A popsicle is straight up a frozen liquid that is frozen on a stick. The popsicle liquid is frozen while it rests and then a stick is adjusted before it solidifies. Usually, the stick is made of wood and used to hold the popsicle. 

It is one of those snacks that is versatile and has different names at different places. 

For example in Canada and the United States, people call it popsicle, Mexico calls it paleta, for the United Kingdom it is ice lolly, ice block in Australia and New Zealand, and many other names. 

There is no denying that popsicles are delicious and it can be a healthy summer snack. Like many other American treats like potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, popsicles were also said to be made by accident. 

An 11 year old kid named Frank Epperson in 1905 was mixing soda in water with a stick and accidentally left this mixture unattended in the cold outside, overnight. The other day he woke up to this frozen delight with a stick in it to hold. 

And after making a lot of icicles for his family members, he filed a patent for these under the name “Popsicles”. Since it was a new thing, there weren’t any molds for it so they were made in test tubes. 

Since Popsicle is a registered brand name, other countries had to opt for different names like ice lollies, ice pops, and icy poles. 

Your homemade popsicles are a bit different in taste due to the freezing temperature. In a factory, popsicles are made with flash freeze temperature hence the addicting taste of it. At home, it takes probably overnight to freeze yourself one and it doesn’t taste as you want it to.

How To Make Popsicles Without A Mold?

If you are willing to experiment and make it at home, then any kind of small baking tin can be the perfect mold for your ice lolly. Paper cups also come in handy if you want to make some big pops. And some homemade popsicle recipes work amazing for paper cups instead of molds. 

Let’s say you do not have the molds or any cups at the moment, you can always turn to your loaf pan. Pour the mixture into the pan and once they are half frozen add your sticks in it. 

You can slice the mixtures into any shape you want to and you get yourself homemade ice lollies. Ice cube tray is also a perfect alternative to a mold for making this frozen delight. 

Can You Use Craft Sticks As Popsicle Sticks?

Craft sticks can be a multipurpose tool at your home. But it is better not to use them for your homemade popsicles. High quality and machine manufactured wooden sticks are a much better option for your ice lollies. 

Plastic spoons lying around in your kitchen can also make great sticks for popsicles. One can also make great use of toothpicks for small popsicles. Toothpicks are actually perfect for small ice cube tray lollies you make. 

Wooden sticks are the perfect option here as they are natural, not harmful, and are totally recyclable. But we can always think of alternatives to have less consumption and disposal of the wooden sticks.  

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