Throughout history, animals have been used for human gain in many ways, whether it’s for food, clothing, or experimentation. 

However, today we no longer need to use animals in the same way, with advances in artificial materials and technology providing an alternative to those animal processes.

Being kind to animals is something we should all strive for. It’s sad to see how some people abuse, hurt, and even kill innocent creatures without even questioning their actions.

What Is Open Nature?

Open Nature has more than 100 products that meet the most stringent quality standards for freshness, flavor, and nutrition. 

The name “Open Nature” speaks to the way you can feel good about serving these foods to your family.

Open Nature is made from natural sources with 100% natural ingredients and nothing artificial added. 

Each product is made with fresh beef or pork, hot dogs, bacon and beef sausages, chicken sausages, fresh chicken breasts and thighs, turkey franks, and deli meats.

Is open nature cruelty-free?

The short answer is yes, but it’s not a perfect score. While Open Nature does not test their products on animals, they do sell a number of products that are made from animal ingredients (such as beef).

Open Nature claims to be cruelty-free. The Safeway website states that they are owned by a parent company that only has stores in the USA, with a mission to make the world a better place by providing safe and effective products for the home and body. 

They pride themselves on being an eco-friendly company that uses plant-based ingredients whenever possible. 

The products Open Nature sells are certified Safer Choice by the U.S. EPA, which means they have been tested to ensure they don’t contain harmful chemicals or other environmental hazards. 

However, these products are also made from animals who were likely killed for food.

While Open Nature may claim to be cruelty-free based on its lack of animal testing practices, their vegan standards aren’t as strict as those set forth by organizations like PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Who is the Parent Company of Open Nature Brand?

The parent company of Open Nature Brand is Albertsons Companies.

Albertsons Companies was founded in 1939, and it is a holding company comprising more than 2,300 stores across 35 states. 

These stores operate under five different banners: Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s and Acme Markets.

Open Nature Brand is a private label brand that focuses on natural products for pets and livestock also other household products

The company was started in 2014 as a subsidiary of Albertsons Companies and has since expanded to include several new lines of products for pets and livestock as well as home goods.

What Is Safeway Open Nature?

Safeway Open Nature is a line of all-natural, plant-based foods. It offers products like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy-free milk, and more.

The line was created by industry veterans who wanted to make healthy eating easier for everyone. They believe that being healthy shouldn’t require sacrificing taste or convenience.

Safeway Open Nature products are free from artificial ingredients, colors, flavors and preservatives—so you can feel good about eating them!

Is it vegan-friendly?

Open Nature does sell beef, chicken breast, and fish filets. However, they also sell a variety of other non-animal products such as nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

Open Nature is not vegan-friendly. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “vegan,” it means that a person is not eating or using any animal products.

Is it ethical?

While we can’t speak to the ethics of the company itself, we can certainly comment on their products.

Open Nature has some amazing products and are dedicated to helping people get their protein from plant-based sources, which is great for the environment and for your health.

But are they ethical? Well, that’s a tough one to answer. 

First off, they say they don’t test their products on animals. They also don’t sell their products in China. 

So you can rest assured that the products you buy from Open Nature haven’t been tested on animals or sold to China.

But we do have some concerns about their ethical practices.  We know they sell animal products like beef meat and chicken fish, which we think is a bit unethical considering their mission to reduce our consumption of animal products.

That said, they do have some vegan products as well! So if you’re looking for an alternative protein source that isn’t sourced from animals or tested on animals, this could be an option.


One thing we can conclude is that Open Nature has never tested on animals. 

The brand itself doesn’t do it, and they state that they purchase their ingredients from suppliers who don’t test on animals either. 

However, Open Nature does not condone killing animals for their products, they do sell merchandise which is not cruelty free.

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