Switching to sustainable and eco-friendly goods has got to be the best option to protect our environment from waste and harmful material.  As consumers, we deserve to know whether our suppliers use eco-friendly materials or not.

Whether you’re looking for a yoga mat for personal use or are interested in buying wholesale yoga mats, it’s better to look for eco-friendly yoga mats made from natural, recyclable, and biodegradable materials to save the environment.

We have found some of the best wholesalers providing eco-friendly yoga mats that are not only beautiful but affordable as well.

List of sustainable and eco-friendly yoga mat wholesale vendors:

  • Yoga Direct
  • Wholesale Yoga Mats
  • Jade Yoga
  • Ekotex Yoga
  • Yoga Matters
  • BSM Yoga Mats

1.      MYSOLMAT

MYSOLMAT sells eco-friendly, high-quality cute yoga mats that stand out in a crowd and add an element of fun to your workout routine.

Their yoga mats are 100% free of Latex, PVC, and Chloride. Also, these mats are soft, anti-bacterial, hand-washable, reversible, lightweight, and durable.

The materials they use for the mats are earth-friendly recyclable as well as tested to be not harmful to the environment in both production and recycling.

Their eco-friendly yoga mats have unique designs that include tie-dye, digital prints, stripes, camouflage, geometrical designs, and many other cute designs.

Contact info:

Email: [email protected] 

Website: https://mysolmat.com/

Address: 1501 Wilana Dr, Tyler, TX 75703, USA.

2.      Yoga Direct

Yoga Direct is a USA-based wholesaler offering eco-friendly yoga mats in a wide range of colors and styles that are made of natural materials.

The yoga mats are of high quality using recycled wool making these warm, richly hued, 70% woven, thick, and heavy.

Their eco-friendly yoga mat variety includes classic mats, premium mats, specialty mats, kid’s mats, mat bags, and mat accessories.

Contact info:

Tel: 1.800.331.8233

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.yogadirect.com/

Address: 2915 W Leigh Street, Suite A, Richmond, VA 23230

3.      Wholesale Yoga Mats

Wholesale yoga Mats is offering a huge variety of eco-friendly yoga mats that range from kid’s friendly yoga mats to extra-large and thick yoga mats for adults. These mats are suitable for all ages and come in different sizes and ability levels to enjoy a safer, more comfortable, and effective yoga workout.

Their eco-friendly yoga mats are non-toxic, recyclable, biodegradable, and free of latex, phthalates, heavy metal, and PVC.

Their wide range of eco-friendly products includes yoga mats as well as Mexican blankets, yoga bolsters, yoga blocks, yoga kits, straps, eye pillows, yoga tow, and mat bags.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-800-633-7384.

Email: [email protected].

Website: https://www.wholesaleyogamats.com/

4.      Jade Yoga

Jade Yoga is manufacturing eco-friendly yoga mats that are made in the USA. They are committed to being green and helping the environment by giving a positive impact to it.

Their mats are made from renewable resources like natural rubber that makes them non-toxic, sustainable, and comfortable.

Their eco-friendly mat collection is huge including yoga mats as well as voyager mats, travel mats, harmony mats, fusion mats, elite mats, organic cotton rugs, and recycled sari yoga rugs.

Contact info:

Tel: 610-828-4830

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://jadeyoga.com/

5.      Ekotex Yoga

Ekotex Yoga is providing naturally beautiful, ethical, and durable yoga mats and props designed to support you as much as supporting the planet.

Their mission is to provide a positive impact to the environment using 100% plastic-free materials, zero packaging on their yoga mats, bricks, and blocks, wrapped in brown paper or paper bags and sealed with paper tape.

Their yoga mats are biodegradable made from recycled materials such as plant-based, natural rubber, or closed-cell PER.

Contact info:

Tel: 0131 659 9949

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://ekotexyoga.co.uk/

Address: Ekotex Yoga, 18A Tennant Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5ND.

6.      Yoga Matters

Yoga Matters is passionate to bring a positive impact to the environment with its beautiful yoga mats, sourcing and stocking natural recycled materials for the yoga mats.

Their eco-friendly yoga mat collection includes durable mats, cork yoga mats, non-slip yoga mats, and travel yoga mats, suitable for all kinds of settings.

These yoga mats are made from recycled materials, biodegradable fabrics, sustainable materials, and organic cotton.

Contact info:

Tel: +44-208 888 8588

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.yogamatters.com/

7.      BSM Yoga Mats

BSM Yoga Mats manufactures high-quality eco-friendly yoga mats that are beautiful as well as comfortable for your yoga and are made from natural materials. All of their yoga mat products can be customized printed with the logos and designs as per your requirement.

Their eco-friendly yoga mat collection includes natural rubber yoga mats, foam rolls, suede yoga mats, floor mats, table mats, cork yoga mats, TPE and NBR yoga mats, and mouse pads.

Contact info:

Tel: +86 181 5606 3146

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.bsmyogamats.com/

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