It’s been said that washing machines are the unsung heroes of the home; we don’t really appreciate the convenience they offer until they break down or stop working. 

Even with the best maintenance, owners of energy-efficient, water-saving front-loading models may have been surprised when their machines died early or smelled musty, even though they had taken good care of them. 

This phenomenon is apparently widespread enough to be the subject of a recent lawsuit.

Nevertheless, if your dependable washing machine finally gave up the ghost and is no longer repairable or marketable, here are some suggestions for what you could do with this broken appliance.

Donate Your Laundry Equipment

This is a crucial choice if your washing machine and dryer are still operational. Some people get rid of their appliances because they aren’t the most water- and energy-efficient ones anymore. 

But if the old appliance still works, there are many things you can do to make it last longer.

If your washers and dryers still work and look good, the Salvation Army might be the best place to start.

This not only makes appliances last longer, but it could also help people with little money a lot.

And if there isn’t a Salvation Army drop-off location near you, call a few local charities. They may even come pick up your donations for free.

How Is It Recycled?

A lot of places that sell washing machines will take away your old one when they bring you your new one. Sears, Lowes, and Home Depot are among the examples. 

If you have to get rid of your old washing machine on your own, your local solid waste management company should have a place for you to do so. Contact them to learn more about your available alternatives. 

Frequently, scrap metal traders are interested in discarded washing machines. When the value of the metal is sufficient, some will even pay you for them. Search online for scrap metal recyclers and get in touch with them to find out what their rules are. 

It means you will not receive any payment for your old washing machine, but it is a viable choice if you lack the means to move it yourself. 

If you are having trouble finding a place to throw away a washing machine, you can use the Recycle Search tool on 1800Recycling to find the closest appliance recycler. 

Some utility providers and other agencies give residents incentives on the purchase of new washing machines and other equipment. 

Their argument is that your new washing machine will be far more energy efficient than your old one, reducing your energy use and that of the utility. 

Municipal Waste Center

Now, it’s important to know that you can’t get rid of old appliances by putting them next to your trash at the curb. This is true even if your city collects your regular trash and recyclables.

In virtually every city, county, and state, this might result in a hefty punishment.

But the place where you take out your trash probably has a service for big and small appliances of all sizes. And in many situations, the service is free so long as you drop off the washer or dryer yourself.

I would consider calling your local municipal garbage disposal facility to see if they provide an appliance removal service, which might save you time and effort.

It Can Be Reused Or Repurposed

An antique top-loading washing machine is a goldmine of spare parts. So, before having the equipment taken away, take it apart and look at each part with an open mind. 

Also, if you have a young child who is curious and good with tools, he or she can learn a lot about how a washer works by taking it apart.

The old top-loader has a stainless steel drum, different switches and solenoid valves, a water pump, a motor, several nuts, cables, screws, bolts, brackets, and at least three beautiful pieces of sheet metal. 

A front-loading washing machine offers many of the same advantages. In addition, the front entrance window may be transformed into a spacecraft viewport.

The following are some suggestions for their application:

Obtain A Seat

Add a piece of plywood to the top and bottom of the drum to make a sturdy ottoman for your living room. The board is padded with polyester insulation and covered with upholstery fabric or leather. 

For a trendy, industrial appearance, you may spray paint the drum or cover the entire drum with cloth.

Construct A Container Garden

The same metal barrel is ideal for use as a planter. You may spray-paint the drum to get the desired aesthetic for your yard or patio. 

Since the drum is huge, the bottom may be filled with packing peanuts or vermiculite to make it easier to lift, and then potting soil can be added. Built-in drainage holes make it possible to plant immediately.

Put up a beautiful trellis if you want to grow plants or vines that need support.

Create A Fire Pit

Use the metal drum to construct a fire pit for a patio or camping trip. The metal drum may be lifted somewhat by placing it on burning bricks or stones. 

The fire stays in one place and has enough wood and kindling to make a very hot fire. The holes in the drum let a lot of air flow through, which helps the fire start quickly and burn brightly. 

The drum can be moved to empty ashes, and it can be cleaned so that it can be taken away from the campsite.


Whether you’re buying a new appliance to save energy or because your old one can’t be fixed, it’s important to think about the environment when getting rid of the old one.

And this is a common error made by many people. To have a more positive effect on the environment and climate, they buy a new appliance after doing research on the ones that use the least amount of water and energy.

However, they pay insufficient attention to what happens to the old washer and dryer.

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