Reiss is a clothing brand that sells various products ranging from men’s wear and women’s wear to children’s wear. 

It is a multinational brand and is expanded across 15 countries and has more than 150 outlets across the globe. 

Undoubtedly, Reiss is a top fashion brand, selling fashion apparel for more than 50 years. 

The clothes manufactured by this brand are always in demand. Every year, millions of different garments and apparel are manufactured under the name of this brand to meet the high demand. 

The production of millions of garments at one time is the result of mass production, thanks to the industrial revolution. 

All the brands, including Reiss, if involved in Mass production, are certainly fast fashion brands.

Is Reiss responsible for mass production? 

Probably yes, because distributing such a vast number of apparel and garments across the globe seems impossible for Reiss or any other clothing brand without mass production. 

All the multinational brands are indeed involved in mass production. They are responsible for producing hundreds of thousands of products at one time. 

Mass production is progressive and time-saving apparently but is catastrophic and destructive in reality. 

Reiss, a big brand with millions of customers worldwide, effectively meets the high demand for apparel and fancy clothes.

The only way to meet the demand for millions of products is mass production. 

What are the consequences of Fast fashion?

The consequences of fast fashion are very offensive and drastic. Massive and unplanned production has cost us environmental pollution and global warming.

According to the research done by the Geneva Environment Network clothing industry is responsible for 10% of the emission of the total carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Garments and apparel are manufactured from synthetic materials, unlike the olden days when garments were manufactured from cotton thread and wool that caused no pollution. 

At the same time, synthetic materials emit carbon dioxide and other toxic gases. 

Besides pollution, fast fashion and mass production cause exploitation of poor labor. The factories where garments are manufactured have more than 90% females as laborers. 

These females are hired at meager wages. Contrary to this, brands mint countless profits against the services of these poor laborers. 

However, Fast fashion is responsible for environmental pollution and labor exploitation which needs to be stopped; otherwise, consequences will worsen. 

Where are Reiss clothes made?

Multinational brands like Reiss get everything from developing countries, including raw materials and products. 

These brands have started their factories and manufacturing plants, mainly in Africa and Asia, to manufacture products on a large scale.

However, the labor in developing countries of Africa and Asia is significantly cheaper than in the brand’s countries. 

In the same way, Reiss also has its manufacturing plants in emerging countries. The countries are mainly India, China, Vietnam, and Turkey. 

Therefore all the clothes and apparel under the name of Reiss come from earlier mentioned countries.

Reiss makes a considerable profit by selling products at high prices, which have cost the officials nothing but peanuts. 

Is Reiss a Luxury Brand?

Probably yes. The products sold by Reiss are only affordable to well-doing people or the elite class, not for the middle and lower-middle class. 

The main aim of such multinational brands is to earn high profits, and they avail every single opportunity to earn as much as they can. 

Therefore the prices are always kept high to earn maximum profit, whereas the manufacturing cost of these products is minimal. 

The products sold in Reiss`s outlets have ridiculously high prices. Most products are priced between $100 and $1000.

The brand offers a great variety of men’s and women’s wear. However, the price of each article is significantly high, like most multinational brands. 

So it won’t be wrong to refer to this brand as a luxurious one. 

Is Reiss ethical?

When a brand falls into the Fast fashion category, it is baseless to ask if it is ethical. 

All the fast fashion brands are neither ethical nor humane. All they know is how to earn maximum profits. 

Reiss is also a brand that prefers to earn maximum profit without caring much about the environment and climate. That’s why the brand has been polluting the environment for ages.  

Reiss is responsible for the mass production of the products due to which carbon dioxide and other toxic gases are being emitted into the atmosphere. 

Besides toxic gases, factories’ liquid and solid waste are also drained into oceans and water bodies.  

However, in the name of fast fashion, Reiss has been polluting the environment and putting the numerous lives on the stack, which is unethical and utterly disgusting. 

What are better alternatives to Reiss?

Almost every international brand is involved in polluting the environment directly or indirectly.

Therefore consumers should look for some local brands. 

Local brands manufacture limited products, which cause minor damage to the environment. 

Yet, the quality of local brands is doubtful, and the standard of the quality of international brands is second to none. 

However, if some international brands like Reiss are unethical doesn’t mean every brand out there is also evil.

Here we list a few clothing brands that are more ethical and fair players than Reiss and other brands similar to Reiss. 

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