To coffee lovers, coffee is not just a beverage, it’s everything! As people are becoming more and more concerned about their environment, getting eco-friendly coffee cups has become the need of the hour.

Biodegradable coffee cups are not a huge investment as they are not too costly. Hence, people can now enjoy their coffee and save the environment at the same time.  

Eco-friendly and recyclable coffee cups don’t add up in our landfills and can be used over and over, without producing any waste, thus keeping the environment safe. 

In addition, recyclable coffee cups use special materials to keep your coffee hotter for a much longer amount of time than regular paper cups. Such cups are leak-proof, hence can be used anywhere conveniently.  

On the other hand, non-eco-friendly coffee cups have deleterious effects on the environment. The harmful plastic many suppliers use cannot be recycled and ends up in our landfills.  

Many coffee cup wholesale vendors are aware of this issue and strive to manufacture the most eco-friendly high-quality coffee cups that are innovative, and quite durable. 

List of eco-friendly coffee cups wholesale vendors and suppliers:

  • Good Start Packaging 
  • Bygreen 
  • R+R Packaging 
  • Multi-cup Solutions  
  • Green Pack  
  • Envirochoice
  • Greenstaurant   

1-  Good Start Packaging 

The number one wholesale vendor of eco-friendly coffee cups for many cafes and coffee shops has been on a mission to discourage the use of plastic cups and produce sustainable and reusable coffee cups.

Been in business since 2009, Good Start Packaging helps many small businesses sell sustainable products.

They sell earth-friendly coffee cups, lids, and other such food service accessories.

They also make customized coffee cups at low prices and offer fast shipping.

Their consumers are completely satisfied with their product quality, customer service, and concerns for the environment. 

Contact info: 

Tel: 8669719251 


 Address:  10 Corporate Dr STE 201, Bedford, NH 03110, United States.

  2-  Bygreen  

Bygreen has to offer a green solution to disposable and non-recyclable coffee cups that add waste to the environment.

Their mission is to promote a much healthier alternative by educating and creating awareness among people because one small change can make a huge difference.

Their eco-friendly coffee cups and other products are sold to many small businesses, food services, and medical industries. 

It’s safe to say that they are the guardians of green!

Contact info: 

Tel: (07) 3888 0566 

Email: [email protected] 


Address: 7 Flinders Parade, North Lakes QLD 4509, Australia.  

3- R+R Packaging  

Based in the North East of England, R+R Packaging manufactures and delivers high-quality eco-friendly coffee cups and other products at low prices.

They sell their sustainable products to many industries, businesses, and sectors.

Their easily recyclable products are well known all across the UK, with their huge variety of cup options among many other products.

They sell cups for both hot and cold beverages. 

As people are becoming more and more conscious about saving the environment, R+R Packaging produces a wide range of eco-friendly cups made from sustainable materials that can be disposed of easily or recycled completely. 

They care for you and what you believe in!

Contact info: 

Tel: 01670 546 666 

Email: [email protected] 


Address: Admiral Business Park, Unit 1D, Cramlington NE23 1WG, United Kingdom. 

4- Multi-cup Solutions  

They provide earth-friendly coffee cups to many wholesale and retail customers, promoting the use of recyclable products. 

They have a wide range of biodegradable beverage and foodservice products, including coffee cups, paper cups, printed paper cups, lids, paper plates, paper bags, and much more!

Their products are made from plant-based resources, and can be recycled easily, fulfilling all the needs of their consumers.

Contact info: 011 058 4200 


Address: 141 Constantia Street, Pomona, Kempton Park, Johannesburg 1619, South Africa.  

5- Green Pack

They have the most comprehensive range of eco-friendly and sustainable coffee cups, with the fastest delivery service and a huge number of satisfied clients in Australia. 

Their packaging range includes coffee cups, cornstarch cups, biodegradable cutlery, wooden cutlery, etc.

Their biodegradable coffee cups and other products suit all needs.

No matter what type of coffee cups you require, you’ll find them all here. 

All their cups and lids are made from organic substances, completely biodegradable, and perfect for every use. 

Contact info:

Tel: 0266802550 


Address: 1/11 Lucky Ln, Billinudgel NSW 2483, Australia.  

6- Envirochoice  

A family-owned and operated company since 1989, Envirochoice has to offer sustainable coffee cups, containers, boxes, plates, trays, paper bags, and much more.

They are a respected provider of sustainable and eco-friendly food packaging. 

Their goal is to fulfill their customers’ needs with their extensive range of quality products.

They believe in making a difference, producing the best foodservice products, and protecting the environment! 

Contact info:   

Tel: 1300 407 799  


Address: 151 Mulgul Road, Malaga, WA, 6090 

7- Greenstaurant 

Greenstaurant has expertise in producing eco-friendly wholesale coffee cups, utensils, paper products, plates, etc.

They supply their earth-friendly goods to many caterers, cafes, coffee shops, educational institutes, regular and small businesses. 

So, if you’re looking for recyclable and beautiful looking coffee cups, among other products, then Greenstaurant has got you covered! 

Contact info:

Tel: 1-770-648-7305


Address: 2588 Jeremiah Industrial Way Conyers, GA 30012

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