Among all the leading businesses in the modern world, packaging is by far the most in-demand. This is the backbone of all other businesses, as everyone wants a classic finishing for their product.

The primary purpose of packaging is to ensure the safe delivery of the products, which comes at the cost of environmental pollution. But with the increasing rise in the combative attitude towards global warming, eco-friendly packaging has paved the way for environment-friendly delivery of products.

If you run a business and need sustainable packaging for your products, we have summarized the best sustainable wholesale packaging wholesalers to make things easier for you.

1.   Awesome Pack

Fantastic Pack has built its name in the Packaging in Australia with a vast range of packaging supplies for all kinds of businesses. From small boxes and label tapes to large cartons and courier bags, they are there to meet the demands of everyone!

The specific quality which makes them popular among the local vendors is their compostable compositions of every product, which is naturally degradable and imposes a minimum threat to the environment.

This, along with their highly feasible services like fast deliveries, easy return policies, and low prices, makes them everyone’s go-to supplier.


Address: 8/72-76 Fenton St, Huntingdale VIC 3166

2. O F Packaging

Founded in 2019, O F Packaging has climbed the route to success in no time. They laid their strong steps in recycled, recyclable, and compostable packaging products and won the PIDA Award in 2021.

They are the center of innovative design to promote small businesses and maintain the environment’s integrity, giving their product and name a healthy and stylish finish.

They provide economical, customized, resalable, and microwave-safe products which fulfill the characteristics of about 90% of vendors.


Address: 43-47 Cleeland Road, Melbourne, Australia

3. Earth Pack

Among the pioneers in eco-friendly packaging services, Earth Pack is one of the top listed names. Founded in 1989 in California, it has laid some of the most vital foundations for eco-friendly packaging and modernizing this industry according to the rising demands of the environment.

It provides a vast range of services with template and test trials to accommodate all clients. Their range of products includes paper bags, plastic bags, cartons, boxes, tissues, and many more.


Address: 1692 Deere Avenue, Irvine, CA 92606

4. Get Packed

Get Packed is a family legacy in the world of the packaging industry with 25+ years of experience. Situated in Sydney, they provide the packaging material and provide high-tech packaging machinery at the most reliable wholesale rates to suit a variety of industries.

Just like infinite colors in a color palette, their range of products is infinite. They serve businesses as small as home-based or online retailers to as large as warehouses with all kinds of eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Furthermore, they are innovating the industry with much better options like Kraft paper carrying bags, newspaper carrying bags, Cryovac CT shrinkage films, and S wraps which use less plastic than normal but provide the same durability. This attracts new clients day by day, making them even more popular.


Address: 12 Cook Street, Forestville, Sydney 

5. The Pak360 Difference

If you are looking for reliable and eco-friendly packaging materials of cutlery with full hygiene, Pak360 is your go-to place!

Specializing in all forms of cutlery, hot and cold cups, plates, bowls, and trays to food storing bags, tissues, and napkins, they are a cutlery hub in the sustainable packaging of food. Their range consists of over 450 items. The customers most attract their 100% wholesale price and fast door-to-door delivery services and free samples before orders.


Address: 4/47 Gatwick Road, Bayswater, North 3153, Victoria, Australia

6. Plus Packaging

In the revival of Packaging, Plus Packaging has been working for the past four decades now. They help their client in each and every stage, from selecting their product designing it to the final delivery; they provide full support, all at a wholesale price!

Along with this, Plus Packaging has been among the initiators of the eco-friendly approach to business development with the slogan “Go green!”


7. My Box Packaging

With global warming on the rise, eco packaging has become a law in the USA. But who says packaging can’t be done with style even with this? My Box Packaging has been there all along, fulfilling this void with the most innovative ideas for the retailers and customers nationwide.

My Box Packaging has been listed in the top five sustainable packaging suppliers in the USA with 200+ designs to suit all kinds of niches out there.

The most attractive feature is free shipping of products within 10 days and even taking orders as low as 100 boxes, making it very popular among the vendors.


Address: 4000 W Montrose Ave 559 Chicago

8. GTI Industries INC

Starting in 1972, GTI Industries has been working for almost half a century, serving the best packaging services. It has gone through all the modernization processes of this industry to face the modern-day era and still plays an active role in preserving the sustainability of our environment.

It actively serves its customers to this date and pays off that trust with 100% quality products with more than 2000 items for all niches.


Address: GTI Industries INC, 3303 NW 112 St, Miami, Florida 33167


Signet Industries has been serving people with top-rated products since 1968. They were among the first-ever suppliers in Australia and now still serving for over 52 years with multiple branches in many cities.

Their main characteristic is the customer care relationship which includes nationwide coverage of all businesses, serving with the same policies and passion without discrimination at wholesale rates.


Address: 56 Ingleston Road, Wakerley, Queensland, 4154

10. EcoEnclose Ltd.

For all the e-commerce stores out there, EcoEnlose is a one-stop-shop for anything you need to make your hip sail in the vast ocean of markets these days.

Their main motto is to be Eco-Ally in these modern times to save our environment and flourish our business. Their motto is “to be ecologically net positive company by 2030.”

Their most attractive feature is free samples and free deliveries to your doorstep, making them more reliable.


Address: 416 S Taylor Ave, Louisville, CO 80027

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