Fast fashion has taken over the world by storm! It’s everywhere, from promotional messages on emails to the targeted ads on social media. 

If you’ve bought clothes in the past few years, it’s highly likely that you might own an item from a fast-fashion brand. Big brands like Zara and Forever 21 are leading retailers in the fast-fashion world. 

Most people aren’t aware of the ongoing problems that fast fashion poses. It has become the new normal. 

However, many people have started realizing how negatively fast fashion impacts our environment. It takes one big news story to gain the attention of the world towards this problem.

As shoppers have started taking action, it is their right to know which brands are part of this environmental destruction chain.

For that reason, I’m here to help! In this article, I’ll be discussing whether the brand Dickies, is a fast fashion one or not.

So let’s get right to it!

Is Dickies really fast fashion?

Although there isn’t much information about its operations, it can be deduced that Dickies is not a fast-fashion brand. Let’s take a look at the reasons why I have reached this conclusion. 

Firstly, Dickies is owned by VF Corporation, which is one of the world’s largest clothing companies. 

Dickies, a subsidiary company to VF Corp, is a popular skate and work wear brand which was launched in 1922. 

Even though there isn’t specific information on the way that Dickies operate, VF Corporation publishes a single report which covers all of its brands. 

This does make it extremely harder to judge each brand’s individual performance. However, the sustainability report offered by VF Corporation is significantly elaborate. 

This indicates that the company is open to change and is making efforts to improve.

Now a reason why Dickies isn’t a fast fashion brand is because VF Corporation has shifted its business strategy.

All brands that come under this corporation has started implementing circular business models

The company recognizes the effects of fast fashion and how millions of clothes wind up in landfills every year. 

Therefore, they’ve started using a circular model in which all clothing and even their zippers are kept in use.This would help slow down or reverse the trend of fast fashion. 

It has also stepped in the world of re-commerce (rental and resale), as a way to significantly reduce waste and limit resource use.

They have taken a lot of measures to help tackle the problem of climate change and to also reduce the impact they have on the environment. 

Keep reading to find out more about the initiatives the company has put in place to reverse the damage caused to the ecosystem by our actions.

On the other hand, a setback is that this company manufactures its products in countries like China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam.

Such countries are known for their poor labor conditions and not meeting the living wage requirement. 

As these countries have loose environmental regulations, many brands get away with mass-producing clothing here without having to deal with legal complications. 

It is no surprise that such countries are a hub for fast fashion brands as it keeps their costs low and profits high. 

Many customers doubt Dickies fast fashion status due to its manufacturing countries. However, VF Corporation’s detailed report assures that the brands take their sweet time in making the products. 

They also claim that they give a lot of time and effort to help bring change and on improving themselves. 

Is Dickies a vegan brand? 

Unfortunately, Dickies isn’t a 100% vegan brand. However, this company doesn’t use exotic animal skin, hair, fur, or angora for its products. So it does offer a partially vegan range of products. 

The reason why Dickies can’t be considered as vegan is because it still uses uncertified leather and wool to manufacture many of its clothing. 

These are animal derived materials that are sourced unethically. Their products are made up of a large chunk of polyester and nylon. 

By using such materials, Dickies can’t be regarded as a cruelty-free brand either. Many people also find such brands to be unethical. 

These brands are known for harming the environment by emitting greenhouse gases and producing waste. Moreover, their outdoor apparel is also not PFC-free.

However, Dickies along with its parent company has set a new target for improving itself. They want to source a hundred percent more sustainable cotton and also reduce by at least 50% their use of nylon and polyester. They will do so by recycling.

Such numbers indicate that a high percentage of unsustainable materials are still being used for their clothing right now.

Is Dickies a good company?

It’s hard to decide whether Dickies is a good company or not. It has an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 and around 57% of the employees would recommend also working at Dickies. 

However, while it has some flaws, it also has a few good things associated with it. 

As this company is owned by VF Corporation, it has taken several steps in the right direction. Dickies has made a commitment publicly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

They’ve also launched a scale for a good program to tackle climate change. The brand uses a small portion of sustainable materials, like recycled polyester and nylon. Their aim is to source 100% organic and sustainable cotton. 

Moreover, as a part of VF Corporation, Dickies supply chain is monitored. This company has reported an entire list of its manufacturing and processing facilities. 

It’s available on the corporate website. The company expands its traceability and transparency efforts by collaborating with human rights experts and international organizations. 

VF Corporation also achieved a score of 59% in the fashion transparency index. It comes at 7th place in the top 10 most transparent brands. 

Dickies is committed to being a leader in circular model businesses. This would help reverse the damage caused by fast fashion brands. Hence, it may be regarded as a good company.

Final Thoughts 

Dickies is a part of the VF Corporation and along with its parent company, it has taken several measures to help the environment. 

Brands like Dickies should be supported because they are constantly making the effort to reduce their carbon footprint. 

While it may not be perfect, it certainly is a good company which is trying to do the right thing!

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