Tony Moly has officially confirmed that it’s cruelty-free! This means that they don’t test their ingredients or finished products on animals. 

This news brings a sigh of relief to those who are environmentally conscious and want to make sure that their actions aren’t harming the planet. 

The world has gradually shifted its concerns and is now prioritizing the rights of animals. This is very crucial in cases of big brands as their practices are leaving a huge carbon footprint on the planet. 

Many brands have been testing their products on innocent and harmless animals for ages. It is high time that we must stop and boycott this cruel act. 

Buying cruelty-free products aren’t only good for the planet, but it has immense benefits for you as well. For instance, it uses fewer chemicals and is typically healthier. 

By supporting cruelty-free brands, you’re helping make a big difference. In this article, I’ll be highlighting all the information you need on whether the brand, Tony Moly, is cruelty-free or not. 

So let’s get right to it! 

Is Tony Moly really cruelty-free? 

Tony Moly is a step above the rest! It is 100% cruelty-free. This means that none of their ingredients or finished products are tested on animals.

Tony Moly is a Korean cosmetics brand. It was founded in Seoul in 2006. It mostly focuses on skincare but also manufactures makeup and more. This brand takes pride in using quality ingredients and is regarded as one of Korea’s leading beauty brands. 

It manufactures high-quality ingredients and uses innovative technology which is recognized worldwide. 

Not only is Tony Moly itself hundred percent cruelty-free, but third parties and suppliers involved with this brand are also against animal testing! This is the best news one could receive in today’s world. 

While many brands do take the initiative of becoming cruelty-free, their supplier’s and third parties’ animal testing practices completely negate this initiative. 

Environmentalists don’t consider a brand to be cruelty-free if they’re associated with companies that aren’t. They also boycott such brands as they believe them to be hypocritical to their own policies. 

However, Tony Moly doesn’t have to worry about this! They make sure to establish themselves as a 100% cruelty-free brand. 

Moreover, the brand also refuses to sell in countries where animal testing is required by law. For instance, their products are no longer sold in mainland China, which is known for conducting animal tests on imported products.  By taking this step, Tony Moly has really gained their customers’ trust and love! 

It’s also certified by PETA, which is a cruelty-free, animal rights organization. Furthermore, you can also find an official statement on the brand’s website that reflects the animal testing policy. 

Tony Moly is an independent brand proudly adhering to animal rights.

Is Tony Moly vegan friendly? 

While Tony Moly is 100% cruelty-free, it is not entirely vegan. This means that some of their products contain animal-derived ingredients. Although they do have some vegan products. 

So if you’re looking to buy from this brand, always check the ingredients list! 

Basically, vegan products are those which don’t contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. They’re made using plant-based products. 

Tony Moly cosmetics can be considered vegan friendly. Maybe not a hundred percent vegan, but they still have a range of vegan options. Here’s a list of their products that are not only vegan but also a gluten-free option: 

  • Wonder Ceramide Mocchi Toner 
  • Minions Lip and Eye Remover
  • Panda’s Dream Glossy Lip Crayon 
  • Black Tea London Collection

However, a setback is that Tony Moly doesn’t have any sort of vegan certifications. This makes customers doubt its vegan status. It is crucial for brands to be a part of certain organizations’ lists that validate their practices. 

Tony Moly provides an entire list of ingredients on their website. So if anyone has any doubts, it is suggested to check that out. Furthermore, they also guide customers to reach out to them through email with any concerns that they might have about a specific product.

Is it Ethical? 

A brand is considered an ethical one if it doesn’t cause harm to humans, animals, or the environment. It should contribute to society in a responsible manner. 

As Tony Moly is a cruelty-free brand, it can also be considered an ethical one. This is because it’s not causing harm to any animals and is also safe for humans. 

It is completely transparent about its animal testing policies and assured customers that they love animals! 

They refuse to associate with any third party or supplier who conducts animal testing. They have refused to even sell in countries with animal testing required as a law. By doing so, they’re positively impacting the world. 

Boycotting such regions and companies is helping them build a wider and trusted customer base. What can be more ethical than a brand taking great initiatives!  

They offer premium skincare products that are eco-friendly. These are made using natural and organic ingredients. Each product comes in stylish packaging

Moreover, for a brand to be considered ethical, it also has to be sustainable. Tony Moly continues to take measures that would help minimize its carbon footprint

For instance, they launched a wonder vegan label ceramide toner which is made with plant-derived ingredients. This product is packaged in a label-free plastic bottle that is 100% recyclable.

Tony Moly is positively contributing towards a change in society by taking such measures.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, Tony Moly is an independent cruelty-free brand that doesn’t test on animals. Neither do they allow third-party testing? 

They have a range of vegan options which are made using natural and organic products. The brand is considered to be eco-friendly. 

They’re completely transparent about all their practices which makes them very ethical. They strive towards producing sustainable packaging as well. 

The main focus of Korean skincare brands is being innovative but also safe for their customers. Therefore, most brands tend to use ingredients derived from plants. Tony Moly is proud to be one of these brands which leads the beauty world today.

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