If you had to choose between trendy, inexpensive clothes and the health of yourself and your environment.

What would you choose? 

The answer is pretty obvious.

If you would choose a healthy body and environment, then why are you and many others not making this choice in real life? 

The fast fashion industry is growing rapidly, and so is pollution.

Every year it produces billions of tonnes of clothing made with non-biodegradable fabrics.

Since these clothes are low in quality, people throw them out after a few washes, and then they rot in landfills for years. 

Statistics reveal that the fash fashion industry is responsible for three percent of greenhouse gas emissions and twenty percent of global water pollution.

If immediate steps are not taken to stop the fast fashion brands these figures will grow.

It is time to question every brand that stays up to date on fashion trends and has a wide variety of inexpensive outfits. One such brand is Dynamite. 

Dynamite is a retail clothing brand that has been around since 1984.

From the beginning, it focuses on young women who wish for stylish and affordable outfits. 

Today with over a hundred stores spread across Canada, the US, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, the brand is only growing.

But is Dynamite’s growth damaging our planet?

Is Dynamite fast fashion?

Let’s take a look at all its policies and then decide. 

What type of fabrics does Dynamite use to produce its clothes?

An exploration of Dynamite’s website revealed that the brand uses polyester as its primary fabric.

This material is the main culprit of plastic microfibers in the ocean and waste in landfills. 

Apart from that, it uses cotton, but we do not know whether it is organic or not. 

Is Dynamite producing inexpensive clothes? 

Dynamite is famous for its affordable clothing.

You can find the trendiest dresses for costs as low as fifteen American dollars on sale.

The most costly dress, on the other hand, costs only eighty American dollars.

The quality of the outfits is mediocre and makes up for the low prices. 

Is Dynamite producing rip-offs of famous brands? 

Yes, on Dynamite’s website, you will find rip-offs of all the outfits that become the talk of the town. 

Is Dynamite manufacturing clothes in mass quantities?

Yes. Dynamite does not want to be left behind in the race of fast fashion. While sustainable brands produce four clothing lines yearly, Dynamite launches new styles weekly.

The brand aims to make stylish and inexpensive clothes available to its consumers.

Where are Dynamite’s manufacturers located? 

As per our research, Dynamite group designs its clothes in Canada and manufactures them in China, Hongkong, Cambodia, and Bangladesh.

All these countries are famous for ill-treatment and unfair payment of factory workers. 

Final verdict?

From the clothing materials to the area of manufacture, Dynamite fulfills the criteria of a fast-fashion brand.

So if you wish for a happier and healthier planet, avoid buying from Dynamite and find more sustainable options.


Dynamite is a fast-fashion brand, meaning it uses cheap synthetic fabrics that are non-biodegradable and hazardous to the planet. 

The brand does not have any program that focuses on reducing the use of synthetic fibers or recycling them.

Since it manufactures thousands of styles, it produces waste and greenhouse gasses in similar quantities. Dynamite does not have any policy that indicates the brand’s concern about the issue.

For employees,’ the brand has developed a code of conduct. This code of conduct urges the supplier to treat all the laborers fairly. 

The brand claims that every supplier signs the code of conduct and guarantees to follow its terms. Dynamite audits its suppliers, but we do not know the extent of these audits. 

There is no information regarding the wages of factory workers. The brand has not set or revealed the minimum pay its laborers get. 

Similarly, Dynamite has no information regarding the measures it took to ensure the wellness of its employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As far as Dynamite’s animal welfare policy is concerned, we can say that the brand is doing a little bit. 

The brand recognizes the torture animals go through for their skin or hair, so Dynamite has banned the use of angora fur, down feathers, leather, or skin of exotic animals. Sadly, however, the brand is reluctant to give up the use of wool and the hair of exotic animals. 

From all this information, it is easy to conclude that Dynamite has no sense of morally right and wrong practices. So Dynamite is not an ethical brand. 


Dynamite uses polyester as the primary fabric in most of the clothes it produces. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is non-biodegradable. 

A shirt made with this material takes up to two hundred years to decompose. Polyester also releases thousands of plastic microfibers on every wash. 

These microfibers make their way to oceans and kill underwater plants and animals. 

Dynamite also used cheap toxic dyes to color the clothes and later runs the dyed water into oceans. The result is mutations in fish and the death of underwater plants. 

Since the brand produces an enormous quantity of clothes every week, it produces waste such as toxic gasses and releases them into the environment without neutralization. 

It also wastes tonnes of nonrenewable energy resources and water to manufacture these clothes. 

Since the brand produces trendy outfits at prices as low as five dollars, it is promoting the culture of buying and discarding. People buy and discard these cheap clothes without thinking twice.

Our planet is already polluted, and fast fashion brands like Dynamite are only adding to it. So it is safe to say that Dynamite is not an environmentally friendly brand and is not making any efforts to become one.

If you love your planet and wish for a cleaner environment for your future generations, it is our advice not to buy anything from Dynamite. No matter how tempting it may look. 

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