Gone are the days when people drooled over clothes seen in fashion shows. Now, they can get the exact copy of their favorite outfit by paying the bare minimum.

This is called fast fashion.

Fast fashion brands copy clothing styles as soon as they hit the ramp and help the locals slay in the most trendy outfits.

As a result, people buy hundreds of outfits to look like their favorite celebrities. 

Many Instagram influencers have been endorsing these fast fashion brands and urging others to buy from them. 

This has made fast fashion an enormous industry.

In 2021, the global fast fashion market was worth ninety-nine billion US dollars, and experts say that by 2026 the industry will be worth over one hundred and thirty-three billion dollars. 

Do you know what that means?

This means an increase in pollution at an alarming rate. You must be wondering how the clothing industry can cause so much pollution. 

Well, it’s time to ponder how these fast fashion brands manage to bring you the latest styles at awfully low prices.

If not money, we must be paying these brands with something else, right? Yes, we are.

We are paying for these clothes with our health and our planet’s health.

These fast fashion brands follow a set of practices that are leading us towards destruction. 

The use of cheap fabrics like polyester, and rayon which are made with plastic and take billions of years to degrade.

Furthermore, the fabrics release carcinogens and phthalates, which cause irritation, psoriasis, eczema, and even cancer.

Fast fashion brands also use cheap dyes to get those exotic, vibrant colors. These dyes, when run into oceans, cause mutations and deaths of living beings in the water.

Animals living on the land are not safe from fast fashion brands either. Fur never goes out of fashion, and that is why it is not cheap to produce.

These brands, however, have found an alternative. They breed dogs, raccoon dogs, and cats, and use their hair as fur.

Fast fashion brands also abuse poor laborers, especially young women and children in third-world countries. 

These people work for fourteen to sixteen hours in unhygienic conditions. This is just a small glimpse into what fast fashion is doing to our world. 

Over the last few years, people have become more conscious. They know the consequences their future generations will face because of their choices, and so they are choosing the brands wisely. 

Questions are being raised regarding many brands, including ModCloth– an online clothing retailer that sells clothes in a wide range of sizes. 

The brand believes in diversity, and so they launch clothes, keeping in mind women of all sizes and ethnicities.

The brand’s clothing range is famous for its vintage designs, but one question keeps popping up in people’s minds.

Is Modcloth fast fashion? To find out, we need to look at how many boxes Modcloth checks off on the “Fast Fashion Brand Practices” checklist.

Does Modcloth offer thousands of clothing styles in different colors? 

Yes, Modcloth offers a wide collection of designs on its website, including exclusive collaborations, tops inspired by the 90s era, and wedding dresses. 

Does Modcloth use polyester and rayon as the primary clothing materials? 

Polyester, along with cotton and elastane, makes up most of the clothes available on ModCloth’s website.

Does Modcloth launch all the trendy garments and styles shortly after celebrities wear them?

Yes, the brand has a massive collection, and it launches trendy garments shortly after celebrities wear them.

Does Modcloth have lower prices than the pioneers of fashion trends?

Yes, the brand offers chic, vintage, and indie designs at low prices.

Does Modcloth have factories in third-world countries?

A minor fraction of ModCloth apparel is made in the United States; the rest is imported. The brand does not say where it imports its clothes from.

Since the brand carries out all the common fast fashion brand practices, it is safe to say that Modcloth is a fast-fashion brand. 

Is ModCloth ethical?

ModCloth proudly says that it is a brand that endorses women of all sizes and ethnicities. The brand has plus-sized women modeling for it, and it offers a wide range of sizes. Modcloth

deserves appreciation for spreading positivity, but at the same time, it deserves a lot of criticism for destroying our world. 

ModCloth is a fast-fashion brand, which means it is selling its buyers cancer indirectly. It also means that the brand is promoting the use of excessive pesticides, and exploiting underprivileged laborers.

Besides this, the brand is not transparent regarding its sustainability policy. There is nothing on its website that proves that ModCloth is sustainable.

All these red flags are enough to tell us that ModCloth is not an ethical brand.

Where does ModCloth make its clothes?

Women love ModCloth for its clothes that give a unique vintage indie vibe.

For years, many shoppers happily bought from the brand because of its styles and low prices, but now people have concerns. 

Ever since the collapse of the famous garment factory in Dhaka, people have wanted to know where all these cheap brands get their clothes made. 

We did a lot of research to figure out where ModCloth makes its clothes, but to this day, it is a mystery. The brand’s website does not give any information regarding this. 

Only a very minor percentage of their clothes have a label that says, “Made in the US.” The rest of the clothes are imported. From where? That we do not.

ModCloth does, however, mention on its website that all the factories that produce clothes for it are subject to third-party audits. 

These audits ensure that all the factories are following a set of rules, but again, the brand remains silent about what those rules are.

Is ModCloth a Chinese company? 

There are a lot of misconceptions about the origin of ModCloth. Many people believe that it is a Chinese company, but the information is incorrect. 

The co-founders of ModCloth, Eric KogerSusan and Gregg-Koger launched the company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Today, ModCloth is a well-known online retailer owned by Noggin. inc with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. 

This proves that ModCloth is an American company.  

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