& Other Stories is a fashion retailer brand. & Other Stories was launched in 2013 and it caught the attention of fashion lovers all around the world as soon as it was launched.

& Other Stories is a brand under one of the champions of the fast fashion industry. & Other Stories was started with a different approach and unique vision to provide its customers with a fulfilling shopping experience.

& Other Stories is a brand for women where they can shop for all their fashion needs at the same place and buy everything that they need to wear for an occasion from just one place.

& Other Stories is designed in its ateliers in 3 different magnificent cities Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles. & Other Stories wants to create diversity in its collections by making them in different places.

& Other Stories want to bring the signature style and uniqueness of Paris, Los Angeles, and Stockholm into its fashion items and provide its customers with a rich and diverse shopping experience.

If we take a look at the brand appearance, & Other Stories does give off the vibes of an exquisite fashion brand. It is very much like what it wants its customers to experience while shopping from & Other Stories.

Is & Other Stories a Fast Fashion Brand?

& Other Stories is owned by the H&M group. The H&M group is a well-known fast fashion brand in the fashion industry.

Although, & Other is claimed to be a bit different and a better fashion brand, this fact can’t be neglected that it is still a brand under H&M.

If we take a closer look, & Other Stories also has many characteristics similar to a fast fashion brand.

It offers new items every once in a while, and it quickly introduces new trends and styles to its customers like other fast fashion brands usually do.

This trait of fast fashion brands introducing new items almost every week contributes to huge textile waste. It is concerning to see that & Other stories do the same thing.

& Other Stories offer a wide range of products to its customers including women’s clothing, beauty products, shoes, bags, hair accessories, jewelry, swimwear, headwear, sunglasses, belts, gloves, and scarves.

& Other Stories clothing pieces include dresses, loungewear, activewear, knitwear, coats & jackets, blazers, tops & t-shirts, trousers, blouses, skirts, jeans, suits, shorts, jumpsuits, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

As & Other Stories promises, it has every item to complete your look for a day and you can get every item from any store of & Other Stories alone.

& Other Stories’ online presence is also great and unlike other fast fashion brands, it presents itself as an elegant and high-quality brand.

However, the prices of its products are affordable but not cheap like other fast fashion brands.

Is & Other Stories Owned by H&M?

Yes, & Other Stories is owned by H&M.

H&M is not a new name for fast fashion lovers and it is even considered to be the biggest fast fashion group after Zara’s parent company Inditex.

H&M owns seven brands including & Other Stories, Monki, COS, ARKET, Afound, Weekday, and H&M HOME. & Other Stories is not the most popular brand of H&M but it is still well-known.

H&M’s authority in the fast fashion industry is undeniable and as a brand under H&M makes & Other Stories also a considerable name in the fashion industry.

H&M claims that its brands are designed in such a way that inspires people all around the world and encourages them to show their true beauty through fashion and design.

Where do & Other Stories Make its Clothes?

& Other Stories’ every product is designed in-house in its ateliers in Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles. The design team of & Other Stories is exclusive only to & Other Stories and does not work for other brands of H&M.

However, it is a brand of H&M, and H&M manufactures the products of its brands including & Other Stories in many different countries.

The headquarters of & Other Stories are located in Stockholm. It has more than 70 stores located all around the world and you can also shop its products online on its official website.

Is & Other Stories Sustainable? Is it Ethical?

& Other Stories claims on its website that it has created every part of the brand with a sustainable mindset and wants to bring such premium quality fashion for its consumers that last for seasons.

To achieve its goal of being sustainable, & Other Stories has a few plans for the future. It claims to be improving itself constantly to be a sustainable brand.

& Other Stories plans to use 100% recycled and sustainably sourced materials by 2030 and it is one of the biggest and most important goals of & Other Stories.

In the future, & Other Stories also plan to use only chrome-free leather and only ethically sourced materials in its products. & Other Stories is on its way to achieving this goal.

& Other stories do not use angora, exotic animal skin, and fur in its products and have a basic animal welfare policy aligned with the Five Freedoms.

& Other Stories also offers its customer to bring a bag full of worn garments that could be of any brand and empty packages of its beauty products and in exchange, they will get a 10% discount voucher.

That is a good initiative from & Other Stories to prevent textile waste and reduce its environmental footprint.

However, there are many other things to consider before a brand can be called sustainable and ethical.

& Other Stories does not provide enough information about its policies to ensure that its products are manufactured in factories without child labor and if it is paying fair wages to its workers.

Also, it should be more transparent about the condition of its workplaces and if its workers are provided with a healthy work environment.

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