Before we dig deep into QMS’s cruelty-free status, let’s have a look at what fake ‘cruelty-free’ looks like:

Most customers today care deeply about how their extravagance may affect poor little bunnies etc. Hence, the cruelty-free movement is like the Sun at 7 o’clock in the morning these days.

In fact, hunting for the bunny logo on product packaging is akin to breathing for us people.

The question is: are those logos as well as the verbose commitments truly authentic? Are there really no loop-holes in those claims being made by sophisticated brands (which are cunning as a fox and as good at circumventing traps as a circus dog)?

Most manufacturers today use twisted phrasing to confuse their buyers. For instance, they may say, “The finished product is cruelty-free and devoid of animal-testing.” Such phrases are already full of loopholes and suspicions.

For instance, they don’t mention a damn thing about whether the ingredients are cruelty-free as well; only mentioning finished products as free from animal testing.

Another intentionally misleading phrase is “We do not test on animals”. Yeah, as if we’re all three-year olds licking on freaking lollipops!

You see, the company may not test on animals themselves: but that doesn’t mean they don’t let others do the testing for them right?

Their claims still remains authentic as they truly don’t torture little rodents with devil drops or by shaving bunny backs! BUT, their supplier or any other third-party may still be committing such sins with evil smiles on their faces! I get goosebumps just by imagining the goriness of such a scene!

Now that you’re aware of what cruelty-free fakes may look like, let’s have a look at QMS’s background etc; and the facts that qualify it as an authentic cruelty-free brand.

QMS: Animal Tyrant OR a Benevolent Cruelty-Free Brand?

Yup, QMS is a legit cruelty-free brand. At least that’s what I believe in, and I’m sure you’ll think the same after going through all the facts below:

Significance of QMS’s Cruelty-Free Status:

We’ll dive deep into all the reasons that sum up a cruelty-free QMS in a moment. BUT, let’s recall first what being cruelty-free means for this company:

  • None of QMS finished products, ingredients, and heck, even raw materials are tested on frail little animals.
  • QMS never places its reputation in jeopardy by delegating the testing procedures to their suppliers or any other third-parties.
  • None of QMS beauty & skincare products are sold in retail stores in cruel countries (such as China).

QMS’s Green Agenda: Cruelty-Free on a Global Level!

Majority of QMS ingredients are hand-selected and achieve the perfect balance between skincare and being eco-friendly.

For instance, QMS usually resorts to organic fragrances in place of the ecologically-detrimental synthetic fragrance. Another example would be the usage of synthetic fibers as animal hair replacement.

I always fret about being cruelty-free on a larger scale. Thing is, harmful ingredients tend to disrupt the ecosystem’s balance; thus destroying habitats of all kinds of hairy mammals, lovely birds and slimy fish.

The resulting deaths can be even more devastating than the lives lost in torture labs! Good news is; QMS is well-aware of the situation and has been coping with the issue since long-ago.

This level of commitment is what drove QMS to come up with the Green Agenda; a revolutionary pathway to make this planet a far better place to live at!

It’s certainly not an exaggeration to state QMS as the ambassador of Green Agenda.

Green Agenda Basics:

QMS aims to achieve a ton of environmentally-beneficial goals by supporting the green beauty campaign.

The brand has a checklist constituting goals to be achieved before 2023. Some of these green-goals include: abandoning procedures that release harmful CO2 into the atmosphere, plastic recycling and replacement of paper instruction leaflets with digital QR codes.

One can easily locate all product ingredients by scanning the QR codes. Such transparency is also evidence of QMS’s status as a cruelty-free brand.

You can know more regarding QMS’s Green Agenda goals right here.

Last but not least, QMS products are devoid of eco-tyrants such as parabens, talc, glutens, silicones, paraffins, sulfate, phthalate, GMOs etc. All of these materials are eco-tyrants and can prove harmful to the ecosystem’s natural equilibrium.

Is QMS Owned by a Cruelty-Plus Parent Brand?

Nope, QMS retains its core values and hasn’t been acquired by a ‘cruel’ skincare giant!

Is QMS Operating in ‘Cruel’ China?

QMS is an exclusive spa brand, and none of its 1000+ spas are located in China.

Is QMS Certified as Cruelty-Free?

Yup, in fact QMS is more than just certified as cruelty-free by PETA. In fact, they’re both in a partnership; collaborating together to help other brands abandon animal testing; and embrace organic testing processes instead.

Moreover, QMS is also hailed as the nominal ambassador of cruelty-free and green drive. Such a lofty title can only be earned after being strictly supervised by the government; we can’t afford for the cruelty-free and green agenda drive’s ambassador to run amok right?

QMS: Pure Vegan OR ‘Contaminated’ with Animal-Ingredients?

Yup, seeing how deeply involved QMS is with Green Agenda; and how supportive it is of the eco-friendly campaign; it’s only natural for them to be 100% vegan and all!


Heed my advice and don’t let the idiom haste makes waste turn into reality for you! Relying solely on cruelty free logos is the peak of idiocy! You NEED TO KNOW MORE!

Just pose your queries against the company. Genuinely cruelty-free brands never shy away from answering questions!

There’s NO reason for them to obscure facts and hide data about their manufacturing and sourcing processes etc.

If a brand fails to open up, something’s definitely fishy here! Otherwise, there would be no reason for them to keep quiet; and reveal such giant loop-holes for us to exploit!

Be a cruelty-detective! Investigate and Interrogate! And never believe a brand based solely on their official ‘cruelty-free’ status!

That’s all for today!

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