In today’s world, trends change every day. Models walk down the ramp in dreamy outfits, and celebrities post stunning pictures to show off their stylish clothes. This culture of frequently changing fashion has revamped the clothing industry. 

Thanks to social media, ordinary people have joined this race of quickly changing trends. They wish for brands that would produce inexpensive, stylish clothing- a.k.a the fast fashion brands.

Fast fashion brands aim to make trendy clothes available at low prices. As soon as a new style hits the ramp, these brands copy them and release a new clothing range in twelve days. 

People get to wear celeb-like clothes when they are trending and so they buy more and more from them. 

Sadly, fast fashion shoppers fail to realize that this industry has two polar opposite sides. One is the pretty side, with gorgeous women modeling in the trendiest dresses. 

The other side has women too, but these women wear tatters and stitch hundreds of clothing articles every day for a minimum wage. 

One such example is Bithi. Bithi is a fifteen-year-old girl working in a garments factory and sewing almost five hundred pairs of pants every day. Bithi was twelve when her mother got her employed in the factory due to poverty. 

According to Bithi, her factory’s owner is a good man and treats them fairly. But after hearing that this “nice owner” pays her only 1.07 dollars per day, we wonder how much the “bad owners” pay. 

In fact, one research reveals that ninety-nine percent of the third world fast-fashion employees receive less than a minimum living wage.

Child labor and unfair wages aren’t the only ugly practices of the fast fashion industry. The clothes are made with synthetic fabrics like polyester and rayon. 

When washed they release plastic microfibers that harm the fish and other wildlife. As for humans, polyester discharges phthalates when in contact with skin, a toxic compound that may cause eczema, psoriasis, and even skin cancer.

The dyes used for coloring these clothes are no different. Since they are cheap, they contain toxic azo compounds that are carcinogenic to humans and animals. 

When run into lakes, these dyes pollute the water to an extent that plants and fish start dying. 

This is just a tiny glimpse of the ugly side of the fast-fashion industry worth $99.23 billion today. Together we can stop this toxic industry from destroying our planet. 

We need to recognize and ban companies that produce fast fashion and opt for sustainable ones. 

Dissh is an Australian clothing brand started by Lucy Henry-Hicks. Being a woman, Lucy understands what type of clothes gender fellows are interested in- stylish and comfortable.

 So, from the beginning, the brand produces clothes that are feminine and easygoing. 

Dissh is now growing globally, and although shoppers love its stylish clothes, they have one concern- Is Dissh fast fashion? 

Whether Dissh is fast-fashion or not depends on its policies. Let’s take a look at them one by one and find out the truth.

What type of fabrics does Dissh use to produce its clothes?

The brand uses fabrics of natural origin. Linen is the most used material which is biodegradable and sustainable. This means the clothes have good quality and last for years.

Dissh is also introducing other environmentally friendly clothing materials such as ramie and cupro into its collection.

Does Dissh use polyester in massive quantities? 

Dissh has polyester in some of its clothes, but eighty-nine percent of this polyester is made with recycled materials. 

So, the brand has not eliminated polyester from its clothes completely, but it is using stuff that would otherwise end in dumpsters. 

Does Dissh produce clothes in mass quantities?

No. Dissh is a responsible brand. Instead of piling up stock, the brand first releases a small trial batch. If the styles sell, Dissh produces more articles as per demand. 

The brand has also slowed down the release of new clothing lines. Dissh is more focused on producing clothes that last long and stay relevant.

What is Dissh’s stance on animal welfare? 

The brand believes in kindness towards animals. All their leather products have a vegan origin. 

Vegan leather looks and feels just like genuine leather.

Is Dissh producing inexpensive clothes? 

The cheapest article on Dissh’s website is a knit top worth forty Australian dollars. Cropped leather jacket worth four hundred Australian dollars is the most expensive article. 

This puts Dissh amongst the brands that are neither too cheap nor expensive. 

Where does Dissh get its clothes from? 

Dissh has a team of designers in Australia and a team of manufacturers in China. The brand ensures that all the factories producing their clothes treat the employees well.

Final verdict? 

Dissh is one of the very few brands that are sustainable yet affordable. From using recycled plastic and natural fibers to vegan leather, the brand is doing everything right. So it is safe to say that Dissh is not a fast-fashion brand.

Is Dissh ethical?

We have already established that Dissh is not a fast-fashion brand, meaning it cares about the planet and its inhabitants.

Other than this, Dissh is a strong supporter of gender equality. The brand believes in empowering women and has been supporting nonprofit organizations like Suited To Success. 

After corona, when women were stripped of their jobs for no reason, Dissh launched a 3-month paid placement program exclusively for women. 

The brand also cares about those in need. Last October, Dissh partnered with Thread Together to distribute its out-of-season clothes to the homeless, refugees, and survivors of domestic violence.

Dissh understands that the world is burdened by lots of waste. Hence the reason why the brand sells its clothes in recyclable plastic bags or plant-based bags that are recyclable and biodegradable.

The brand is very conscious about its plastic consumption. All the hangers used in Dissh’s stores are made with 100% upcycled ocean-bound plastic. 

All this proves that Dissh is undoubtedly an ethical brand. So if you wish to shop from an ethical brand, Dissh is the one for you.

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