Parenthood is a journey that comes with its fair share of challenges, surprises, and endless messes that demand organic baby wipes. As parents navigate through the joys and difficulties of raising a little bundle of joy, they seek products that combine purity with practicality and Mother Nature with modern parenting.

Thankfully, there are natural baby wipes available that can keep a little one’s delicate skin as soft as a zero waste baby’s bottom. Sustainable Jungle independently researches and recommends non-toxic baby wipes, ensuring that all brands confirm their claims before making any recommendations. Additionally, they test products on an as-needed basis to avoid waste.

The Best All-Natural Baby Wipes That Are Green, Clean & Adorably Mean

When it comes to baby wipes, parents want to make sure they are using the best all-natural and eco-friendly options for their little ones. Here are some of the top picks for baby wipes that are both gentle on the environment and on your baby’s skin.

1. Kudos

Kudos offers premium water wipes that are made using 100% cellulosic fibers from sustainably-managed trees. The only other ingredient is 99% purified water, making them non-toxic and gentle on your baby’s skin. These wipes are fully biodegradable and approved by the Environmental Working Group. Kudos also uses sugarcane-based PE packaging and is a BIPOC woman-owned brand on a mission to create a plastic-free future for our children.

Brand Kudos
Price Range $24
Materials Cellulose fibers harvested from sustainably-managed trees, 99% filtered, purified water
Supply Chain & Labor Practices Made in the United States
Carbon Commitments & Green Practices Compostable and biodegradable wipes, exploring options for 100% biodegradable diapers

2. Eco by Naty

Eco by Naty offers non-toxic unscented baby wipes that are 100% compostable and made from renewable plant-based resources. These wipes are fragrance-free and made without chemicals or plastics, making them gentle on your baby’s skin. Eco by Naty holds their partners to ethical and environmental standards and tracks their progress and goals in a sustainability report.

Brand Eco by Naty
Price Range $4-$13
Materials Natural and renewable materials with 98.5% pure water
Supply Chain & Labor Practices Made in Turkey
Carbon Commitments & Green Practices Packaging can be returned to be recycled via TerraCycle take-back program, shipped in recycled and recyclable packaging

3. Ecoriginals

Ecoriginals offers non-toxic soft baby wipes made with sustainably sourced bamboo fiber. The 100% bamboo fibers provide the perfect combination of softness and strength, along with other soothing all-natural ingredients, such as organic Manuka honey, organic goat milk, aloe vera extract, and chamomile essential oil. These wipes are 100% home-compostable and biodegrade within just 3 weeks. Ecoriginals aims to produce 100% biodegradable products and offsets carbon emissions for every order placed.

Brand Ecoriginals
Price Range $25-$150
Materials Sustainably sourced bamboo fiber, 99.7% purified New Zealand water
Supply Chain & Labor Practices Wipes manufactured in New Zealand from 100% renewable energy, diapers made in China in a facility that recycles all water
Carbon Commitments & Green Practices Plant one tree, recover 25 plastic through Plastic Bank, offset 10 kg of carbon emissions for every order placed

4. Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop

Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop provides 100% organically-grown cotton cloth baby wipes that are sensitive skin-friendly and can be used over and over again. These wipes are workhorses that will last for a very long time, making them an affordable and sustainable option. Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop also offers other eco-friendly products such as cloth napkins, paper towel alternatives, placemats, table runners, and other table and kitchenware items.

Brand Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop
Price Range $10-$11
Materials 100% organically-grown cotton cloth
Supply Chain & Labor Practices Made in the United States
Carbon Commitments & Green Practices Reusable and sustainable option


The Honest Company offers plant-based baby wipes that are hypoallergenic and made without fragrances, alcohol, parabens, or chlorine processing. These wipes are gentle on your baby’s skin and are made with 99% water and a touch of aloe. The Honest Company also offers a subscription service for their baby wipes, making it easy for parents to always have them on hand.

Brand The Honest Company
Price Range $4-$48
Materials Plant-based materials with 99% water and a touch of aloe
Supply Chain & Labor Practices Not specified
Carbon Commitments & Green Practices Not specified

6. Healthy Baby

Healthy Baby offers fragrance-free baby wipes that are made with 99% water and a touch of aloe vera. These wipes are gentle on your baby’s skin and are free from harsh chemicals and preservatives. Healthy

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Why Choose The Best Organic Baby Wipes?

When it comes to choosing baby wipes, the safety and well-being of your little one is of utmost importance. With the growing concern about the harmful chemicals present in traditional baby wipes, many parents are turning to organic baby wipes as a safer alternative.

Organic baby wipes are made with natural ingredients, such as organic cotton, plant-based materials, and essential oils, making them biodegradable, compostable, and eco-friendly. They are free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and preservatives that can irritate sensitive skin and cause health issues.

Choosing organic baby wipes also means that you are supporting sustainable and ethical practices. Many brands use recyclable packaging and are certified by organizations such as the Soil Association to ensure that their products are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

Organic baby wipes are also suitable for babies with eczema or allergies, as they are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Some brands even use ingredients such as chamomile, aloe, and vitamin E to soothe and nourish delicate skin.

In addition to being safe for your baby, organic baby wipes are also safe for the environment. They break down easily, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and oceans.

Overall, choosing the best organic baby wipes is a smart and responsible choice for parents who want to provide the best care for their little ones while also protecting the planet.

How We Found The Best Natural Baby Wipes

Final Thoughts On The Best Non-Toxic Baby Wipes

When it comes to finding the best non-toxic baby wipes, there are several factors to consider. The materials used in the wipes, the supply chain and labor practices of the brand, their carbon commitments and green practices, and their community and charitable giving all play a part in determining the best natural baby wipes.

One of the most important factors in choosing the best non-toxic baby wipes is the materials used. Organic cotton is a key ingredient in the safest baby wipes, as it uses less water and dangerous pesticides or synthetic fertilizers than conventionally grown cotton. Additionally, baby wipes made from organic cotton are better for the earth’s sensitive soil and baby’s sensitive skin. It is also important to look for sustainability certifications to back up a brand’s organic claims.

In addition to organic cotton, there are also options for natural disposable baby wipes made from semi-synthetic plant fibers. It is important to ensure that these wipes are made using non-toxic solvents and that these solvents are recycled in a closed-loop system. For those looking to reduce waste, cloth wipes are a great alternative to single-use wipes.

When choosing the best non-toxic baby wipes, it is also important to consider the supply chain and labor practices of the brand. Certifications such as B Corporation can ensure that employees are fairly treated and paid.

Green practices and carbon commitments are also important factors to consider when choosing the best natural baby wipes. Brands that use carbon offset programs for shipping, low waste packaging, and renewable energy powered manufacturing can help reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Finally, community and charitable giving can also play a part in determining the best non-toxic baby wipes. Brands that give back to parents and kids in need, or to the environment or world in general, can make parents feel better about changing dirty diapers.

In conclusion, when choosing the best natural baby wipes, it is important to consider the materials used, the supply chain and labor practices of the brand, their carbon commitments and green practices, and their community and charitable giving. By choosing non-toxic baby wipes made from organic cotton or natural plant fibers, parents can rest assured that they are using the safest and most sustainable option for their baby’s delicate skin.