Uriage is a high-tech skincare brand owned by a Spanish-based group called Puig. The brand initially started its business in 1992 and in no time went global. Today, Uriage is amongst the top dermo-cosmetics brands recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists.

The reason behind Uriage’s massive success is its commitment to making products that suit all skin types. The company has a diverse skincare line that meets everyone’s skincare needs. Whether you have normal skin or an extremely sensitive one, Uriage has got you covered.

The ingredient that makes Uriage products so magical is water. Surprised? Yes, it is water but not the regular one, Uriage, uses thermal water that comes straight from the heart of the French Alps. This thermal water is full of minerals and nutrients that make all Uriage products soothing, protecting, and hydrating.

Although the company cares a lot about human skin and its safety, the question is, does it care about the safety and well-being of innocent animals?

Now that is something we still aren’t sure of.

In 2019, Uriage made a post on its official Facebook page, claiming that they are 100% cruelty-free.

The statement read, “We do not test on animals and are a 100% cruelty-free brand suitable for vegans. #PETA #Cruelty-free”

The company has released its official statement but let’s see how accurate it truly is. To find that out, first, we need to know what a cruelty-free product truly is.

Let’s take a look at all the conditions a company must fulfill to be labeled as cruelty-free.

  1. The company must not under any condition, test its final products on animal subjects.
  2. The company must not perform animal testing of the individual ingredients used in their products.
  3. The company must not have any contract with a third party to carry out aminal testing on their behalf.
  4. The company must go through regular audits and sign a binding contract that forbids them from carrying out any animal test.
  5. The company must not be selling its products in countries (China) where animal testing is mandatory.
  6. The parent company being cruelty-free may also play a crucial part.

So does Uriage fulfill all these conditions?

Some organizations wrote emails to Uriage requesting them to reveal their status on animal testing.

Their response revealed that Uriage does not test any of its ingredients on animals during the manufacturing process, nor does it test its final products on animals.

On the other hand, Uriage did not reveal anything about being in contract with any third party or manufacturer that performs animal tests on their behalf.

The company’s policies on selling in China have always been uncertain, and it is still that way. There is still no confirmation whether they sell their products in China.

Uriage’s parent company Puig is not cruelty-free. According to the list revealed by PETA, some brands owned by Puig are still involved in carrying on tests on animals.

It is still however unclear whether Uriage is one of those brands or not.

From all this information, we have concluded that although Uriage claims that it doesn’t support animal testing, it still lies in the grey area.

Because the brand does not have any certifications to prove it.

Is Uriage Vegan friendly?

Vegan-friendly products are the ones that do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.

The most common animal-derived ingredients used in the skincare industry are beeswax, gelatin, lanolin, honey, and carmine.

Today, consumers are more interested in vegan-friendly products because they are not just beneficial for the creatures we share our ecosystem with, but also because vegan products are all-natural and organic.

In 2019, Uriage made a post on their official Facebook page claiming that they are vegan-friendly, but the brand doesn’t have any certifications to prove it. So it is safe to say that we are still not 100% sure about Uriage being vegan-friendly.

If you support the cruelty-free movement, it is best to avoid the brand as it is still not transparent about its status of being cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

Is Uriage Ethical?

The label of being ethical cannot be awarded to just anyone. An ethical brand has to meet some criteria.

First of all, a brand must have proof of being cruelty-free. A brand that needs to test on animals to provide beauty can never be ethical.

Secondly, a brand must not contain any animal ingredient or derivative in its products. That is, the brand should be vegan.

Lastly, an ethical brand must care for the skin of its users. The products must contain all-natural, organic ingredients. There should not be any traces of harmful compounds such as parabens and phthalates.

Uriage has a lot of skincare products, most of which are free from parabens and other harmful compounds. This means that the brand fulfills one major condition.

But since the brand had an unclear stance on being cruelty-free and vegan, it can not be labeled as Ethical.

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