so this kind of cost limitation makes them go to the store which not everyone is willing to do. 

So Blueland definitely takes the upper hand here due to its affordability and much easier product availability. 

Sustainable living does require some extra money as the sourcing of the ingredients is costly too. But many brands are now trying to be more accessible for everyone every single day. 

So if your goal is to make this year more sustainable than the last one, then going for either of the brands would definitely help you achieve it. That is definitely something good for you and the planet too. 

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