People nowadays are becoming more conscious of the products they use on their skin. All-natural, vegan soap is a safer alternative to a bar of regular soap.

One of the primary advantages of using all-natural, vegan soaps is that they include fewer harmful chemicals and safer components.

The majority of vegan soaps are devoid of artificial fragrances and preservatives. Moreover, they are cruelty-free and animal-friendly. Vegan soap contains essential oils that are excellent for organically healing skin irritations.

Vegan soaps are manufactured using vegetable fats or oils rather than animal fats. Vegans enjoy these soaps, and vegetarians may prefer them as well.

Listed in this article are some of the best vegan soap wholesaler suppliers who supply cruelty-free soaps.

List of vegan soap wholesale vendors and suppliers:

  • Bubbly Belle
  • Oregon Soap Company
  • LeBonAmorShop
  • Botanie Soap
  • Greencastle Soap Company
  • Perennial Soaps
  • Sabunaria

1.       Bubbly Belle

In the United States, Bubbly Belle is the leading wholesale and private label vegan soap and bath bomb manufacturer.

Their vegan-friendly and residue-free soaps are completely handcrafted to guarantee that they bubble and float. In addition, they provide personalized bath bombs to help you realize your vision.

Every one of their items is created to fulfill the needs of their customer, no matter how basic or complex the concept, they can design and bring it to life.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-855-713-0382


Address: 1200 Ogden Road, Unit 6 Venice, FL 34285, United States.

2.       Oregon Soap Company

Oregon Soap Company manufactures vegan-friendly, organic, and affordably-priced soaps. These soaps are incredibly long-lasting, fragrant, and will not let you down.

Their cruelty-free soaps will leave you feeling clean, joyful, and ready to face anything life throws at you.

The smells are strong but not overwhelming. They are gentle enough for babies and those with delicate skin.

Their comprehensive selection of soaps includes foamy soaps, brick soaps, and much more.

To enjoy bulk quantity discounts, mix and combine your favorite vegan bar soaps, liquid soaps, and foamy soaps.

Contact info:

Tel: (503) 493-4151


Address: 5312 NE 148th Ave, Portland, OR 97230, United States.

3.       LeBonAmorShop

They supply wholesale soaps that are vegan and handcrafted with organic ingredients, natural colorants, and essential oils.

If you use their soaps, your skin will feel soft. Their soaps are animal-friendly, palm oil-free, and paraben-free.

The soaps smell beautiful, and when using them in the shower, they lather up quickly and have a long-lasting scent.

On top of that, these soaps will be labelled with your choice of labelling. By choosing them as your wholesale supplier, you will be getting only vegan and all-natural soaps.

Contact info:


Address: California, United States.

4.       Botanie Soap

Botanie Soap manufactures high-quality, vegan-friendly, wholesale commercial bars and liquid soaps. You may rest assured that they’ll only use the highest quality organic oils in their soap bases, never cheap filler oils like maize or soy.

Their mission is to always adhere to zero-waste policies, no animal testing, and other environmentally beneficial activities.

Botanie was founded on the promise of solely using natural substances, and they remain true to that promise. Furthermore, they don’t even let fragrant oils or products with fragrances into their facility.

So, protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful soaps and choose their vegans soaps instead.

Contact info:

Tel: (406) 728-7627


Address: 2750 Palmer St, Missoula, MT 59808, United States.

5.       Greencastle Soap Company

In addition to manufacturing vegan-friendly hand-crafted saps, Greencastle Soap Company also supplies everything you need to manufacture high-quality soaps at home.

Their soaps provide a thick lather that leaves your skin feeling smooth, clean, and moisturized.

Additionally, their soaps are available in wholesale quantities to approved purchasers. Bulk bars, private labelling, unique fragrances, and custom sizes are also possible.

If you’re looking to buy vegan and organic soap bars in bulk, Greencastle is the one!

Contact info:

Tel: 509.466.7223


Address: 203 N. Stone Spokane, WA 99202, United States.

6.       Perennial Soaps

Certified vegan and cruelty-free soaps made with fair trade are what Perennial Soaps has to offer. They supply their vegan soaps in 18 states through their retail partners.

Their products are vegan and cruelty-free, palm oil-free, and retail-ready. It’s time to make vegan soap available in your stores.

Each soap bar and the product is individually packaged and labelled with all of the components, so your consumers don’t have to guess what they’re putting on their skin.

Contact info:

Tel: (262) 412-0317


Address: 316 6th St Racine, WI 53403, United States.

7.       Sabunaria

Are you looking for a lovely natural skincare product for your company? Look no further, because Sabunaria sells vegan soaps produced with essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Their soap recipes are one-of-a-kind, with vegan and fragrance-free choices available. Because their soaps are handcrafted, each bar is unique.

They provide items that are composed entirely of natural materials. Their soaps are both environmentally and animal-friendly, making them ideal for even the most delicate skin.

Their soaps will stand out in your store or on your website. Skincare product store owners, salons, and others are among their wholesale customers.

Contact info

Tel: +90-545-261-0531

Email: [email protected]


Address: Ankara, Yenimahalle, Gimat, Macun. mah., 187 cd., No: 54 / 78

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