Hello Molly is one of the newest online fashion stores to pop up in recent years.

It is one of many other online fast fashion stores like Boohoo, Asos and Revolve that sell new clothing weekly at a more affordable price point.

There are more than a few bloggers out there who have fallen for the bright colors and trendy clothes sold by Hello Molly. It’s known for its bold prints and flattering cuts.

However, what is the story behind and is Hello Molly  fast fashion brand?

 Where do they get their clothes from? And can you trust them to be ethical?

Keep reading to find out more about Hello Molly’s business practices.

Is Hello Molly a Chinese company?

Hello Molly is a women’s clothing and accessories retailer with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. The company was founded in by Ena Hadziselimovic — who wanted to create a brand that represented their own personal style.

Hello Molly sells its products online through its website. It also has an outlet store in Sydney.

Hello Molly has since grown to include offices in Los Angeles and Beijing.

Where do Hello Molly get their clothes from?

Hello Molly has been around since 2012.

Unfortunately, they’re not transparent about where their clothes are made. They don’t disclose the location of their factories (if any). Nor do they tell us who makes their products or what materials are used to make them.

The lack of transparency around where the brand manufactures its products is disappointing but not surprising given that this is common among companies in Australia’s fashion industry.

Is it ethical?

Hello Molly prides itself on offering affordable clothing to women who want to look fashionable without breaking the bank. However, there are many concerns about the ethics of the company’s business practices.

The majority of australian brands, including hello molly, are manufactured in Bangladesh and do not follow ethical standards.

Hello Molly does follow some good practices such as providing flexible shipping options and donating a portion of all sales to charity (they donate 1% of sales to The Nature Conservancy). There is also no evidence that they have ever used animal products.

The company has a history of being accused of stealing designs and copying other brands, but Hello Molly has never been found guilty of these charges.

Hello Molly does not currently publish a sustainability commitment on its website, which means there is no information about how it ensures its products are made ethically and sustainably. 

There is also no evidence to suggest that the company follows any ethical practices at all.

Hello Molly does have a Code of Conduct for Employees and Vendors that states: “All employees and vendors must act in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations as well as our policies and procedures.” 

However, there is no information about what these laws and regulations are or what the policies and procedures are.

There is no mention of Hello Molly’s commitment to racial equity on its website either. This seems like an ethical principle, but again there is no information on how this will be achieved or how it will be measured or enforced if it is violated.

Is Hello Molly sustainable? 

Sixty percent of Australian major fashion brands are in manufacturing secrecy, according to research from Transparency Market Research (TMR). 

This means that the brands do not disclose their manufacturing locations, which makes it difficult for consumers to know how their products are made or where they come from.

It’s estimated that sixty percent of garments sold globally are produced in China and India, but many fashion brands don’t disclose this information to consumers because it could hurt sales or tarnish their image if they were associated with sweatshops or dangerous working conditions.

Does Hello Molly do anything to help the environment? 

Hello Molly, has been criticised for its lack of transparency regarding its environmental practices.

The brand donates to charitable organizations, but no statement regarding sustainability or fair labor practices can be found on its website.

Can I find eco-friendly products at Hello Molly?

Hello Molly claims to use eco-friendly materials, but we don’t see any proof that they are using recycled nylon, recycled polyester or organically grown cotton.

According to some sources, some of their materials may come from asian countries, so there may be some carbon emissions during shipping.


A fast fashion brand doesn’t seek to uphold a particular standard of quality within its clothing, it simply seeks to be affordable and deliver the latest trends in a quick fashion turnaround.

Hello Molly is doing the same. Creating a pretty picture of what fashion could be, while maintaining the secrecy about its manufacturing and supply chain. However, we hope it switches over to better practices and that other brands will start taking notice of them.

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