Recycling old household items into stylish planters for your garden is a great way to reduce waste and save money. With landfills overflowing with discarded plastics, it’s important to find creative ways to repurpose these materials. From recycled plastic outdoor planters to upcycled car tires and old shoes, there are plenty of unique ideas and products out there to benefit both the environment and your beloved garden.

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An Early Seeding Of Our Favorite Recycled Planters

When it comes to gardening, many plant enthusiasts are always looking for new and creative ways to showcase their plants. One popular trend is using recycled materials to create unique and sustainable planters. Not only does this help the environment, but it also allows for some DIY creativity. Here are some of the best recycled planters to consider:

1. DIY Recycled Plant Pots

One easy way to get started with recycled planters is by creating them yourself. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn everyday items into unique plant pots. Old tires, wood pallets, and lumber scraps are just a few examples of materials that can be repurposed into planters. Other ideas include using old shoes, coffee cans, baskets, and even old sinks or bathtubs. By upcycling these items, you not only save money but also prevent waste.

2. Woodland Pulse

Woodland Pulse is a company that creates beautiful geometric indoor pots made from recycled wood fibers and biodegradable corn byproducts. Inspired by architectural forms in nature, these pots add a unique touch to any plant collection. The company is committed to sustainability, donating 1% of its profits to carbon removal and using a supply chain that is consciously sourced.

3. Gottles

Gottles is a family-owned business that upcycles glass bottles into unique indoor planters. By diverting glass waste from landfills, the company is making a positive impact on the environment. Some of the most popular recycled planters include the Patron Tequila Hanging Planter and the Wine Bottle Succulents Planter.

4. Wilder Island

Wilder Island creates upcycled home decor and large recycled outdoor plant pots. Founder Anthony Wilder collects leftover materials from local building sites to create beautiful home products. The company’s Angled Window Box Planters are available in a range of colors and sizes and are perfect for apartment gardening.

5. Plant Apparel UK

Plant Apparel UK offers a wide range of recycled planters made from materials such as recycled plastic and paper. The company is committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and packaging. Some of the most popular products include the Recycled Plastic Hanging Baskets and the Recycled Paper Seed Trays.

6. West Elm

West Elm offers a variety of sustainable planters made from materials such as cement, ceramic, and recycled plastic. The company is committed to ethical and sustainable practices, using recycled materials and working with Fair Trade Certified factories.


ECOPOTS offers a range of sustainable planters made from recycled plastic. The company is committed to reducing plastic waste and uses a closed-loop production process. Some of the most popular products include the Amsterdam High and the Brussels Herb Pot.

Overall, recycled planters are a great way to add some eco-friendly style to your plant collection. From DIY projects to unique products from sustainable companies, there are plenty of options to choose from.

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How To Recycle Plastic Plant Pots

Plastic plant containers are often used for seedlings and can easily accumulate in your home. However, recycling them can be a bit tricky. Here are some tips on how to recycle plastic plant pots:

  1. Reuse them: Plastic plant pots can be reused in many ways such as seeding your garden, using them to shake up and disperse plant fertilizer, or turning them upside down and repurposing them as a lightweight filler for the bottom of your pots.

  2. Donate them: Check online platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Freecycle to see if someone needs them. You can also return them to a local greenhouse or nursery, especially large plastic pots for plants.

  3. Check with your local recycling facility: According to Recycle Now, many small and large plastic pots for plants can be placed at your curbside recycling to get picked up by your local facilities. However, most facilities do not accept black plastic ones. Double check with your local recycling facility before tossing them in the blue bin.

By recycling plastic plant pots, you can reduce waste and pollution in landfills, as well as decrease greenhouse gas emissions. It’s important to properly dispose of plastic waste to prevent it from ending up in the ocean and releasing toxic microplastics. Companies like East Jordan Plastics Inc., Trex, and The Home Depot offer recycling programs for plastic waste, including plastic film and decking material. Garden centers like Dobbies and Nottcuts also offer recycling centers for plastic plant pots. By taking these small steps, we can all contribute to reducing plastic waste and protecting our environment.

How We Chose The Best Recycled Pots

When it comes to finding the best recycled plant pots, there are several factors to consider. In this section, we will explore the criteria that we used to identify the best recycled plant pot brands.


Recycled plant pots can be made from a variety of materials, including reclaimed wood, canvas sacks, and various types of recycled plastic. To ensure that the materials used in the planters are truly recycled, we looked for sustainability certifications such as the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS).

Supply Chain & Labor Practices

We also considered the supply chain and labor practices of the brands we featured. While we did not prioritize recycled plastic pots in particular, we looked for brands with clear and ethical supply chains. We preferred locally produced planters and looked for certifications such as Fair Trade to ensure that workers were paid a living wage.

Carbon Commitments & Green Practices

We also took into account the carbon commitments and green practices of the brands we featured. We favored brands with carbon offset programs and those that shipped their products in recycled and/or recyclable materials.

Community & Charitable Giving

Finally, we looked for brands that gave back to their communities and supported charitable causes. While some of the brands we featured were small, single-person workshops that did not have formal charitable programs, we preferred brands that had a commitment to making the world a better place.

Final Words On Planters Made From Recycled Materials

Recycling plant pots is essential to reducing plastic waste and protecting our environment. Traditional plastic pots take hundreds of years to decompose and can contaminate soil and water. By using recycled plastic planters and other eco-friendly options, gardeners can add a design flair to their gardens while keeping the Earth a little cleaner.

In conclusion, we identified the best recycled plant pot brands based on their materials, supply chain and labor practices, carbon commitments and green practices, and community and charitable giving. By choosing these brands, gardeners can make a positive impact on the environment and support ethical and sustainable gardening practices.