SodaStream is a sparkling water manufacturing company founded in 1903 in London, United Kingdom. They are top-notch leading manufacturers that facilitate carbon-induced drinks through their Carbonating Devices of the same name.

The water-enhancing company is now based in Israel. It has paved new ways for innovation. Water is now no more boring. With bubbles in trend, such as bubble baths and bubble teas, why not bubbly water?

When pockets of carbonated air explode in our mouths, our pleasure centers are stimulated to make us happy like innocent children. The seemingly ordinary drink then feels extra refreshing.

But is the company as harmless as it sounds? What are the effects of this artificial water on our health? Does the production of these devices harm our already fragmenting planet? Read to find out.

How Does Soda Stream Contribute Towards a Sustainable Environment?

One of the crucial factors in land and sea pollutants is plastic. The burning of plastic waste has not left our air pure anymore. The mass production of plastic produces toxic chemicals that have leaked into our seas and have even invaded our oceans.

The burning of plastic waste liberates harmful gasses like dioxins, furans, and BCPs. It is a significant cause of landfills because the decomposition process takes over 100 years. So it just sits there and destroys the soil and soul of the planet.

This is where SodaStream comes into being. What SodaStream does is that it add carbon dioxide to your glass of water. Simple as that. This means zero added chemicals and fewer calories. It also means that it is eco-friendly!

How? The carbon dioxide used in the canister is derived from industrial power plants burning carbon compounds.

The Carbon dioxide is captured for use before it can diffuse into the environment and cause harm. Carbon dioxide is itself a pollutant, and this way Sodastream ensures that no CO2 is released during its manufacture process.

Moreover, the creator of SodaStream is determined to end the use of disposable plastic water bottles. Their carbonating bottle lasts for a long time, which reduces the need for plastic bottles.

Additionally, the use of aluminum cans for fizzy drinks has also been stopped by the company.

Is SodaStream Sustainable?

With plastic bottles out of the question, the planet can take off its mask and breathe for once.

The canisters used by the company to make carbonated waters are refillable and of sturdy material. This means that you can reuse the bottles or cans multiple times before disposing them!

Furthermore, the company has introduced plant-based materials for conserving the life of our earth, which is great news for advocates of cruelty-free products.

Eyal Shohat, SodaStream Global CEO says,

“Our sparkling water makers are sustainable by essence; every SodaStream user saves up to thousands of single-use plastic bottles from ending up in waste. We are taking our commitment even further by introducing sparkling water makers made from sustainable material.”

Is SodaStream Wasteful?

Soda Stream has done a lot to reduce its waste during manufacturing and has even taken steps to minimize waste after their product has been used by consumers.

The carbon dioxide canister lasts for months, depending on the usage. It can be refilled from a retail store easily.

The cost is less than the equivalent of a canned soda or other product.

The carbon dioxide being used is a byproduct of already-exisitng reactions, which means that its use by Soda Stream is actually beneficial to our environment.

Plastic content is also reduced by the use of these intuitive products. The cost of plastic bottles is also saved.

With Soda Stream doing so much to reduce its carbon footprint on the environment and to make it more sustainable, it’d be fair to say that the company receives a 5 star rating in its efforts for sustainability! So, yes, Soda Stream is quite eco-friendly!

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