You plan a holiday and that involves hiking a mountain. Now with females hiking, you need to keep a rag to clean up that one or two drops of pee. 

Yeah, you read it right, if you don’t know what a reusable pee cloth is – you are missing out big time. A popular and reusable pee rag among female hikers especially is called Kula cloth.

What Is A Kula Cloth?

This is a reusable cloth that is specifically designed to wipe or clean pee when you are outdoors. These rags are ideal if you are hiking or traveling. Also in general, keeping these with you while going anywhere always comes in handy. 

The waterproof side of the cloth is the wiping side which is made of antimicrobial silver ion-infused fabric that is absorbent and keeps your hands and gear dry and clean. 

There are snaps on the fabric that makes it easier to carry and you can just hook it to your backpack as well. 

Why Do You Need It?

For women especially, having to pee outdoors can be a bit of an issue. And if you are an adventurous soul, you definitely don’t want to go all the way down from a hike. 

Here are the reasons why you should carry a Kula cloth with you;

  • It feels more hygienic and cleaner than just plain dripping and air drying afterward. 
  • You do not have to be toilet paper bound all the time and it reduces paper waste. 
  • You save yourself from carrying dirty toilet paper after you’re done peeing.
  • With the absorbent side in it, Kula cloth tends to absorb more than any other pee rag.
  • The antimicrobial fiber in it keeps it from getting and smelling all crusty. 
  • The snaps on the cloth make it easier to carry around and take it on and off whenever you want. 
  • The thread used in the making of this cloth is reflective which makes it easier to find in the dark.
  • You don’t have to waste anything and it is easily washable and reusable for years. 

People do have concerns regarding Kula cloth as once you use it you hang it out to dry. As the cloth is absorbent and durable, leaving it out does not make it open to germs. 

Once you are done using it and it starts drying, the sun’s ultraviolet rays not only dry the cloth but sterilize it and protect it from any germs. 

When women are hiking or outdoors, it is important to take care of hygiene with something that lasts and is durable. Now the cloth is quite soft and does not rub against the skin at all. If it is a tap or swipe motion, a Kula cloth can definitely help you out during your daily hikes. 

What Are The Alternatives Of Kula?

You could be carrying around toilet paper or any other towel but it won’t be the best solution. The only effective or something that comes close to it is using a bandana. 

Now bandanas can be effective and can get the job done for the time being. But so this idea would be equally effective for anything that looks like a cloth. 

Bandanas are not long term and since it does not look like a certain cloth, maybe your hiking partners end up using it accidentally – yeah you won’t want that! 

So instead of buying a bandana after a short time or toilet paper every time you go out, invest in Kula cloth instead. 

It is an affordable option for 10 dollars only and the fact that it lasts for years, 20 dollars ain’t that bad. If you feel creative and want to match it with your bag, you get it in a pattern or a design for extra 10 dollars. 

So it is definitely something useful and if it matches the attire, not a bad deal to grab. 

Getting yourself comfortable while hiking should also include your personal hygiene among the rest of the stuff. While traveling you would not like your knickers to feel all wet just because of some lousy toilet paper or not-so-reliable bandana. 

Kula cloth is designed to last longer, absorb, and serve as the perfect pee rag in case of emergencies. You can always wash them after your outdoor visits and they will be as new as ever. 

Get your new and colorful Kula cloth and finally get going on the mountain hike you have been planning ongoing for a long time. 

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