When a group of makeup artists comes together, they give birth to brands like Violet Voss. Violet Voss is a woman-owned makeup brand that has gained a big following in the United States and Canada. 

The brand is now spreading its wings and setting up retail shops in other countries like the United Kingdom, Dubai, China, and Singapore. 

The reason behind Violet Voss’ massive following is its eye shadow palettes and glitters. Since the brand is a creation by makeup artists, they’ve eliminated every issue regarding eye shadows. 

This means Violet Voss’s eye shadows are affordable, highly pigmented, and do not feel powdery when touched, with just one swipe of Violet Voss eyeshadow, you get the perfect color on your lid. 

The brand’s powerful pigments are made keeping in mind the black women, who often complain about the beauty industry not considering them when creating new products.

All the palettes have chic packaging and come with a mirror. From nude shades and glistening pinks to metallic golds, Violet Voss’s eye shadow palette range offers it all at prices starting from eighteen dollars. 

Some of their best-selling palettes include Flamingo Make-Up Palette, Like A Boss Eye Shadow Palette, Sugar Crystals Pressed Pigment Palette, Sparkling Cherry Limeaid Mini Pressed Pigment Palette, and Wild Dahlia Palette

The brand also has the best glitters that makeup artists swear by, some are Venus Glitter, Unicorn Party Glitter,  Elsa Glitter, and Golden Fairy Glitter.

Violet Voss is a dream come true for any makeup lover. The brand offers the best deals and best prices, but the question is, does Violet Voss has the best animal testing policy? 

Animal testing is a holistic practice that has been around for a long time.

To check the safety and toxicity levels, cosmetics brands test their products on animals like rats, mice, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

These animals live in poor conditions, and after putting them through weeks of torture, they are disposed of. 

Many animal welfare programs have raised concerns about this cruel practice and have asked shoppers to ban brands that test on animals.

Today, many brands have become cruelty-free. Is violet Voss one of those cruelty-free brands?   

To know the answer, you first need to understand what a cruelty-free brand is.

There is a list of conditions that a brand must fulfill to make it to the list of cruelty-free brands, those are:

  • Not testing any ingredients on animals.
  • Not testing final products on animals.
  • Not having any supplier or distributor that performs animal testing.
  • Not selling in countries that require animal testing by law.
  • Not having a contract with a third party that tests on animals on the brand’s behalf.
  • Owning certificate from an internationally recognized cruelty-free organization.

So does Violet Voss meet all these conditions? Let’s find out. 

Is Violet Voss testing any of its ingredients on animals?

The statement on the Violet Voss website is not clear at all. The FAQ section has a question, Is the brand cruelty-free? And the response is a simple yes.

Is Violet Voss testing any of its final products on animals?

The brand claims to be cruelty-free, but it has not given any proper statement about it. 

Is any Violet Voss supplier or distributor conducting tests on animals?

The brand’s website is not transparent regarding its supplier’s or distributors’ animal testing policies.

Is Violet Voss selling in countries that require animal testing by law? 

Violet Voss has a list of retailers on its website that show that the brand has retailers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Netherlands, Singapore, and  Germany. 

None of the mentioned countries require animal testing by law, so we can say that Violet Voss is not selling its products in countries where animal testing is mandatory.

Is Violet Voss approved by some internationally recognized cruelty-free organizations?

No, Violet Voss does not have a certificate from any internationally recognized cruelty-free organizations. 

Is Violet Voss owned by a parent company that carries out animal testing?

No, Violet Voss does not have any parent company that carries out animal testing.

What is the final verdict? 

Violet Voss is not transparent about its cruelty-free status. It is 2022, and no brand can get away with a plain “Yes” to the question, Is the brand cruelty-free?  Besides this, Violet Voss does not own a certificate from any world-recognized cruelty-free organization.

Violet Voss lies in the grey zone until it puts up a clear statement on its website along with a certificate from a cruelty-free organization, 

Brands in the grey zone are the ones that claim to be cruelty-free but do not own a cruelty-free certificate. 


Vegan-friendly brands do not have any animal-derived ingredients in their products. This means that their products are free from compounds like carmine, shellac, magnesium stearate, glycerine, honey, and gelatin.

Vegan-friendly brands promote kindness toward animals by not breeding them for their products. 

They also use organic compounds with little to no harmful synthetic chemicals making their products a better choice for any shopper with sensitive skin. 

Violet Voss claims to offer some vegan-friendly products such as Eye Donut Care Lashes and Just Slayin Lashes

Most of their eye shadow palettes, however, contain magnesium stearate that comes from both plants and animals.

Since Violet Voss has not mentioned the origin of the magnesium stearate it uses, it is best to avoid them as a vegan makeup user. 

Our final verdict is that Violet Voss is not 100% vegan. 


According to their website, Violet Voss products are free from toxic compounds such as phthalates, parabens, and sulfates. 

There is, however, no information regarding eco-friendly policies and sustainability on the website. It seems like the website is created for the sole purpose of selling products only. 

Violet Voss is not cruelty-free or vegan friendly, nor does the brand have any environment-friendly policies. The lack of interest in informing consumers regarding the brand shows that Violet Voss is not ethical. 

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