Collusion is somewhat a new clothing brand. It was launched in 2018 and it is a brand under ASOS.

ASOS launched Collusion four years ago in hope of bringing a change to the fashion industry.

Collusion is owned by ASOS and ASOS is a well-known name in the fast fashion industry.

Collusion is also very much like other fast fashion brands owned by ASOS except it is designed with a different approach.

Collusion is said to be a brand for the coming age. Collusion is specifically designed for GEN Z and it is targeted toward the teens. 

Girls and boys between the age of 15 to 20 are the main focus of the brand. Collusion is designed by the artistic minds of the new generation who are determined to introduce unique fashion to the world.

Collusion wants to bring new and different fashion items that are designed to fulfill the demands of today’s teenagers with bold and creative mindsets.

It is designed by the new generation to complement the new generation.

The brand Collusion is all about experimenting and collaborating to bring fresh designs and inclusive clothing to the new generation.

Is Collusion Clothing Cruelty-Free?

Yes, its clothes are claimed to be animal-free. Collusion does not use any animal products in its clothes.

By this official statement from Collusion, we can assume that no animals were harmed during the production of products of Collusion.

Other than that, Collusion does not share the source of its materials and fabrics used in its products and if the materials are environmentally friendly and safe for our planet.

Is Collusion Clothing Ethical?

Collusion’s clothing is claimed to be completely animal-free. However, other than being animal-free collusion does not seem to have much to offer to be categorized as ethical.

Collusion does not share much about its ethical policies and code of conduct. We are not sure if the brand is using ethical means to manufacture its clothing.

Collusion is transparent about its actions as to how it is managing its supply chains and if it is using factories with safe work environments to produce its clothes.

Fashion brands need to make sure that they are providing their workers with safe working places to ensure their health and well-being.

Also, they should make sure that their workers are being paid fair wages for their efforts and that they are not forced to work for long hours without their consent.

The fashion brand Collusion’s sustainable policies to protect the environment are not clear to the public.

It is not clear if it is using eco-friendly materials and eliminating the use of harmful materials and chemicals to reduce the damage fast fashion brands are causing to our planet.

Is ASOS Collusion Ethical?

ASOS is one of the leading fast-fashion brands in the fashion industry and without a doubt, it is also not completely ethical like many other fast-fashion brands.

Collusion is a brand of ASOS and ASOS claims to have big plans and goals to be more sustainable and ethical in the future.

ASOS claims that it is working to promote human rights across its supply chain and to be more transparent to its customers all around the world.

ASOS has been accused of using child labor in its factories and it is also accused of using sweatshops in the past. However, ASOS claims that it is committed to never using child labor in its supply chain and business operations.

ASOS is working against modern slavery and even released a modern slavery statement to be more transparent about it to its customers. ASOS has also partnered with Anti-Slavery International in 2017.

ASOS said that it ensures to pay a fair living wage to its workers and makes them work for only limited legal hours.

ASOS supports gender quality and is dedicated to empowering women in its supply chains. Collusion also offers UNISEX clothing to its customers.

ASOS has plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the future but it is not known how much time will ASOS take to achieve this goal for real.

Is Collusion a Good Brand?

Collusion can be considered a good clothing brand and the quality of its clothes is not too bad. The clothes available at Collusion are low-priced and affordable.

The price you are paying for the clothes is worth the quality you will get from Collusion. The prices match the quality of the clothes.

The products available at Collusion include t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, blazers, jeans, denim, dresses, skirts, shorts, sunglasses, socks, caps & hats, joggers, bags, and a few more.

Collusion is exclusive to ASOS and you can purchase Collusion’s clothing pieces from the official website of ASOS.

The customers of Collusion are usually satisfied with their purchases from the brand and they like the quality Collusion is giving to its customers.

Collusion is a brand of ASOS and ASOS offers a return policy to all of its customers. If you are not satisfied with a product you bought from one of the brands of ASOS, you can return it.

You can return your order if it is in its original condition and get your money back if you return your order within 28 days of your purchase.

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