In today’s turbulent world, there is an ongoing race on who will win the first position. However, the beauty of art never ceases to catch someone’s eye. It is always such graceful and classic jewelry that captures one’s attention.

No doubt, there are numerous jewelry suppliers and vendors around the world that provide offers. To help you become the cause of women’s joy and men’s happiness, we have done our homework.

Rummaging through the internet’s best sites, we have found and listed around seven different fair-trade and sustainable jewelry wholesale suppliers and vendors for you below.


Stanislav Bandura was established almost 2 decades ago. Ever since then, the company’s work has revolved around selling all sorts of exquisite pieces. You can find pieces of jewelry, clothes, and other souvenirs from this company.

Stanislav Bandura not only benefits their local products by promoting them but also exports them to overseas markets.

Throughout the years, they have established strong contacts and relationships with various ethnic shops and resellers. Moreover, they have expanded their business by working in both retail and wholesale.

On their website, they promise to provide high-quality service as well as competitive prices. Stanislav Bandura’s goal is to satisfy its customers with top-notch products.


Address: Calle San Gregorio y Versalles, Quitus, 323A, Quito, Ecuador

2.    Guangdong Xuping Jewelry Co., Ltd

Founded in 2012, Xuping jewelry grew relatively fast. It is one of the very few professional jewelry companies in China that design, produce, and wholesale. Not to mention, Xuping jewelry runs an online store and exports goods as well.

You can find a variety of rings, anklets, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, etc. If you are looking for a vendor that professionally makes imitation jewelry, you have found one.

Guangdong Xuping Jewelry Co., Ltd really focuses on the material used in their products. Copper Alloy, rhodium-plated or gold-plate, artificial zircon, and other gemstones are the common materials used to make imitation Xuping jewelry.  

Address: 2 / F, Area A, 60-150, Tanwei Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

3.    Yiwu Showme Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Although Yiwu Showme Jewelry Co., Ltd has not been around for that long as it was established in 2018, they are doing great in the market. This company always comes up with elegant designs that speak of exquisite craftsmanship. For years, Yiwu Showme Jewelry Co., Ltd. has proved to be trustworthy and professional.

Thus, their customers always talk highly about them. When it comes to the company’s work, they claim to come out with new designs every week. A variety of trendy necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, pocket watches, and hair ornaments are found on their website. Lastly, they are open to customizing and taking specifications for OEM and ODM.


Address: 2nd Floor, Unit 1, 5th Building, Huapitang Community, Niansanli Street, Yiwu, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China

4. WorldFinds 

WorldFinds is not your basic jewelry vendor. They are women-owned as well as a women-empowered company. For 20 years, this company has worked with women all around the world to bring out their inner artisans. All WorldFinds’ items are designed with love in-house. You can find anything from jewelry to accessories and home items here.

The best part about this company is that they are eco-friendly. If you are an earth lover, you must work with this them as they handcraft from wooden scraps. I am sure by now you have gotten an idea that WorldFinds’s products are made with hands. They make sure to pay their artisans a great living wage and provide a safe working environment. You can also visit their 900 stores all around the US.


Address: 115 West 61st Street Westmont, IL 60559 USA

5. Fair Anita

Fair Anita was established in 2015 with the idea of providing a safe working space for women and girls. Ever since then, they have partnered with 8000 highly skilled women from around the globe. This company is all about equitability, sustainability, and evolving.

On Fair Anita’s website, different styled and colored jewelry is displayed. There is a huge variety of clothing and bags as well. You can find cute, ethical, and affordable products on their website, as it says. Coming to business, to work with Fair Anita on wholesale products, you just need to submit a form available on their website.



Address: 1620 Central Ave NE #156 Minneapolis, MN 55413

6. Ganesh Himal Trading

 Ganesh Himal Trading has been around for ages. They have worked with different organizations and foundations to help the needy. Ganesh Himal values Nepal and the Nepali artisans that they have worked with for over 30 years. They offer 1000 unique products from jewelry to clothing, accessories, kitchen, and home décor.

Not to mention, the design and supply of special holiday season products as well. The goal behind Ganesh Himal trading’s wholesale venture is to offer proper communication, availability, and timely response to their customers.

Furthermore, they always confirm to check, double-check, and check your orders again before sending them for delivery. 

Address: PO box 342, Spokane, Washington 99210


7. Nina designs

 Nina Design is one of the oldest jewelry companies. Founded in 1983, the company’s goal was to impact the world positively. Nina designs highly and cares about the planet and its commitment to fair trades. Moreover, their mission is to provide products along with wonderful ideas.

Once they have come up with an idea, they sketch it out and send it off to their silversmith in Bali and Thailand. It is then Nina designs’ highly skilled artisans’ job to bring their visions to life. From pendants, chains, charms to bracelets and whatnot, you can have it all. That is.

Address: 1000 Pardee St Berkeley, CA 94710


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