People always prefer ways to help the environment, and many times that comes in the form of being eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly is a term that is used to describe products, services, or practices that are environmentally friendly. This means that they do not harm the environment and they are sustainable.

When it comes to the kitchen, one of the easiest places to start being more eco-friendly is in the dishwashing department.

Dish soaps get a bad rap for being harsh on the environment, but that’s not the case with Dawn’s dish soap.

Dawn dish soap has been around for a long time, and it is a popular choice for people who are looking for an eco-friendly option.

But is Dawn really as green as it seems? The short answer is no, it probably isn’t!

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Dawn dish soap and determine whether or not it is truly environmentally friendly.

About Dawn Dish Soap

Dawn dish soap is a cleaning product aimed at cutting through grease and oil accumulated in dishes.

The Dawn Soap removes grease with minimal scrubbing, which makes this product perfect for cleaning up even the worst type of grease accumulation in kitchen pots.

Is Dawn Dish Soap Ethical?

Dawn dish soap is cruelty-free which means it’s not tested on animals. This wins big time for people who are advocates for animal rights.

Moreover, the company does not use any palm oil in its products.

Palm oil is a type of vegetable oil that is extracted from the fruit of oil palms. It is used in many different products, including food, cosmetics, and cleaning products.

However, the production of palm oil has been linked to the destruction of rainforests and animal habitats, making its use highly unsustainable.

The Dawn dish soap has also done a lot to contribute to and help affected wildlife.

It has partnered with two major wildlife protection organizations- the Marine Mammal Center (TMMC) and International Bird Rescue (IBR) to aid birds affected by man-made oil spills.

They’ve successfully donated 75,000 bottles of Dawn dish soap to these organizations in an attempt to save aquatic birds and marine mammals from oil spills.

The dish soap is used by both organizations to protect and restore the health of wildlife marine animals and birds by cleaning their bodies with this product.

The product works wonders at breaking down grease and oil stuck in birds’ feathers but is not harmful to their skin in any way. This makes it the perfect partner to these organizations in saving wildlife.

Under the P&G Good Everyday program, Dawn Dish Soap also joins hands with the common public to help the wildlife.

With Dawn, there are several ways that you can contribute to making a difference!

Is Dawn dish soap Harmful to the environment?

The Dawn dish detergent is good at cleaning birds’ feathers without causing any harm to their skin, but it’s primarily designed for eliminating dirt stains and grease from your cooking appliance.

To balance out the surfactants (which are chemicals added in order to cut down on oils), there are other ingredients put into this product that can damage aquatic life if they’re left around too long.

Dawn dish soap is also packaged in plastic bottles, which are not recyclable. This means that when you are finished with the soap, the bottle will end up in a landfill.

Additionally, one of the biggest concerns surrounding the product is that it contains chemicals such as methylisothiazolinone and 1,4-dioxane which are both toxic and unsafe for human health.

However, the best thing is that dawn contains no allergens and, to be specific, no phosphates.

This will not only reduce water pollution but also will not affect marine life in any way.

Final Verdict

So, is Dawn dish soap eco-friendly? The answer is no! While it does contain some environmentally friendly ingredients that are good for wildlife, the other ingredients and the packaging are not sustainable.

Not to mention the dish soap is toxic! There are better options available that are more environmentally friendly.

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