To protect our environment from waste and harmful material, switching to sustainable and eco-friendly goods has got to be the best option.  As consumers, we deserve to know whether our suppliers use eco-friendly materials or not.

Plastic bags play a huge role in polluting the environment and get wasted in just a single-use. Instead of plastic bags, tote bags are much convenient and eco-friendly. Tote bags have a lot of space to hold stuff and can be reused several times.

Unlike plastic bags, tote bags can hold heavy goods without any fear of tearing down. Nowadays companies are providing tote bags that can decompose in the soil and can be recycled. Hence we can consider tote bags as 100% reusable and eco-friendly.

In this article, you’ll find out about environmentally friendly tote bags, what they are, and how they can a good alternative to plastic or other non-eco-friendly bags.

Tote bags can carry a whole lot of things because they are designed to allow for maximum space. They can be used for grocery shopping, as a beach or a picnic bag, or can be carried to work as well. These bags have a simple design and allow for easy access to materials inside.

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They are much safer, sustainable, and tougher than other kinds of bags. By using recycled materials, toxic and other harmful materials are kept out of our environment.

Many suppliers are providing tote bags to reduce waste, a few of them are mentioned below.

List of sustainable and eco-friendly tote bag wholesale vendors & suppliers:

  • Enviro- Tote
  • Ecobags
  • Bk Bags
  • BagzDepot
  • ReuseThisBag
  • Cotton Bag Co
  • Gallant International Inc.


1-      Enviro- Tote

Based in the USA, Enviro- tote manufactures eco-friendly tote bags and is a family-owned company. Their goal is to protect the Earth from harmful and toxic substances by producing as little waste as possible.

Their tote bags are made from organic cotton, hand-stitched, and carefully printed. They believe in recycling and reusing cans, bottles, papers, etc.

They believe their bags can be reused hundreds of times producing no fabric waste at all, promoting a better alternative to plastic bags.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-800-868-3224

Email: [email protected]


2-      Ecobags

A New York based wholesale supplier inspired with the mottos, “Leave no trace”. “Do no harm”, strives to produce the best eco-friendly tote bags that are lightweight, sustainable, and reusable.

 They believe in reducing, recycling, and reusing because you cannot throw away when there is no “away”. Ecobags manufactures tote bags without any harmful chemicals or synthesizers, producing no harmful substance.

Their mission is to promote eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable, and durable bags, discouraging all non-ecofriendly goods.


Contact info: 

Tel: 1-800-720-2247

Email: [email protected]


3-      Bk Bags

Originally based in Vietnam and China, they supply tote bags, shopping bags as well as packaging items for retailers and supermarkets.

Their eco-friendly bags and other materials are recycled and reused and leave no harmful waste.

They are also specialized in eco-packaging for many supermarkets.

Contact info:

Tel: +84-28-22537426


4-      BagzDepot

To BagzDepot, providing their customers with the highest quality eco-friendly tote bags is of utmost importance. They supply custom-designed bags in different colors and artworks.

They have all kinds of tote bags, including cotton tote bags, canvas tote bags, and whatnot. You can get any type of tote bag from BagzDepot.

Their tote bags are affordable economic, also backed by money back guarantee!

Contact info:

Email: [email protected]



Their bags are made from 100% recycled materials and are completely environmentally friendly, originating in Southern California, they believe in saving the Earth from harmful plastic bags.

Their tote bags are made with great love and care. According to them, “To save the Earth from toxic substances, you don’t have to be an environmentalist.”

Their reusable tote bags can be used for grocery shopping, school, beaches, clubs, parks, and the list goes on and on!

Contact info:

Tel: 1-877-334-5323


6-      Cotton Bag Co.

Originally made in Westbury, Wiltshire, they make sustainable tote bags for small businesses, manufacturing companies, and household brands.  

Their bags are up to the mark and made with great care, nontoxic materials, producing little or no waste, thus preserving the environment.

They use lead-free colors, water-based inks, and other such eco-friendly products to reduce environmental damage.

Contact info:

Tel: 01373825837

Email: [email protected]


7-      Gallant International Inc

If you’re looking for wholesale cotton tote bags in different colors, sizes, designs, accessories, pockets, artwork, then look no further. Gallantintl has the best eco-friendly tote bags to offer!

They have a wide range of organic tote bags that are really nice looking and can be customized

They do their best to preserve their environment by discouraging toxic materials, and adopting eco-friendly supplies.

Contact info:

Tel: 949-680-4004

Email: [email protected]


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