H&M is a clothing brand operating for more than 75 years. It is a multinational brand and sells all kinds of clothes, including fancy, casual, office dresses, etc. 

The brand is not just limited to clothes. It also sells different apparel like caps, hats, shoes, socks, belts, etc. 

Usually, the clothes are made of thread and wool obtained organically from the cotton crop. Still, some apparel is made of animal skin.  

The main items made of animal skin are leather apparel, be it jackets, handbags, belts, shoes, etc. Leather is nothing but the tanned and refurnished animal skin. 

The leather products selling brands are why hundreds of animals are killed every day to obtain their skin. 

H&M also sells leather products on a large scale, and this brand also can be the reason behind the killing of a massive number of animals. 

Killing animals for the sake of profits is open cruelty and brutality. 

What type of animals are killed to make H&M Products?

As far as the regular clothes like shirts, pants, skirts, trousers, etc. are concerned, there is no danger to any animal. 

When it comes to leather products like jackets and handbags, animal skin is used to manufacture such products. 

The most used animal skins for making these products are cowskin and sheepskin. At the same time, skins of other animals are also used, such as alligators, snakes, elephants, etc.

Cowskin and sheepskin are used for typical products, and the products made of these skins are not that expensive. 

In contrast, other animals’ skin products like alligators and snakes are exceptional, expensive, and custom prepared. 

H&M sells every type of leather product like jackets, handbags, belts, etc. No matter how expensive or unique the leather product is, it will be available at H&M.    

Therefore the assumptions are that H&M is involved in cruelty against every type of animal whose skin can be used as leather. 

What is the alternative to animal killing?

Leather apparel has become an essential part of everyday fashion because leather products are attractive, fancy, and stylish. 

The person wearing leather apparel is supposed to have a better personality than others. However, leather products are hard to expel from everyday fashion, 

Leather doesn’t need to be obtained from animal skin only. It can also be manufactured artificially. 

There are some ways to manufacture artificial leather in factories, and it can save the lives of numerous animals, but brands are not ready to do this. 

The artificial leather doesn’t have that reliability, beauty, and shine of animal skin. That’s why brands prefer to manufacture leather from animal skin only. 

Therefore the only alternative to stop animal killing is to manufacture artificial leather. Otherwise, the leather manufacturer will use animals’ skin, killing thousands of animals in a year. 

What are some H&M Cruelty-free products?

All the products of H&M are cruelty-free except for most leather and woolen apparel because animal skins are used to manufacture those leather and woolen apparel. 

Therefore H&M may be involved in animal cruelty, but all its products are not unethical. Many products under this brand are also clean and cruelty-free. 

Here is the list of probably cruelty-free products

Is H&M Vegan Friendly?

Primarily not, most H&M products are simple clothes made of natural material. Meanwhile, a considerable number of its products are nonvegan. 

H&M is a significant multinational brand for mostly elites. Therefore most products are lavish and super expensive in their stores. 

Leather products are one of the categories of ridiculous products made of animal skin. For this, animals are killed to obtain their skin. 

A brand selling products that result from cruelty against animals can never be a vegan-friendly brand.  

Are H&M  Products vegetarian?

The simple clothes made of cotton thread are primarily vegetarian, but things become questionable for leather products. 

H&M is a clean brand for manufacturing conventional clothes only, but leather apparel requires animal skin for the manufacture, and the animal skin in no way is vegetarian. 

H&M sells cowskin, sheepskin, alligator skin, or snakeskin products. All of the skins mentioned are nonvegetarian.

Therefore all the products of H&M are vegetarian except for leather products. 

Is H&M ethical?

If H&M wasn’t involved in cruelty against animals, it could be considered ethical, but now its credibility is questionable, like most multinational and clothing brands. 

However, there is no conclusive evidence of H&M killing animals to make leather products, but it doesn’t mean H&M is ethical. 

All the big brands Like H&M are involved in animal cruelty directly or indirectly. According to PETA, almost 1 billion animals are killed every year to manufacture different leather products. 

H&M is also one of those cruel brands. Therefore, it can be considered an ethical brand.  

What are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly alternatives to H&M?

If H&M is a cruel brand, it doesn’t mean every brand is brutal. However, we list here a few probably cruelly free brands that are vegan friendly. 

List of alternatives to H&M

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