The company itself is not cruelty free. This basically means that it does conduct product tests on animals. However, the brand, Juicy Couture is known for making vegan fragrances and perfumes. 

If you want to find out whether your favorite brands are cruelty free or not, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll be providing a detailed account on why Juicy Couture isn’t a cruelty free brand. 

So let’s get right to it! 

Is Juicy Couture cruelty free?

Juicy Couture isn’t cruelty free and the products manufactured by the company are tested on animals, such as their fragrances. 

Juicy Couture established in 1997 and its headquarters are situated in Los Angeles, Pacoima, California, and the United States. 

This brand is a leading manufacturer of various accessories and perfumes. They are popularly known for their collection of artificial as well as natural fragrances. 

They also make many more products, such as a wide variety of handbags, clothing, swimwear, shoes, sunglasses, and more. 

In the fashion world, it’s a hot topic and a huge concern for the big brand to be cruelty free. However, Juicy Couture is known for testing its products in labs and on animals. 

Moreover, they’re now starting to change their ways of manufacturing. They do so by partnering up with brands that can help them be named as a cruelty free label. 

The question is, are they really doing it for the sake of being cruelty free?

Maybe it’s because now the world has shifted its priorities and for the brand to keep their demand high they must produce what the world actually wants. 

So this cruelty free or vegan products might just be manufactured in the hopes of keeping their sales high!

Difference between vegan and cruelty free products ? 

The difference between products being cruelty free and vegan. Products that are vegan friendly don’t contain any ingredients which were derived from animals. 

Vegan ingredients extracted mainly from plants, medicinal trees, bushes and flowers. 

The brands that claim to be vegan friendly   don’t use pigment of animal’s or even the dairy products to make their creams and other beauty products. 

Whereas, cruelty free products are those which aren’t tested on animals. We have long known that there are many products that are being tested in labs on rats and rabbits. 

However, it has been found that this isn’t ethical as it harms the animal and can potentially lead to their death. 

Many countries have banned this testing and every day more and more brands are shifting towards becoming cruelty free and vegan free to please their customers.

Is it vegan friendly? 

Although Juicy Couture has started producing vegan products, it cannot claim itself to be vegan friendly.This is because, one of their best selling perfumes, amber, is actually a scent of ambergris. Ambergris is extracted from whales sperm . 

Moreover, their fragrances are being tested on rats and rabbits. It is harmful for the animal skin. 

Floral perfumes product promotion on pink background.

Despite this lab testing being banned in many countries, there are many instances where products are tested on animals. This testing leads to an animal’s death. 

However, Juicy Couture doesn’t test all its products on animals. These include, handbags, shoes, and clothing accessories. 

Mainly the products directly contacted with the animal’s skin is what causes harm. For instance, perfumes, creams, serums, and oils. 

However, even though this brand isn’t cruelty free, they recently partnered up with a vegan faux-fur brand, Apparis,to introduce their new cozy loungewear fur collection. 

This indicates that there might be a chance that Juicy Couture shifts from cruel products to their vegan products. 

The products from this line includes Juicy Couture’s iconic tracksuit in the colors light pink and black. Instead of using traditional materials, they’re made from vegan faux fur. 

How to check if a product is cruelty free? 

Always check the packaging box! This is one way to tell if your favorite brand is cruelty free or not. 

Most brands and labels have to print on their products if they’re not cruelty free. Otherwise it would be unethical of them to keep the masses ill-informed. 

All the companies which claim that they’re cruelty free are certified by authorized institutions in that country. 

Their packaging contains a doodle image of an animal, usually rabbit, which appears happy. This indicates that the brand is cruelty free. 

Is it ethical? 

A brand is considered “ethical” if its activities are morally correct and they don’t harm people, animals, or the environment in any way. It also contributes towards the society in a responsible, positive, and sustainable manner. 

According to the definition stated above, Juicy Couture can’t be regarded as an ethical brand. This is because they test on animals and use ingredients which aren’t vegan friendly.

However, their continuously trying to become a brand which is ethical. They do so by partnering up with other labels like Apparis, who produces faux fur. 

The brand, Juicy Couture, also launched their first ever “Choose Green” collection. This collection includes three very chic styles, which are Jasmine, Fern, and Peony. 

These shades are eco-friendly and are 55% bio-based. This helps the brand become sustainable as it contributes less towards global warming. 

Moreover, the frames are made using plastics derived from plants and template treatments are made using bamboo. 

These materials are more sustainable than the plastic counterparts which were traditionally used. 


Juicy Couture is a versatile clothing brand. This brand was established in 1997 mainly as an artificial fragrance manufacturer. 

It’s considered amongst the grandeur companies of the world to manufacture a wide range of styling products. like fragrances, apparels, shoes and other accessories. 

Their perfumes are loved by all and are the most long lasting fragrances. However, a down side about this company is that the products aren’t cruelty free. 

Their products are made in labs and the perfumes are tested on animals. That’s why Juicy Couture isn’t a 100% cruelty free brand. 

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