Sleeping comfortably at night is something that keeps your energy levels boosted for the entire day. Comfy sleeping space is really important not just for humans but also for animals like your pup. 

Dogs tend to sleep for like 12 to 18 hours a day so a cozy place for them to sleep is just as important as anything. 

This raises an excuse sometimes of why to have a dog bed when your pup just sleeps with you in your bed. Nonetheless, your dog deserves a spot of its own and it should not be a place on the cold floor. 

Why Do You Need A Dog Bed?

Not only is a dog bed a comfy spot but it also provides a lot of support to your dog as they age. With time, as the dogs grow, they might develop conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and many other joint issues. 

You can help your dog with these issues by having a dog bed in place. The soft and supportive bed supports your buddys’ body and helps with the joint issues as it ages. 

Dog beds especially containing interlocking materials in them, help your developing puppy in reducing the joint problem and give support. Just like people, dogs also experience a lot of benefits from good sleep. 

According to research in 2017 Scientific Reports, having a good stress-free sleep helps your dog with its memory and makes the pup smarter. 

Because when you teach your dog some new command they get better at learning it if they get a good amount of relaxing sleep. 

A well-rested dog has a much higher chance of learning commands effectively as compared to a tired one. Dogs are basically denning animals so they appreciate having a spot reserved for themselves where they can relax. 

It is important that your dog has a bed perfect for its size. You can place the bed in your doggys’ crate where it can sleep and have a hideout at the same time after the hustle. 

Dogs like to play around and so they bring in a lot of dirt and fleas with them. Make sure that you get a bed that you can clean easily too. 

Get the one that has removable sheets so that you can just take off the sheet from the bed and toss it in for a quick wash. You need to get a bed that has machine washable sheets and that dries quickly. 

As the dogs are growing up, they also take their time for potty training. So you better get some good dog bed sheets instead of cleaning up your dogs’ mess here and there. 

You should always encourage your dog to sleep in its own bed instead of with you in bed. It may seem a bit harsh at first but it would help you get a night of better sleep too. 

Because dogs tend to move around while sleeping and just drastically change positions or even they might be of large breed and take up the entire space on your bed. 

Dogs also tend to cling onto their owners’ beds. For that, you can get them a much more comfortable bed or even more than two in different spots of the house. 

This also means that you would have to clean less dog hair from your couches and beds as your pup rests on its own bed. 

How To Make Use Of Old Dog Beds?

If you are planning to get your dog a new bed even though it already got one, do not just throw the old one out. There are animal shelters that would very much appreciate you donating those beds to the shelters. 

There are many stray dogs and sick dogs out there in need of comfort and security. Luckily, we have animal shelters that not only provide these cute creatures safety, food but also comfort. 

Your contribution to these shelters can make a big difference for a sick dog. You can also donate blankets and pillows as dogs need to have a comfortable place to sleep and also it helps with weather conditions. 

The best thing to do in order to make the contribution big would be to create a neighborhood project. You can ask your neighbors to form a collective and pitch in their share to help out deserving animals in the shelter. 

Comfort and relaxation are as important for your dogs and other animals as for humans. Making conscious choices sets us apart as humans and really makes a big deal difference for those in need whether they be animals or humans. 

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