The Imperial Leather Company has been affiliated with the cruelty-free movement since its inception. Their products are free of animal-derived ingredients, and they do not test on animals at any point in the production process.

Imperial Leather has been certified by PETA as one of its ‘cruelty-free’ brands.

While I don’t have an inside scoop on the company’s practices, I did some research and came up with a few facts that I think are worth sharing.

What are the ingredients in Imperial Leather soap?

The ingredients in this soap are pretty simple: sodium palmate, aqua, sodium palm kernelate, talc, glycerin, perfume (fragrance), sodium chloride (table salt), and sodium carbonate (baking soda).

The first five ingredients are all-natural products derived from plants.

Sodium palmate is made from palm oil and has a lot of moisturizing properties that make it good for your skin.

Aqua is water—a natural cleanser that also helps to remove dirt from your face.

The sodium palm kernelate and talc provide some extra exfoliation so you don’t have to scrub too hard to get rid of dead skin cells on your face.

Glycerin also helps lock in moisture while perfume adds some fragrance that smells clean but not overpowering (and most importantly doesn’t smell like chemicals!).

The last two ingredients are just cleaners that help remove any residue left behind by the first six ingredients.

Does Imperial Leather soap contain animal products?

Imperial Leather soap is a cruelty-free product. This means that it does not contain animal products or byproducts, meaning that no animals were harmed in the making of this soap.

Upon reaching out to their Facebook page, I discovered someone had already posed this question: Does the classic Imperial Leather soap contain animal fat, animal-based ingredients, or animal-based processing ingredients?

In their official statement, Imperial Leather claims that there is no animal-derived ingredient in their soap nor do they commission third parties to conduct animal testing in their name.

Because Imperial Leather Soaps products do not contain animal by-products, you can use them without hurting animals or worrying about breaking your own lifestyle rules.

Where is Cussons Imperial Leather soap made?

Made in Britain, Cussons Imperial Leather soap is famous for its rich color and scent.

This soap is currently available in Australia, Denmark, Uganda, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Is Imperial Leather sold in mainland China?

No, Imperial Leather does not offer any of its products for sale in mainland China. The company has a strict no test on animals policy and therefore, they do not conduct animal testing or ask for anyone else to do so on our behalf for any of our brands in any part of the world.

Is Imperial Leather soap tested on animals?

Imperial Leather operates under PETA Cussons UK, and PETA reports that in accordance with EU regulations, Imperial Leather is obligated not to test its products on animals or use ingredients derived from animals.

PZ Cussons provides high-quality personal care products without exploiting animals. The company has been certified by Leaping Bunny as a cruelty-free brand, which means that all of its products have been verified to be free of animal testing.

Is Imperial Leather soap toxic?

The answer to this question is: no, it’s not toxic.

Imperial Leather consists of high-quality ingredients and does not contain any harmful chemicals. All members of your family are safe – even children who may be especially sensitive to toxic chemicals.

However, what if you have a reaction to something in Imperial Leather soap? You might be allergic to palm oil. You might be allergic to another ingredient in the soap.

That means it might be toxic. But it won’t be due to chemical contamination or some other dangerous element. It will be due to the ingredients inside the soap.

Is imperial leather soap vegan?

The answer is yes. Imperial Leather Soap is vegan.

Imperial Leather Soap is made from all-natural ingredients that come from plants that have been grown responsibly or harvested ethically.

It is Imperial Leather’s policy to comply with No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE). Imperial Leather uses palm oil that comes from responsibly managed plantations that do not contribute to deforestation, respects local and indigenous communities, and protects animal habitats.

Why is Imperial Leather called imperial leather?

When Count Orlof placed an order for the soap from Bayleys of Bond Street in London he asked for the soap to be renamed “Imperial Leather” to reflect its luxury status. The soap was originally known as “Russian Leather.”

How does imperial leather care for its consumers and the environment?

Among Imperial Leather’s primary concerns is to reduce plastic consumption and source palm oil from sustainable and ethical sources.

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