Aerie is an American brand that sells women’s clothes and garments. The primary area covered by Aerie is women’s undergarments like bras, panties, and night dresses. 

Aerie is the sub-brand of the famous brand American Eagle and was launched in 2006 for lingerie. 

Aerie has taken over its parent brand American Eagle in terms of sales and is available in more than 20 countries. 

However, it is evident how famous the brand is among ladies, especially young ladies and there is a never-ending demand for its products. 

Therefore the brand also wants to stay in the limelight and never wants to lose any of its customers anywhere in the world. 

Hence the products are manufactured in extensive quantities to meet the ever-increasing demand. 

Meanwhile, a brand producing products on a mass level is referred to as a fast-fashion brand, and Aerie is certainly a fast-fashion brand. 

Is Aerie responsible for environmental pollution?

Aerie is not directly responsible for environmental pollution, but the manufacturing process of its products pollutes the environment. 

The products of this brand are produced in the factories that are primary agents of polluting air and water. 

When the clothes are manufactured, they release the gases like carbon dioxide that are toxic to environmental health, and the liquid waste obtained as a by-product pollutes the water. 

Therefore Aerie being a clothing brand, is somehow responsible for environmental pollution. Not only Aerie, but every clothing brand is also responsible for environmental pollution. 

Is Aerie an Eco-friendly brand?

A brand manufacturing sustainable products are supposed to be an eco-friendly brand.

Unfortunately, most big brands are neither eco-friendly nor manufacture sustainable products. However, sustainability comes with maintaining the balance in the ecosystem.

On the other hand, brands like Aerie create an imbalance in the ecosystem. 

The pollution caused by such brands becomes fatal for the numerous species on the planet, which is not an eco-friendly initiative. 

From what materials are Aerie products manufactured?

Generally, the clothes are made out of synthetic materials obtained from fossil fuels like petroleum and crude oil. 

The most common synthetic fabrics used for cloth manufacture are Nylon, polyester, ethylene, and propylene. 

Aerie manufactures lingerie and other women’s clothes, so some unique materials are used to manufacture the underwear. 

Cotton, spandex, and silk are unique materials used to manufacture undergarments. 

Besides synthetic materials, leather, cotton, wool, and bast fibers are also used to manufacture the Aerie clothes.

From where does Aerie gets its clothes?

Most of the clothes of this brand are manufactured in the USA. At the same time, some dresses are also manufactured in the counties like China, Pakistan, and other Asian countries. 

All the clothing brands have manufacturing plants in Asian countries, especially in China, and every brand wants to manufacture its clothes in these developing countries. 

The main reason behind this is the low production costs. In these developing Asian countries, laborers are hired at meager wages. 

On the contrary to this production costs in European countries and USA is very high and brands don’t get much profit by manufacturing products in Europe and USA. 

Therefore, almost every brand’s priority is to have factories in emerging countries to earn maximum profit.

Is Aerie exploiting laborers?

Every brand and company exploits laborers, not only the Aerie.

The laborers working in the factories of big brands are hired at meager wages and forced to work more than 10 hours a day, which is nothing but pure exploitation. 

The laborers of developing countries like China and India are more vulnerable to exploitation because labor laws are ineffective.

Besides forcing the laborers to work for hours against wages, brands like Aerie promote child labor.  

Is Aerie ethical?

Business is the game of profit. Any brand selling products in the market don’t remember ethics. The only thing they remember is the profit. 

Brands only want to earn as much profit as they can. Therefore they do every possible thing to make some quick bucks. 

Brands would pollute the environment fearlessly, exploit the masses, and put numerous species’ lives at stake for high profits. 

Unfortunately, Aerie is also one of such brands that threaten the environment and its sustainability. However, it would be unfair to refer this brand to as ethical. 

Did American Eagle acquire Aerie?

Aerie is the sub-brand of the renowned brand American Eagle. When American Eagle officials planned to launch the lingerie, they introduced this brand in the market. 

However, Aerie has been there since 2006, selling the lingerie to women worldwide. Aerie at present has more than 100 stores worldwide. 

Aerie has become quite a famous brand in the line of lingerie. Although its parent brand is American Eagle, Aerie has surpassed its parent brand in terms of sales. 

Is American Eagle Fast Fashion?

American Eagle is a prominent clothing brand in the USA and worldwide. The demand for its products is enormous without a doubt. 

However, to meet the high demand for products, brand officials manufacture the products in advance on a mass level, and the same goes for Aerie. 

Therefore, brands producing mass products to match the high demands are referred to as fast fashion brands, and American Eagle also lies in that category.

What are the better alternatives to Aerie? 

Undergarments are a crucial part of the apparel for any woman, especially young girls who admire quality undergarments. 

Therefore, knowing the brands that produce quality lingerie is a must.

This section lists a few brands that produce high-quality undergarments that are better than Aerie and are eco-friendly simultaneously. 

List of better alternatives to Aerie

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