Made Trade is a sustainable online shopping store that offers a variety of aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly products. Their collection includes everything from clothing and shoes to artisan jewelry and ethical furniture. Made Trade is known for its commitment to fair trade, heritage, sustainability, and supporting POC- or woman-owned businesses.

As a woman-owned, family-run company, Made Trade was founded on the desire to find beautiful ethical and sustainable products for their own home and wardrobe. They prioritize artistry, fair wages, sustainability, quality craftsmanship, and transparency in all aspects of their business. Made Trade also demonstrates its commitment to the environment through donations to regenerative fiber company Fibershed, membership in 1% for the Planet, and offering 100% carbon offset shipping.


Sustainable shopping is crucial for the environment, economy, and society. The convenience of online shopping has led to an increase in GHG emissions from transportation and packaging waste. The transportation industry accounts for 29% of US GHG emissions, and shipping and returning products accounted for 37% of global GHG emissions in 2020. The US alone throws away 82.2 million tons of packaging yearly. Moreover, the production of goods in developing countries often involves human rights abuses.

Sustainable shopping involves purchasing products that are ethically and sustainably made, using eco-friendly materials, and packaged with minimal waste. Consumers can demand more ethical alternatives, and sustainable stores can meet these demands. Sustainable shopping can be done online, but it requires conscious consumer choices and the availability of sustainable products.

Sustainable shopping supports fair trade, ethical fashion, organic cotton, upcycled and recycled materials, cruelty-free and vegan products, and sustainably sourced raw materials. It also promotes sustainable fashion brands and stores that offer timeless, stylish, and durable products. Sustainable shopping extends beyond clothing and includes sustainable personal care products, bedding, furniture, and more.

In conclusion, sustainable shopping is essential for reducing GHG emissions, minimizing packaging waste, and promoting ethical production practices. Consumers can make a positive impact by choosing sustainable products and supporting sustainable stores.


When it comes to shopping sustainably online, finding the most ethical online stores can be a daunting task. However, the best sustainable online shopping sites take into account several criteria when choosing what products to sell and how.

Materials are a principal consideration for eco-friendly online stores. The materials and ingredients used should be sustainably sourced and farmed, ideally natural or recycled. For cleaning and personal care products, the most ethical online shops seek non-toxic and vegan ingredients, cruelty-free testing policies, and no or sustainably sourced palm oil.

To avoid ethical issues with online shopping, shops should either make their own products through an ethically audited and supervised supply chain & labor practices, or require their partner brands to show proof of this. The most ethical online stores look for third-party certifications, like those under the fair trade banner, as well as sustainable stores that enforce a code of conduct.

Green business practices are also crucial for the most ethical online shops. While carbon emissions from shipping are unavoidable, even for the most sustainable stores, the ones on this list are mindful of that and offset the impact of each shipment by supporting carbon offset programs.

In addition, the community & charitable giving practices of the most ethical online stores are worth considering. These shops want to make the world a better place all around, so it’s not surprising to see them involved in charitable partnerships, whether through 1% for the Planet, local organizations, or other social justice movements.

Some of the most ethical online stores that meet these criteria include Made Trade, Fair Trade Winds, Ten Thousand Villages, and Accompany. These stores offer a curated selection of ethical goods, including artisan-made, heritage, woman-owned, and BIPOC-owned products. Additionally, marketplaces like Etsy and sustainable online marketplaces like Goodee and Brightly offer a wide range of sustainable and ethical products.

Overall, shopping sustainably online requires careful consideration of the materials, supply chain and labor practices, green business practices, and community and charitable giving of the online stores. By choosing the most ethical online stores, consumers can make a positive impact on the environment and society.