Profit, People, and Planet. This phrase summarizes the business model which is feasible in the present times.

This means that if a business wants to succeed in today’s age, not only does it have to generate profits and deliver value to its customers, but be eco-friendly as well.

Romwe is a company known for its clothes. But the question stands for it as well. Is Romwe eco-friendly?

The answer to this question is Yes. Romwe is eco-friendly.

About Romwe

Romwe is a fast-fashion web-based retailer with operations in different countries. By fast-fashion, we mean that Romwe produces cheap clothes on a large scale and at a high speed.

The production facilities of Romwe are located in China and the company started in 2010.

Since the year it was founded, Romwe has been expanding into different worldwide markets. As of 2021, the company operates in France, Spain, Germany, Dubai, the US, and the UK.

Environment-Friendliness of Romwe

Romwe says that they ensure that each of their fashion pieces is produced in line with ethical and sustainable production standards.

Moreover, the company also signs a binding letter with all of their suppliers which requires them to comply with the standards as well.

Romwe has also taken certain steps that show that the company is concerned with the impact of climate change on the planet.

In the fashion industry, companies produce large quantities of variants of a product before introducing them to the market. This creates the danger of wastage if the products do not sell.

On the other hand, Romwe has this policy in place that authorizes large-scale production for an item only after it has been tested in the market.

Moreover, despite the fact that screen printing is harmful to the environment as it involves the use of toxic chemicals, a major portion of fashion companies use it to make patterns and designs on fabrics.

Unlike this general way of manufacturing in the fashion industry, Romwe uses ‘Digital Printing Technology’ to print graphics and designs on fabrics. This process is more costly but Romwe says that it will not compromise on the eco-friendliness standards.


  • Are Romwe factories ISO-certified?

Yes. Romwe factories are ISO-certified. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization and is an international body that develops and publishes worldwide commercial, technical, and industrial standards.

If a company is ISO-certified, it means that the company meets international standards on quality, management, sustainability, among other aspects.

Moreover, Romwe also requires its suppliers and partner companies to get internationally recognized certifications for their factories.

  • Does Romwe use child labor?

No. Romwe does not use child labor. The Social Responsibility page of the company’s website reads that Romwe is strictly against the use of child labor in any of the production steps of the company’s offerings.

Romwe also abides by the child labor laws in all the countries where it has operations.

Not only this, the company holds the same policy for its partners and collaborators.

If a company or supplier is found to violate the relevant country’s child labor legislation, Romwe immediately suspends contracts with them and reports them to the concerned authorities as well.

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