It would indeed be safe to quote that The Inkey List is a cruelty-free brand. Although it has recently joined the market, it has left its mark with the service it’s providing in the UK. 

For those who don’t know, The Inkey List is a UK-based skincare brand. Scrolling through their website to explore the intricacies of the operations held at The Inkey List. We found that it was launched back in 2018. 

Earning this much fame and recognition in as short as five years is a benchmark in itself. And this doesn’t stop here, the brand already has a proven or the other way said, the third-party cruelty-free certification by Leaping Bunny.

Cruelty-Free Kitty is another online source that endorses the cruelty-free claim of The Inkey List. 

It was found that the managers of the website approach the brand with their questions on animal testing and have that particular brand fill their forms up in order to gauge if it’s actually valid & true in its claim or the agenda they back. 

You’d be glad to know that The Inkey List did find its space in their list too. 

We’ve seen brands not being able to win a cruelty free tag in decades, despite the efforts they put into it. 

There’s a mile of a difference between a mere claim and an actual certification from a renowned company. In The Inkey List’s case, it’s for sure an anomaly that did set a challenge for other skincare brands in the market to prove their validity. 

The Inkey List backs the statement, which goes like, “Skincare is a journey.” and that’s so true. Because the majority of the time people believe skincare products act more like a sorcerer. 

This concept, although very popular, should be discouraged because this gives rise to the usage of unfair means. 

This isn’t the case when The Inkey List comes into the picture, you know why are we so sure about it? 

No! Not only because of the certification they possess. 

It’s because the values The Inkey List stands for are incredible. Colette and Mark (Co-founders of The Inkey List) enlisted four of those and the brand to this day stands by them,

  1. Knowledge
  2. Quality & Efficacy
  3. Transparency 
  4. Equality

Maintaining a 5-star rating on TrustPilot for 4 years is not an easy walk in the park. It demands quality and that too, supplemented with consistency. 

Transparency definitely spices it up and the same happened in this case because The Inkey List shares it all without any prejudice. 

One stance that the co-founders mentioned above are seen endorsing now and then is, 

“Knowledge drives better decisions.” 

This alone has served The Inkey List a great deal and the reputation the brand has in return earned is massive. 

It never is easy for a company to find room and compete with the tycoons ruling over the market. In mere 4 years, 

The Inkey List has done it and set a path for other startups to follow them through. 

How about its shipments to China? 

The Inkey List has made its policy very clear because it’s those values culminating in a conflict later on. 

From the very beginning, they have declared that The Inkey List won’t be delivering its products at the places where animal testing is still required by Law. This obliterates any chances of questioning 

The Inkey List about their shipment to China because it’s quite a direct stance by the company, which we believe is absolutely fine as it’s that belief they stand for. 

Let us unfold another interesting fact, 

Is The Inkey List Vegan Friendly? 

Multiple products are launched every single month by such giant brands. So, it’s quite a task to keep a record of their vegan-friendly products. 

The lists keep getting updated with the time, rectifying the overall catalog over and over. 

It’s to state that The Inkey List isn’t 100% Vegan. 

Although in minority, still there are products manufactured by The Inkey List that aren’t vegan. 

It’s a small proportion and the figure for vegan-friendly products stands somewhere around 90%.

One example would be a caffeine eye cream, and the ingredients it involves, used in its production, are Beeswax and an ingredient coming straight from eggs. 

Similarly, some products previously were non-vegan, received a reformulation operation resulting in a vegan-friendly commodity later on. 

One of the examples is Oat Cleansing Balm which went through the same process, where beeswax was removed from its ingredient list. 

This signifies that The Inkey List is still short of the 100% mark when it comes to vegan-friendly products. 

Is The Inkey List Ethical? 

The values The Inkey List advocates speak for themselves. And they aren’t merely a list of stuff that they hardly practice, it does reflect an overall aura of the brand. The details they provide upon inquiring and the honesty they engage their customers with is incredible and deserves applause. 

Seeing a skincare brand win a cruelty-free certification from top auditing companies in such a short time is an achievement in itself. 

Just 4 years and they’ve made it to the Leaping Bunny’s list. After this one tag, there has been no end to their associations with such third-party organizations. 

Another value that they held up high over the years is the TRANSPARENCY. And it’s evident from the data they provide how they want their audience to make the most out of their shared information. 

They do believe in informed decisions supported by knowledge and they vouch for that information, which is absolutely amazing. 

Based on the argument raised above, it wouldn’t be wrong to call The Inkey List ethical. 

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