Subscription boxes have been gaining popularity since the early 2010s with various options available for meal replacements and beauty products. However, the trend has now extended to sustainable subscription boxes that offer eco-friendly products at your doorstep.

Although it may seem counterproductive with more consumer goods and packaging, the brands on the list provide plastic-free, zero-waste, recyclable, biodegradable, and carbon-neutral products. Some boxes offer a complete surprise with new low-waste living products every month, while others allow subscribers to choose what they need and how often they need it. The latter is considered the best way to make a subscription box eco-friendly, as subscribers know they are getting things they need and will use.

In this article, the sustainable subscription box trend will be explored, with a focus on the brands that offer eco-friendly products. The article will also cover the importance of sustainable living and how these boxes can help subscribers make a positive impact on the environment.

The Top Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes Of Mother Nature’s Monthly Must-Haves

For those who want to live a sustainable lifestyle, eco-friendly subscription boxes are a great way to discover new products that are good for the environment. Here are three of the best eco-friendly subscription boxes that you can subscribe to:

  1. Alltrue – This subscription box offers a collection of fair trade goods that support global artisans. Each box includes a variety of eco-friendly products for your home, bathroom, beauty cabinet, closet and more. Alltrue’s products are carefully curated to ensure that they are sustainable and eco-conscious.

  2. Thrive Market – This subscription box is perfect for those who are looking for organic and healthy food options. Thrive Market provides a one-stop shop for sustainable, organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and non-toxic grocery supplies at discounted rates. You can choose from a variety of products that are good for your health and the environment.

  3. Grove Collaborative – This subscription box delivers eco-friendly cleaning products straight to your doorstep. Grove Collaborative’s products are plant-based and natural, making them safe for you and the environment. Plus, their products come in refillable containers, which reduces waste and helps you save money.

By subscribing to these eco-friendly subscription boxes, you can make a positive impact on the environment and support sustainable brands. Plus, they make great gifts for friends and family who are also interested in sustainable living.

The Full List Of Sustainable Subscription Services

1. Alltrue

Alltrue, formerly known as CAUSEBOX, is a sustainable subscription box that provides members with a box filled with 6–8 eco-friendly products valued up to $250 every three months. The box contains “best in class” products like home decor, clean beauty supplies (that adhere to some of the strictest industry standards), and everything else you could need to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Alltrue has made strides in the sustainable subscription box market through initiatives like its in-house artisan program. The program follows Fair Trade principles while preserving handmade craftsmanship. Subscription box members also receive access to Alltrue’s Essentials Market—an open shop with sustainable products and cleaning solutions at discounted prices.

2. Earthlove

Earthlove provides a simple eco-friendly subscription box filled with beauty supplies, home goods, apparel, and other eco-friendly products. Subscribers can customize their own subscription box or select one of the pre-made options. Each package is available in small, standard, and deluxe sizes containing 5–10 wellness products and reusable essentials. Earthlove handpicks all eco-friendly items that make their way into the subscription boxes, prioritizing natural, organic, vegan, responsibly sourced, and zero-waste products. Each sustainable subscription box is shipped in 100% plastic-free and post-consumer packaging. Earthlove offers carbon-neutral shipping through the carbon offset program Cloverly, and its farm uses solar power to reduce its carbon footprint.

3. greenUP Box

greenUP Box offers a quarterly subscription box filled with plastic-free products to help customers reduce personal waste. The environmental subscription boxes will help you on your zero-waste journey through personal care, cleaning, storage, and other eco-friendly alternatives. Each box has a theme, like the Individual Box with a plastic-free toothbrush, solid conditioner, hairbrush, and a few other zero waste products. Each eco-friendly subscription box is loaded with 6–9 vegan, cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and clean everyday products. greenUP ships each zero-waste subscription box in a package free of plastic, made from biodegradable and post-consumer materials. They also contribute to non-profit organizations reducing plastic waste with each purchase and are committed to fair trade principles to minimize global poverty.

4. Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom provides one of the best eco-friendly subscription boxes for women, moms, and moms-to-be. The subscription service ships each box based on the timeframe of a mother’s pregnancy—1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters. Each box contains self-care, beauty, and baby products from handpicked ethical and sustainable brands. Boxes like the Organic 2nd Trimester Box contain eco-friendly products, like baby oil, bath bombs, and essential oil sprays. Ecocentric Mom is always looking for eco-friendly materials and ingredients, including certified non-GMO, zero artificial colors, certified organic, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

5. Green Future Box

Green Future Box provides high-quality, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and plastic-free eco-friendly subscription boxes in the United Kingdom. The boxes are filled with items designed to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. Past boxes, like the Kitchen Box, include sustainable kitchen products like natural dish soap, recycled cotton dishcloths, and a dish brush. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a zero waste subscription box to help you get started down the path of a more sustainable life. Green Future ensures its everyday life items are vegan-friendly, plastic-free, and cruelty-free. Many of the items are reusable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly.

6. Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a membership-based online grocery store that offers healthy and sustainable products at a discounted price. Members can choose from a variety of organic, non-GMO, and sustainable food options, including meat and seafood, pantry staples, snacks, and more. Thrive Market also offers a sustainable subscription box that contains a selection of their most popular products. The box is customizable, and members can choose from a variety of options, including vegan, paleo, and gluten-free. The subscription box is shipped in a 100% recyclable box, and Thrive Market offsets the carbon footprint of each shipment.

7. Wildgrain

Wildgrain is a sustainable subscription box that delivers freshly baked bread and pastries straight to your door. The bread and pastries are made with organic and sustainable ingredients, and the packaging is 100% compostable. Wildgrain offers a variety of subscription options, including a bread-only subscription, a pastry-only subscription, and a mixed subscription. The subscription is customizable, and members can choose the frequency of their deliveries. Wildgrain also offers a referral program, where members can earn free bread and pastries by referring their friends.

8. W

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Final Thoughts on Organic & Sustainable Subscription Boxes

Organic and sustainable subscription boxes can be a great way to discover new eco-friendly products and support ethical and socially-conscious practices. However, it is important to ensure that the products you receive are actually useful and necessary to avoid unnecessary waste.

Many subscription boxes offer a variety of products, including vegan, cruelty-free, natural, and non-toxic options for personal care, beauty, and wellness. Some boxes also focus on zero-waste and plastic-free items, such as reusable straws and compostable utensils.

In addition, some subscription boxes feature products from artisans and small businesses that use sustainably sourced and recycled materials. Carbon-neutral shipping and fair trade goods are also becoming more common in the subscription box industry.

Overall, organic and sustainable subscription boxes can be a convenient and enjoyable way to support a low-impact lifestyle. By choosing customizable options and being mindful of what you truly need, you can make your subscription box experience both sustainable and satisfying.