People now are more inclined towards organic ways that improve their lifestyle and keep them healthy.

Coconut oil offers multiple health benefits to people and its demand has seen a sharp rise in recent years.

If you are in search of organic coconut oil manufacturers to start your business, we have listed down some authentic manufacturers that you can choose from.

1.   Greenville Agro Corporation

Greenville Agro is a coconut oil manufacturer based in the Philippines. Its research team works on finding out the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil. The organic coconuts they use are of premium quality and possess antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

Their coconut oil is good for health as it helps its customers improve ratios of cholesterol. Moreover, it also helps support thyroid function.

Virgin Coconut oil is quite good for those people who want to reduce their simultaneous cravings. Greenville Agro makes sure its products help in improving metabolism and digestion.

If one wants to improve their supple skin, the oils provided by Greenville Agro can be their best choice.


Address: Greenville Agro Corporation; 6th St. cor. Lapu-lapu Avenue, San Antonio Village Lahug, Cebu City, 6000

2.   Ceylon Naturals

Ceylon Naturals is famous for making coconut oil and exporting a great amount of oil in Sri Lanka. The taste of their organic products is commendable. The raw materials used in manufacturing oil are full of enriching minerals.

Being well experienced in this industry, the company has a specialization in producing tasty coconut water, a unique extra virgin coconut oil, and coconut milk powder.

In this company, the workers make sure the coconuts are mature before harvesting them for the manufacturing process.

They also make sure the coconuts are filtered twice before they go into the production process. You can stay assured that their products are pure since they do not use any colors, flavors, additives, and preservatives in their products.


Address: 25, Level 13 C, Ocean Tower, Station Road, Colombo 04, Sri Lanka

3.   Plant Therapy, LLC.

Established in 2019 and presently having a workforce of around 200 employees, Plant Therapy has become a leading producer of healthcare items and essential oils in the United States. It owns a ten-thousand sq ft. modern facility in Idaho.

Plant Therapy offers OEM services as well as customized orders. Currently, it caters mainly to the domestic market but recently has increased focus on European and Asian markets.

Its expansion to global online marketplaces has boosted its sales as the company has managed to keep a consistent level of quality in all regions.

Address: 621 Washington Street S, Suite 100, Twin Falls, Idaho, United States    


4.   Nutrix International

Nutrix International is located in the USA and is considered one of the best coconut oil manufacturers. The company’s main product is virgin coconut oil which helps in decreasing cholesterol (which is bad for health).

Nutrix is quite beneficial for small business owners since it allows them to develop custom formulae.

Moreover, the company ensures the quality and authenticity of the products and tries its best to ensure customer satisfaction.


Address: 810 North 2200 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

5.   Guangzhou Beamarry Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Beamarry is a recent and rising company in the skin, hair, and healthcare domain. Established in 2014, they have a good market share in North America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. They also provide OEM services in addition to custom orders.

The company specializes in organic care products, especially oils such as coconut, almond, sesame, etc.

They have been investing in their R&D department to come up with better and newer products to further increase market share. Beamarry’s constant emphasis on quality and customer service has allowed it to reach the top sellers’ list.

Address: 603, Xinghang Int’l, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


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