How to have a paper towel-less kitchen in your house? That is a head-scratcher but something totally possible. It is not actually that difficult if you think about it and the plus point is you won’t have to install paper towels anywhere anymore. 

Using paper towels to pat dry your meat before cooking is an ideal case. Paper towels are useful and convenient, to be honest. Although we can not really ignore how they affect the environment. 

Paper towels contain a very low carbon footprint like 0.06 lbs carbon dioxide for each of them. As a collective, they do cause a lot of waste problems, deforestation, and global warming hence, not so good addition to your kitchen.  

Back to the meat, there are many alternatives to paper towels and methods that you can use. 

A kitchen cloth sure helps you with the job. Just like a paper towel, all you gotta do is pat it on your piece of meat gently until dry. 

There is another popular method that involves the use of baking soda. Take a tray and put baking soda in it and place it in the fridge. Then take your piece of meat and place it right next to the baking soda tray in the fridge for an hour. 

The cold and dry air inside the fridge would suck all the moisture in the meat and you got yourself a dry piece of meat. 

How Can I Absorb Grease Without Paper Towels?

Having a grease cloth in your kitchen really pays off. It is a perfect alternative to paper towels while cooking. Teabags are a great invention and an amazing alternative for sucking up grease. 

You can cook your meat or bacon on a rack and place a cookie sheet under it. The grease dripping down while cooking gets trapped in the absorbing cookie paper. 

Spoons can be of great use if you don’t want that extra grease. You can tilt the pan a bit and take out the grease on the side with a spoon easily. 

Newspapers are an old trick in the book but still work pretty well for soaking up the grease from your meal. A stack of rags always works if you have them around in your kitchen. 

Other than a bacon cloth, casual cotton cloth can also work to pat dry your meat and for greasy food. Never wash your meat before cooking it. Any kind of meat already has its moisture and rinsing it with water won’t be great while cooking it. 

It takes time to dry the moisture and with excessive water, you might burn it from outside with an uncooked inside. 

Paper towels might be a great addition to the kitchen but eco-friendly values suggest otherwise. 

You can use vegetable peels and any of the above-mentioned absorbent recyclable options in your kitchen the next you want to cook a steak. 

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