Buying a new skincare serum that comes in a small dropper bottle sure looks convenient and gives you control over the product. Dropper bottles contain a small bottle and a glass dropper with a rubber bulb on top of it. 

The rubber bulb enables you to collect the liquid product and then use it in the required area. 

These dropper bottles are used to store liquids like serums, oils, eye drops, and any other medication. 

The glass dropper bottles are actually the safest to store liquids. Usually, you see them with glass droppers but there are plastic ones as well. 

The dripping point from the dropper is a tiny one so that the user can use small amounts at a time. These dropper bottles are usually translucent but some also have colored coating on the walls of the bottle. 

With medicated liquids, dropper bottles are ideal as you have to be careful with the amount of medicine you use on children and animals. 

The benefit of using it is that you get the precision in the amount of liquid you want to use. So you don’t have to worry about using too much or too little. 

Are Dropper Bottles Recyclable?

Dropper bottles are considered to be highly stable and have an airtight seal to them as well. Try to go for ones that have glass droppers as they have higher chances of recycling than the plastic ones. 

The glass dropper bottles are 100 percent eco-friendly and are easily recyclable. You can also get them refilled with the actual product or just use them for something else – that is how you get waste control. 

Repurposing Empty Dropper Bottles

No matter how much you love those essential oils or hydrating serums, you run out of them eventually. All you are left with is the empty dropper bottle with many other ways of repurposing them for good.

  1. Perfume 

If you don’t want to use overpriced perfumes anymore, an empty dropper bottle is a way to make your own. Not only for yourself but you can also make it in huge amounts and start your own business with it. 

Combine your favorite natural scents and you can easily pour them into the dropper bottle. 

  1. Essential Oils

If you are big on collecting essential oils then keeping them in a dropper bottle is just a perfect solution. They are easy to carry and you don’t have to miss out on your favorite oils while on the go. 

These bottles are spill-proof and you can toss them in a spill-proof bag, just to be sure, on your way out. 

  1. Perfect For Decor

Christmas is around the corner and decorations are a must-have in the house. But instead of purchasing expensive decorations, make use of these dropper bottles. 

Clean your dropper bottle and dry them completely. Make a hole into the lid of the dropper and insert a sizable light into it. 

Then close the bottle with the light dropper and you’ve got yourself a small unique light decor for the holiday. 

  1. Scented Toothpicks

Now, this is a DIY trend everyone has been trying out lately. Take a dropper bottle and an essential oil like mint or cherry scented. 

Take unused toothpicks and put them into the dropper bottle with a little oil on the tips of them. Let the toothpicks absorb the oils and there you have it – scented toothpicks for your teeth. 

  1. For Free Samples

As much as you want to try many creative ideas with these dropper bottles, they can also be used for free samples. 

For your at-home perfumery, dropper bottles are perfect for sampling small amounts of products. Let it be a combination of essential oils and your favorite natural fragrances, you can’t go wrong with dropper bottles. 

If you have a bunch of dropper bottles just lying around on your dressing, don’t just throw them away. There are so many creative and useful ways you recycle these. And not to mention you can start your own business with these small bottles. 

If you don’t feel like getting creative with them, recycling is always an eco-friendly and convenient option. You can also create gift boxes having small dropper bottles in them. Just fill them in with hand sanitizers, salts, or just make your own custom face serum. 

The dropper bottle invention has not only changed the skincare game for people but is also very useful for medicine. Having a controlled amount of medicine through a dropper can help you with your daily dosage. 

So an eco-friendly and convenient option that can be repurposed in many ways is something you might want to check out.  

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