Lenor Unstoppables are these pretty pastel beads that serve as long term perfume for your clothes. These beads do not have any cleaning properties so you still need to add a detergent and a fabric softener to clean clothes thoroughly. 

These are your in-wash scent boosters that would keep your clothes smelling fresh for a long time for up to 12 weeks. Not anything essential if one may think but is definitely a popular laundry product. 

You don’t necessarily need to use them in every single wash. These are perfect for socks, bed linen, bed linen, and towels. You can feel the fresh scent of towels even after weeks.

Lenor Unstoppables come in three scents. Pink beads have cherries, red berries, white jasmine, and peaches. 

The blue beads contain the scent of watery elements of soaps, lily, and minerals along with the sparkling green ocean notes. Golden beads contain the creamy scent of red roses and peaches. 

The use of these scent beads is very simple. All you have to do is fill some beads in a cap and throw them into the washer with the washing powder. 

You can always mix the scents to create something different from your own. One cap is more than enough for a subtle scent. If you want to increase the intensity, add three cups of your favorite beads.

With the different scent ranges, Lenor Unstoppable is not only a versatile product but also an easy to use one. It is a convenient option and innovative as compared to any other normal fabric perfume. 

Once you put the beads into the washer, it dissolves with the washing powder and sets into the fabric fiber. And the best part, you don’t have to worry about your whites and colored clothes as it is best for any color of the fabric.

Key Benefits

You can get the best results if you pair the Lenor Unstoppables with Lenor Fabric Conditioner. Your clothes stay fresh and scented even in the storage for 12 weeks. 

As compared to a traditional fabric perfume, spending extra dollars on Unstoppables can really work for your clothes. Since they dissolve slowly and last for a long time, you do not really need that much in a cap. 

These beads are dissolvable at any water temperature and do not leave any stain on your clothes. And when you are drying your clothes your house is filled with a pleasant smell that nobody minds. 

Are these scent beads eco-friendly?

Due to its bead-like appearance, one might think of this plastic-looking or as unrecyclable plastic. But you got it all wrong. Lenor Unstoppables are not made of plastic, these are like small tiny perfume capsules that are water dissolvable. 

These beads are recyclable as they are made of 100% recyclable plastic. 

The downside of these Unstoppables is that they may leave an oil-like residue on clothes. According to some consumers’ experience with the product, the residue is barely noticeable but if your eye catches it, it is there. 

You can actually make use of the Lenor Unstoppables in a versatile way. If you don’t want to use them during the wash, you can just keep them in small packets. 

Store those packets among your clean clothes and the scent does its job. In short, you don’t have to experience the problem of oil residue anymore. 

You can also keep those packets in your car or anywhere in the room so that the entire room feels pleasant. 

These beads can be mixed into plain water to create your own DIY air freshener. Boil some water and put a small number of your favorite Unstoppables. 

Pour the liquid into a spray bottle and you got yourself an air freshener. 

As far as the experimenting goes with these beads, you need to watch out for certain things. You can not burn these beads as they are not meant to be burnt. 

Try to keep these away from a fireplace and store them at a cool or normal room temperature. Keeping these away from kids is also a great thing you can do. 

Children are attracted to colors and Lenor Unstoppables has three of them, red, blue, and golden. 

The common question you can have is the variety of fabric you can use Lenor Unstoppables on. The variety, as of now, is claimed to be for every fabric according to the manufacturers. 

Carpets for example have a rigid and thick fabric to them. These beads can easily dissolve and make your carpets smell good as well. 

So these eco-friendly and recyclable Lenor Unstoppables are every laundry lover’s favorite and a popular household product.  

A perfect way to make your clothes feel fresh, scented for 12 long weeks without using a lot of the product making it cost-efficient for your clothes. 

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