Yes, Reserved is a fast fashion brand! It has more than 450 stores all across the world.

You may have considered purchasing clothes from brands that are fast fashion at least once in your life. And to be honest, such brands are extremely hard to resist! 

This is because of their marketing, promotions, and offers that keep popping on your social media feed. This makes it hard to not buy from them. 

As fast fashion takes over the world, so do its negative impacts. Fast fashion is gradually destroying our planet and it’s high time that we start to take action. 

One may be attracted to such brands because they’re cheaper and give you access to trendy, chic clothing, which otherwise may be hard to find. 

You may also be attracted to it because it seems like an easier option than searching for brands that are ethical. But don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered!

In this article, I’ll talk about the fast fashion brand, Reserved, and why it should be avoided. 

So let’s dive right in!

Is Reserved an ethical brand?

There are many factors that determine whether a brand is an ethical one or not. Brands that are ethical aren’t supposed to cause any harm to humans, animals, or the environment. They are also responsible for taking the morally correct decisions.

It’s hard to categorize a fast fashion brand as an ethical one due to the negative impact they have on our environment. No fast fashion brand can be regarded as a truly ethical brand!

One reason why Reserved can’t be regarded as an ethical brand is because it isn’t taking adequate measures to manage the greenhouse gas emissions. 

The fast fashion industry is accountable for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. 

Ethicality and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Reserved has dedicated an entire page on their website where they state the commitment they have made to become more sustainable.

This brand is a part of the LPP company, whose motto is to stand for people and for our planet. LPP claims that we are responsible for future generations and the conditions they’ll have to live in. 

The company also establishes strategies so that they can reduce the negative impact on the environment.

We all know that fast fashion brands produce a lot of waste. Therefore, the brand Reserved has 50 stores which run used clothing drives. The collective clothes are donated to centers where they are needed. 

Moreover, the brand doesn’t use any natural furs or Angora. This makes them partially cruelty free. They’re also against the use of plastic and therefore, have reduced it in their e-commerce packaging by 250 tonnes. 

All of the above point towards the fact that this brand may just be an ethical one. To validate their ethicality and sustainability commitment, Reserved is also a member of ZDHC and is in complete compliance with its standards. They also obtain 100% of their wool from certified farms. 

While this brand uses some eco-friendly materials as well as recycled ones, there is no evidence that it’s taking measures to minimize textile waste during its manufacturing process. 

Their dedication towards sustainability and eco-awareness can be seen, however, there’s no information on how they’re actually implementing such measures and achieving the goals set. 

Additionally, there is limited information on how the brand is reducing its carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions in its supply chain. They haven’t disclosed any water reduction initiatives either. 

Moreover, their supply chain isn’t certified by Labor standards either. They received a score of 11 to 20% in the fashion transparency index. 

This shows that if a brand can’t be transparent, then it can’t be ethical!

Is Reserved brand fast fashion?

Unfortunately yes, Reserved is a fast fashion brand. It has over 450 stores all over the world and they deliver fast fashion clothing

There are a few key factors which help identify fast fashion brands. The brand Reserved ticks all the boxes to be classified as one. 

Firstly, it releases new collections with very short intervals in between. It promises to deliver trendy and chic clothing at very affordable prices. This is one of the most important features of a fast fashion brand.

Because their entire manufacturing, retailing, and shipping process takes place at a rapid pace, they cut corners when it comes to the environment. This speed comes at the expense of the ecosystem.  

Fast fashion brands are known to use cheap raw materials which doesn’t make them sustainable. Therefore, the clothes can’t biodegrade and have to be burned, leading to greenhouse gas emissions.  

These brands produce so much waste which ends up in landfills. This is because they don’t restock their stores, but discard the old stock when a new collection comes out

Another major factor which classifies this brand as a fast fashion one is because of its manufacturing countries. 

Reserved is known for manufacturing in countries like Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, India, Cambodia, turkey, Myanmar, and Poland.

The biggest problem with these countries is that they have loose environmental regulations and don’t offer a safe working environment. These countries don’t even provide workers with a living wage. 

Many fast fashion brands opt for such poor Asian countries because it keeps their costs low, while also maintaining their profits. They get away with manufacturing in such countries without having to deal with any legal complications. This makes fast fashion brands highly unethical!

Who owns the brand Reserved? 

Reserved is a Polish brand which is owned by the LPP S.A. Company. This is one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in Europe. LPP Also owns other popular brands like Mohito, Sinsay, Cropp, and House.

This Polish fashion brand was founded in Gdańsk, Pomerania by Marek Piechocki in 1998. The brand is a fast fashion company which offers clothing for men, women, and children. 

It has over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry and has increased in popularity over the last five years. It operates online in almost 30 markets and has several stores all across the world.

I hope this article answered all your questions regarding the fast fashion brand, Reserved!

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