Is Davines a benevolent and cruelty-free brand? Moreover, are their products pure vegan and free from any contamination by animal-derived ingredients? 

Finally, how well has Davines been doing in the global quest of preserving mother Earth? Know all answers right below.

Davines: Cruelty-Free OR Cruelty-Plus?

It may sound a bit funny but the truth is, Davines is neither cruelty-free nor cruelty-plus at present. You can’t call it a cruelty-free brand and neither will including it in the gang of animal tyrants do justice.

And I’m sure you’ll also echo my voice after going through the facts listed in this article.

Significance of Davines’ Ambiguous Status:

What does being stuck between the cruelty-free and animal-tyrant status tell us about Davines? Well, here’s what it suggests:

For one, not enough proof has been gathered to declare Davines as an evil brand in the beauty space. But in the same way, there’s not much evidence of its self-acclaimed innocence as well.

Mean that claims but still sells in China not sure what’s true

Davines: Eco-Friendly OR Eco-Tyrant?

When it comes to being eco-friendly and sustainable, I’m willing to swear an oath to protect this brand’s honor. The brand’s belief is deep-rooted in the term “Sustainable-beauty”; which means living a beautiful life while also addressing the needs of our environment.

First of all, I must mention how Davine’s factories and offices are powered. In fact, many of those places are run by resorting to renewable energy resources. 

Secondly, Davines resorts to clean ingredients for its products at least 90% of the time. None of their products contain harmful stuff such as parabens, Sulfates, etc. 

In fact, Davines operates under the European Union (EU); which has blacklisted over 1300 harmful ingredients in the manufacturing of products. Meanwhile, only a mere 14 ingredients have been banned in the US. 

You can scroll past the list of ingredients being used in Davines’ products here.

Then comes many of Davines efforts in maintaining its friendship with the ecosystem. Some of those efforts include Minimum usage of plastic while resorting to recycled materials simultaneously etc are only a couple of Davines many efforts in maintaining this planet’s ‘greenliness’. 

Last but not least, Davines has been a certified B Corp since 2016. B corporations are kind of like companies at the apex of being environmentally and socially conscious. Curious about how Davines has been performing in the B Corps’ space?  Do have a look and decide for yourself whether Davines is trustworthy in its promise to preserve the ecosystem.

Are Davines’ Products Sold in China?

Now this one’s a long story. To cut it short here’s what happened. Davines used to sell all of its products in China till 2017. One day, the brand’s conscience woke up and started berating its animal-testing practices. 

The threat of customers’ boycott of Davines’ products must have surely played a role as well. 

Simply put, Davines canceled any and all of their new product registrations in China in that year. Instead, everybody started hunting for some alternative and ethical ways to bring in cash from China. 

The search came to a fruitful end in 2021 when China allowed the selling of non-special use products without passing pre-market animal testing.

Since then, the brand has been involved in the domestic manufacturing of non-special use products; those that are exempted from animal-cruelty obligations on China’s turf. 

However, in case a certain safety issue arises, China still retains the right to call in post-market animal procedures for Davines’ products.

Meanwhile, Davines’ also retains the right to pull back their products before the first bunny is put on the torture slab. 

Davines has sworn not to consider the path of animal cruelty ever, both now and in the future. Whether to believe in their words at face value or not, it’s all up to you. 

Because at the end of the day, Davines is still selling its products in ‘cruel’ China; and any of its finished products could go through rigorous animal testing under China’s incentive. 

Hence, we can’t just believe anything the big brands tell us, can we? The threat of post-market animal testing is still like a dirty blotch on Davines’ cruelty-free status!

Is Davines Owned by a Cruelty-PLUS Parent Brand?

Nope, it’s quite independent and not owned by another brand; especially a cruelty-plus one at that. 

Is Davines Cruelty-Free Certified? 

Davines admits to striving to achieve that Leaping Bunny logo but no results have been achieved so far. 

Nothing came up after I checked the Leaping Bunny database; hence, Davines is definitely not cruelty-free certified as of yet.

It’s also one of the main reasons why Davines’ animal-loving status is still uncertain and ambiguous at best.

Davines: Pure Vegan OR ‘Contaminated’ by Animal Ingredients?

Yup, most of Davines’ products are meant for the vegan community. Counting all of their products, only three have been categorized as having been ‘contaminated’ by animal-derived ingredients so far.

Those three products have been listed down below:

  1. VOLU/Hair Mist can’t be included in the vegan list since it contains keratin.
  1. Nourishing Royal Jelly Superactive is yet another product ‘polluted’ by animal ingredients since it contains royal jelly.
  1. Both ‘This is a Strong Dry Wax’ and ‘This is a Strong Molding Clay’ are unsuitable for pure-vegan fanatics because they contain beeswax.

The rest of Davines’ products are all vegan-friendly and suitable for your daily usage. 

Though our suspicions about Davines’ cruelty-free status also dilutes the flavor of their meant-for-vegans products as well.

Is Davines a Brand With Ethics & Morals?

Honestly speaking, I’m not sure what to say on this matter. The brand came up pretty well in the sustainability space. 

There are also plenty of vegan products in Davines’ arsenal as well. BUT, seeing that its cruelty-free status is far from being set in stone, I’m not too confident in declaring it an ethical brand. 

Still, the scales are slightly inclined toward Davines being a brand with ethics and morals; after witnessing their commitment to the sustainability space and veganism.

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